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  1. As a mom to former gymnasts and someone who used to work in a gym I love this. They do make under leotard garments. You can get both full style and bra/underwear combos. Our gym's leotards allowed for both but most of the girls chose not to wear shorts. Luckily my girls did not continue gymnastics past puberty so we never had to manage the shaving/tampon issue. I am a former cheerleader so I know all about that tomfoolery.
  2. I am definitely not an infectious disease person, but I wonder if some of the positive covid cases also were positive from the flu. Meaning the numbers were higher than reported. When someone is very ill with covid the treatment for it would trump the treatment for the flu and since it (covid) didn't always present the same way in all people the flu may have been not tested for or overlooked as a possibility.
  3. I've used the vital protein powder. It does seem to keep me full similar to other sources of protein, however I have had (tmi warning!!) looser stools after using it so I don't use it every day.
  4. Obligatory other. Ha! I have a kid that's 10 and I homeschool. Do I vote under 10 or above 10?
  5. https://www.thezoereport.com/culture/novelty-clutch-bag-trend-2021-oscars-red-carpet Outrageous clutches at the Oscars. Check out the price on the lips clutch.
  6. OP here. Just now catching up to the thread. I will have to go look at the Oscars photo with the shrimp bag. One part of me thinks the brands are pranking us, but another part thinks maybe there really are people with more money than sense. I mean who would really carry a tiny, blinged out chair on a strap!?
  7. Exhibit A https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-shopping-items-nordstrom/
  8. Yes! I have at&t and miss a shocking amount of texts. They just never show up on my phone. I've heard other people with at&t say the same thing. She may have legitimately not have gotten it. If not the above then...
  9. I agree with you and believe this! I've known many woman in their 50s who have not had plastic surgery, yet their skin is in better shape than hers. I love her message, but I don't think she is aging normally. It most likely is the cigarettes. It does awful things to one's body internally and externally.
  10. https://www.bookfinder.com https://www.textbookrush.com https://www.sellbackyourbook.com
  11. Book #12 Failure: What Christian Parents Need to Know About American Education by Jack Wilkie
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