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  1. Being a home schooling mom was a huge part of my personal identity for seventeen years. It is still odd that that chapter of my life is over. Even after four years. My youngest went to public school high school, an extremely good one by any standards (people getting D's in her English class are welcome to tutor at UC Davis or Chico State, for instance), but I will always miss being a home school mom. If I go on the General Board I get very sad.
  2. I would google images of quilts with embroidered blocks and see what layouts you like. You may want to add space or you may want a border. Borders can be very wonky even for an experienced quilter, so keep that in mind. Also, if you are going to quilt this yourself do you have a plan to feed such a large quilt through your machine? It can be done, but requires a lot of planning and thought. You may want to pay someone to long arm it for you although that will not be cheap.
  3. My ds was a wrestler. The only way to REALLY get rid of ring worm is Clorox. Dab a small bit on the infected area twice a day. This is so much faster than any other treatment it is unreal.
  4. Cut them open, scoop them out, and use them for Thanksgiving centerpieces with a few flowers in them. Scooping them out could even be done by your older kiddo.
  5. I do remember! Happy birthday to Emily!
  6. I am so proud of your mom for not punching this person. They deserve to be punched, and she has been nothing but gracious. "Why do you keep asking???? Are you trying to make some nutty point?"
  7. Wow, that was such an accurate description of how that works! My oldest is my step dd and her mother LIVED to cause drama and pain for those around her and no one would do anything to limit contact with dd's mother, they just wanted dd to feel that her mother was doing her best, ect. It was maddening. She is almost 30 now and just starting to get a grip on reality in the last couple of years. Because NO ONE other than myself would be realistic about who her mom really was. Last year her mom committed identity theft against her and ran up several thousand dollars worth of bills so that dd
  8. Also, to make smoothies more fun, smoothie bowls are full of texture and the combos are endless.
  9. Kinsa, I am sick about the wait. This is awful. My friend is waiting for the judgement from her case. In her case her ex had stalked her all over their state (she worked a job where she traveled a lot) trying to prove she is a drunk. He never got any witnesses to say they saw her intoxicated, he had no record or surveillance of her even buying alcohol, but two people he knows say they saw her drink in a bar on her birthday, (she had two glasses of non alcoholic wine). That's it. That's what they based their whole case on. She spend 18 grand and they spent 60K on this. I can't imagine that the
  10. Glad to hear everything is going well!
  11. I know it seems like a long time, but April is really soon considering the scope of this. Hang on KINSA. I know your sister needs you.
  12. I just finished reading two news stories about homeless people who died in Portland during the cold snap recently. Both of them were mentally ill with families who would have made any sacrifice to help them. In both cases they had refused treatment and disability because they would not believe they had a problem. One was a young man who hit his head in a skateboard accident and never was the same since. His parents wish they had had him committed while he was a minor and believe he would be alive now if they had. One was a former rose festival princess whose schizophrenia had worsened over the
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