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  1. Ours arrived today, but included a payment for our daughter who will turn 18 this year. I'm assuming we will need to pay it back come tax time next year.
  2. Truth. As a member of the Osage nation and family stories connected to the Riegn of Terror, I couldn't agree more, however I will say Britney's situation is tragic. She deserves autonomy. There is no way she can consistently do live shows and yet be incompetent in managing her own day to day life.
  3. Me too! I just go through periods where I don't post often or log on at all.
  4. So if a child turns 18 this year then they won't be included in the credit. Is that correct?
  5. Same for us. Our return has not processed and we didn't get the tax credit yet either.
  6. We have 9. 4 bio, then 4 adopted, then 1 bio. We never really planned to have a big family. The adopted kiddos are a sibling group and the bookend was a nice surprise. From the outside I'm sure it looks like we have a conviction about large families, but our family grew by circumstance.
  7. No. We probably should and I am kinda a germaphobe about everything else, but alas we already have too much laundry. Washing first would put me over the edge.
  8. I had my first child almost exactly one month after 21. I was much too young. My youngest was born a few days before I turned 36. It was a completely different experience. I don't know if I would recommend delaying motherhood to others, but it would've been better for me and my children.
  9. If you have time to plan ahead then put something in the crockpot or pre-make a pasta salad.
  10. Books 13, 14, and 15 of this year were the book of Amos in the Bible, specifically ESV, Murder on the Orient Express, and Animal Farm. All small books and rereads except for the Agatha Christie title of which I had previously watched the Hollywood version.
  11. I recently read this book, too. Very sad and eye opening!!
  12. Here is another video. This one is from a side cutaway view on a plastic model. It's less anatomically correct while more at the same time.
  13. Here is a really good tampon explanation video.
  14. You may already know this, but a lot of window units have a higher voltage than a standard outlet. It can really mess a regular outlet up and potentially catch fire. Make sure that both the window unit and outlet match.
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