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  1. I take the Doctor’s Best Magnesium Glycinate. They are big, and I have to crush them. The only way that they don’t taste bad is in applesauce, preferably strawberry applesauce.
  2. Ds just got his about 30 minutes ago.
  3. We have found VidAngel to be really helpful. It allows you to filter out objectionable content. There are lots of movies that are great except for a few words or scenes, and VidAngel makes those watchable.
  4. Praying that the treatment will give Greta more (quality) time with her family than anyone ever could have expected!
  5. Unbelievable. I am sorry that you are having to add stuff like that to an already heavy, heavy burden.
  6. I have gotten some relief from myofascial pain with The Melt Method. It uses a foam roller and balls to help release the fascia.
  7. I have Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroid and take a low dose of Synthroid. That’s it for our family.
  8. We have. For 25 years, and we managed to afford decent coverage. Then came the AFFORDABLE Care Act, and we can’t afford regular insurance at all. We basically have something that would cover something severe or catastrophic.
  9. Rhyder McClure and Sophia Grace. We only had boys, so no Sophia. I do have a gd named Sophie, though! I couldn’t get dh on board with Rhyder.
  10. Jasmine rice is our favorite. I always cook it in the microwave and it turns out perfectly. 3 qt covered dish, 2 cups of rice, 3 cups of water. 5 minutes on high and then 18 minutes on 50% power.
  11. I disagree with you about the coaching violation. You can clearly see her coach making gestures and then nodding his head, like you would do when the person you are communicating with acknowledges their understanding. Serena also lied and said he was just giving her a thumbs up, which was clearly not the case. I think that she behaved badly, and she brought the game penalty in herself by repeatedly acting badly.
  12. We have hosted a church Bible Study in our home for 3 1/2 years. We have dinner (potluck, different theme each week) at 6:00, and the study starts at 7:00. The pastor almost always leads the study. It is for families, and is not oriented toward children, but is not so far over their heads as to be pointless (youngest kids we usually have are 5 yo). We have anywhere from 30-55 people. The praise team usually practices after the study, kids play, and people don’t all clear out until after 11:00. It’s a great time!
  13. My dad was on Prolia, and only had minor aching. Definitely an effective med for him.
  14. My boys (3 of whom are kidults living at least mostly at home), have never had a blanket curfew. It’s been a case by case basis, and now the older ones can stay out as late as they want. They have been really reasonable, and understand with some exceptions, that it’s not necessarily a good thing to stay out until the wee hours. I have difficulty going to sleep before they get in, but we all try to compromise and be considerate to one another. Also, I consider this to be dh’s and my house, but it’s everyone’s home that lives here.
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