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  1. I'm an other because I literally don't know. I have quite a few sets that I wear in rotation and rarely wear the same ones two days in a row. I hang them up to air after wearing. When they smell funky, appear soiled or if I get a wild hare I will wash them. I'm generally washing a couple of sets per week, but could not tell you how many times they've been worn.
  2. @Robin M I listened to the audio book version of this last year. It is spectacular to listen to while making dinner and doing mindless activities like painting. I am looking forward to the discussion. 🙂
  3. I finished the book of Numbers in the Bible. I'm doing it as part of an Old Testament challenge. It's not particularly lengthy, but can be a challenge to read so I'm counting it toward my total. 🙂
  4. That was my plan until I was encouraged otherwise, hence the guilt. Thank you for your honest opinion. I hope it doesn't happen again, because I'm not sure what I will do next time. My first thought is ew someone's garage floor and possible contamination with covid, however I am having someone else shop and my groceries were set on my porch. I don't know why someone else's dirt mentally bothers me more than my own.
  5. We don't have one, but I have heard several news stories lately of one brand being hacked on a large scale. I think it was ring. You might research before purchasing.
  6. For most of the year we have regularly used instacart. Normally, I don't love shopping and with the pandemic I have disliked it even more. Why go if I don't have to? I scheduled an instacart delivery for early this afternoon. The driver shopped for us, but delivered a very small order. As you can see in my siggy, we don't normally order very small orders. Fortunately, I was able to catch the driver before she drove off and alert her that this wasn't my order. She apologized and said she had delivered my order to the wrong address. The other family that she had shopped for had instr
  7. This week we finished The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies: A Field Guide for Clear Thinkers by Douglas Wilson. I studied it with my school age children upon recommendation from a friend and as part of our morning basket time. The examples are not always appropriate for younger children nor are they intended to be. The wording is quite clever, but was somewhat lost on my children. If I were to recommend an informal logic study book, then I would choose the Bluedorn's Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective over this one.
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but have you looked into the 6 week body makeover? I lost 20 pounds with it and am restarting to lose 20 more. You type your body then follow the meal plan tailored for your type. The weight literally melts off. There is an active facebook group that shares recipes and encouragement.
  9. I did a 25 minute brisk walk while my tweens biked alongside. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit.
  10. Yes. We had a trip booked and paid for to visit my mother in California over Christmas. We got our money back on our airbnb and travel vouchers for our flights. I hope we can rebook for this summer. With 10 people flying that is a lot of $$$. I just hope we can coordinate our schedules and not lose our money. Edited to add... It would be really nice to stay in a weekend cabin or just get a change of scenery. My kiddos were so disappointed they would love to do something.
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