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  1. My overall reading goals are to take in a mix of fiction and nonfiction, spiritually enriching, informative, and fun selections; to keep up with the Druid book discussion/study group I'm in, to put eyes on words not related directly to work more often than last year, and to read books that I bought ages ago and still haven't read. My currently reading list: The Stand (unabridged) by Stephen King (on audiobook; it's over 48 hours long, so this will definitely take me more than a week, as I listen to audiobooks on my commute and when driving for work, about 6-10 hours a week). Update: I'm now on Chapter 45, 35 hours, 34 minutes to go to finish it! The Táin translated by Ciaran Carson (have to read this one on paper, it's not available on audiobook, more's the pity since I'd like to hear the Irish names and such pronounced correctly!) Update: I've read the introduction/foreward etc. and the first chapter. This fits the Something Old challenge! Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson (this is one of those "bought ages ago and still haven't read" books) Kindle says I have read 21% of the book. The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin (third book in the Broken Earth series) I'm 8:07 in, with 6:11 left on audiobook. American Like Me by America Ferrera. I checked this one out for a car ride with a co-worker. 2:56 read with 6:36 left. I'm going to finish it as soon as I'm done with The Stone Sky and before I go back to The Stand. Books I've read for the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge this year: The Sky-Blue Wolves by S. M. Stirling Next Up: Akata Warrior by Nnedi Okorafor (I checked it out from the library on e-book, haven't started it yet). My 10x10 challenge categories: 1. humor 2. science (nonfiction) 3. fantasy & science fiction by new-to-me authors 4. LGBT 5. classic fiction 6. folklore (The Táin will satisfy this) 7. religion (nonfiction) (Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson will satisfy this) 8. law (nonfiction) 9. modern fiction in translation (i.e., originally published in a language other than English) 10. books by women of color (Stone Sky and Akata Warrior will both work for this) The books must of course all be separate selections, though they may fit into more than one category, they cannot be used for more than one, so that I read 10 books for it.
  2. Ravin

    Jayme Closs found alive

    What network?
  3. Ravin

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    Since we were on medicaid when DD's problems started, we didn't get much say in who her therapist was. We were referred to a mental health provider that works with medicaid in our state, and assigned to someone. In our case, she was good, and we were fortunate that I got employer insurance in time to follow her when she left the agency she'd worked for and went private. DD trusts her, has a good rapport with her, and she has been very helpful.
  4. Ravin

    Jayme Closs found alive

    Which lawyer was this? All I've found are a few quotes from his public defenders, and no such statement like that.
  5. Using a spell checker doesn't mean he didn't write the article himself. It mentioned his emotional intelligence is also very high. I find it baffling that the primary reactions to this article are to bash his parents. Good grief.
  6. Ravin

    Life 360....driving me crazy!!!!

    These work by one person sending the other a text or message with a location tag included. My DD knows she is expected to keep us informed of where she is going. Another thing you can do is turn on the timeline feature on Google Maps. It gives Maps permission to keep track of your location, so that you can go in and look at the history of where the phone (and therefore, presumably, the person it belongs to) has been. It also gives you your live location if you look at "now." All you need for that is to have timeline turned on in your DD's Maps app, and access to her Google account on a computer at home. No separate app required.
  7. To take a different tack: You might look through the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy winners and nominees:[12]=on&statusfilter=both&start_year=1965&end_year=2019&search=
  8. Forgot about that part. I wouldn't have defined it as "graphic." I mean, thinking back, there is talk about having sex, but it's not there as an erotic scene, which is what I think of as "explicit sexual content." It's just a brief mention in the course of explaining how the characters' relationships develop. Different peoples' bar is in different places. And I did warn that there's a lot of violence! I think science fiction is an excellent way to process concepts like dehumanization of other people, slavery, etc., it puts it at a "safe" remove from things that have happened in the real world. It's also a great way to provoke thinking about things like consent. Referencing the Pern books, most of the nonconsensual sex mentioned is in the context of the dragons (who are telepathically linked to their riders) mating, and how that affects both the riders and those around them. It's imposed on the humans from outside themselves, and finding ways to cope with it is part of what forms the culture of the weyrs (the homes of the dragon riders and their families and support staff), especially aspects of it that are distinct from those of the holders (the the non-dragon-riding majority of people on Pern). Based on the OP's signature, I have been using the bar of "if my 15 year old was interested in science fiction, would I think these were appropriate for her to read?" plus "the OP said no sex, so if there are scenes that read like erotica, that's a no-go."
  9. Nor Crystal Tears by Alan Dean Foster is fantastic. No explicit sexual content, either.
  10. Ravin

    Get rid of it all 2019

    We don't actually have a kitchen table. The "dining area" in our townhouse has DH's and GF's computers on desks along one wall, and the kids (and me when I decide to eat in there and everyone is there at once so no one else's spot is free) sit at folding chairs in front of TV trays behind DH's and GF's chairs to eat. The kitchen tables we used to have live on the patio and have gotten very weather-beaten, but still get covered and used for big get-togethers. One is about ready for the dumpster, though (one leg is splitting vertically and it's gotten quite wobbly). If we had bulk pick up here, we'd have gotten rid of it by now.
  11. Ravin

    Jayme Closs found alive

    Yes, forensic interviews are usually done by experts in a clinical setting. They still may have asked her for a general statement about what happened, and would have listened to/recorded/taken notes as appropriate in the jurisdiction, on any information she volunteered.
  12. Ravin

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    From a safety standpoint, a well-charged cell phone and a GMRS radio & license would probably be much more useful than a firearm or even pepper spray.
  13. Ravin

    Life 360....driving me crazy!!!!

    We usually just use Glympse added to a text, or FB Messenger now lets you share location.
  14. Ravin

    Jayme Closs found alive

    The news article indicated that she had given a statement already.
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