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  1. Both of the books look good, but neither are the correct one. Bumping to the top.
  2. It is likely out of print. The projects were simple, but clever. The book contained projects that one could make for travel or over the weekend. One was picnic blanket that folded into a bag and another was a collapsable hat.
  3. Grrr. We have a larger than normal sized family and purchasing any groceries for our family probably looks like hoarding to others.
  4. This. I don't like the constant demand on my time that extracurricular activities bring. We have had numerous positives. We have been able to support local businesses by purchasing take out, paint-your-own-pottery and decorate-your-own-cookie kits. One dd has planted tomatoes and another has baked. My kiddos have learned new skills and have gotten to Zoom with friends. I've been able to join online video-chat style Bible studies with friends that live in other states. Our family has also connected more with grandparents that don't live close by. These are things that could've, but likely never would've happened prior to the quarantine restrictions.
  5. Yes! I saw a grocery store sacker wearing gloves, rubbing his nose UNDER his mask repeatedly whilst bagging my groceries. Ugh. Just ugh.
  6. Vacuuming. I can't stand stuff on the floor. It drives me batty. Dusting? Meh.
  7. eshakti You can customize the neckline, sleeve length and hem for just $10. It's fabulous!!
  8. what does that mean for jobs? In some areas you may work in one state and live in another.
  9. Embarrassing Bidet question... How do you keep the sprayer handle clean. I'm sure I could manage, but unskilled children might not. Is that an issue?
  10. I miss being able to pop into the local zoo and museums.
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