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  1. Being a home schooling mom was a huge part of my personal identity for seventeen years. It is still odd that that chapter of my life is over. Even after four years. My youngest went to public school high school, an extremely good one by any standards (people getting D's in her English class are welcome to tutor at UC Davis or Chico State, for instance), but I will always miss being a home school mom. If I go on the General Board I get very sad.
  2. I would google images of quilts with embroidered blocks and see what layouts you like. You may want to add space or you may want a border. Borders can be very wonky even for an experienced quilter, so keep that in mind. Also, if you are going to quilt this yourself do you have a plan to feed such a large quilt through your machine? It can be done, but requires a lot of planning and thought. You may want to pay someone to long arm it for you although that will not be cheap.
  3. My ds was a wrestler. The only way to REALLY get rid of ring worm is Clorox. Dab a small bit on the infected area twice a day. This is so much faster than any other treatment it is unreal.
  4. Cut them open, scoop them out, and use them for Thanksgiving centerpieces with a few flowers in them. Scooping them out could even be done by your older kiddo.
  5. I do remember! Happy birthday to Emily!
  6. The essay was called The Dangers of Home Feeding, I think.
  7. We have a propane hot water heater and heater and when the power is out it is so nice to be cozy in our own space with plenty of heat and hot water, I can't even tell you...
  8. We just had a super active woman in our community have a 92nd birthday at the restaurant. She has made me laugh every time she has come in since we bought it. She is really fun. I HOPE to be her at 92, but who knows. I have a friend whose grandmother was living at home and taking good care of herself up to the age of 101, although she finally ran into some health problems this year. But it is hard when someone you love is not going to be there anymore.
  9. It is unlikely that Kay's mom will really go away. She will turn back up every time Kay really is doing well and cause trouble with unerring accuracy. That is what these sort of parents do. It's why I know there is a devil. But I am sorry about Kay. You still need to kindly keep your boundaries, because during times of stress kids test them more and they need you to be firm. They need that a lot, as much as they need kindness.
  10. She really does need to be able to use these skills positively. A friend whose dd was/ is like this was helped a lot with sports. Being on teams really helped her a lot. Positive coaching that there is a time and place to be in charge helped a little. I was like this to a point (although I considered myself wayyyy too important to influence the play of my younger siblings, lol), and people just squished it out of me and I had a couple of lonely elementary school years before I made positive changes. That may not work for a home schooled child, and probably it doesn't work for lots of public school children either.
  11. My own dh likes things out where he can see them. It gets visually stressful and he has a hard time understanding my need for a tidy restful space. We had a huge blowout several years ago over some junky shelves he put in our formal living room for his music mess. We fought for a day, he finally acknowledged there were other places for the mess, he moved it before he went to work on Monday and I moved it, which I told him I would do with a hatchet, lol. I needed that room to have a peaceful cup of tea in from time to time. It was not acceptable for him to start to encroach there. He actually improved a lot after that and we moved where he could put his stuff in the basement and a shop. We filled FOUR huge dumpsters when we moved here.
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