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DH got laid off today...


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Start by telling everyone that he's looking. Most jobs are found through connections so start working yours. Make a list of low-hanging expenses and start canceling those. Ifile for Unemployment. It's not much but every bit helps.



Good advice.  


Maybe others can pipe up with more. 




Can you or he do anything part time?  




Can you sell things? 

Baby sit? 


Dog walk? 


Micro gigs? 



Quit any money things that you can.

There are lots of free things to do.  Library events.  Going on walks. 


Did he get a severance package?  Any weeks before this happens? 


Do you have an e-fund to rely on? 


Eat out of the pantry. 


Update the resume and social media.  Get on Linked in.  

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:grouphug:  I'm so sorry.   :grouphug:


Then I'll add my name to the list of those suggesting networking - even via the Hive if you want to share some about what kind of job and/or area of the country (sort of anyway - and folks could send you private messages if they know of anything).  Don't limit networking to the Hive though - anyone you know could be the lead you need.

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I'm so sorry.  Happened to us a long time ago and it was such a scary time.   :grouphug:


ETA - it all worked out for the best for us, though!  DH got a job where he is much happier and got to spend so much more time with the kids.  Hope the change ends up happy for you, too.

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I'm so sorry as know the feeling.  (((((hugs))))) to you and your family- hoping & praying its not a long transition period for him.  

We succeeded in shielding our kids from the majority of it all- although our lifestyle had to radically shift.  And I won't lie, some of my friends scattered simply because I think I was living their fears, but other friends have been so incredibly dear during the 'finding a new path'. 

(((hugs))) again.  I'm so sorry. 

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Thanks everyone - I really appreciate your prayers, advice and support.  


To give more info, DH hasn't been at this job very long - less than 18 months.  He's getting a small severance package, and I'm grateful he's getting something.  It took him almost 6 months to find this job after his position was eliminated with his previous company, so I feel very fragile since it feels like we *just* went through this.  He does have a good Linked In profile and an updated resume, so tomorrow he will start networking and applying like crazy.  He works in technology though he isn't technical.  The biggest thing that hurt him in his last search was not having a degree.  Some companies won't even interview you without one which is discouraging going into this.  Right now, he is completely set against relocating as this is the only area he has ever lived and he has family here.  I work part time, though I don't have an option to go full time with this job so I will be job hunting for something full time too...sigh.  I'm praying mightily.  I don't want to give up homeschooling, but working part time and schooling has pushed me to the edge some days and I know I can't scale full time workand schooling.  DH does not feel called himself to homeschool so swapping roles won't work.  I'm just so sad and stressed.

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