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  1. We need a new fake tree too. Every year I say I am going to buy one after Christmas. And after year I feel like we overspent on Christmas so I don't buy a new tree.
  2. Actually, the swim coaches for my kids during the summer are teens. I don't know how that's relevant though. Sometimes the swimsuit wedgies are because athletes size down significantly so that it reduces drag. But sometimes it's the cut of the swimsuit itself. I have a niece who is a very competitive swimmer and my SIL remarked that at least this year's team suit covered their bottoms.
  3. I don't know if 2 piece competitive swimsuits are actually a thing, but I know diving into the water with a regular 2 piece will likely result in losing one's drawers. I think it's okay to draw a line for competitive swimsuits for the same reason I am teaching my 3 year old exhibitionist that he needs to wear clothes, especially when guests are over. There are parts of our bodies that are sacred and private and hanging our butt cheeks out of our swim suits doesn't make anyone swim faster.
  4. I can understand an unintentional wedgie, which this sounds like it was. Sometimes you can't help that. But I will say that I have seen competitive swim suits that were pretty shocking. A few years ago there was a swim coach for my kids' summer city swim team whose suit literally only covered half of each cheek. She was curvy and it may have a specific suit required by the city, but it looked uncomfortable and well.... inappropriate. But it's none of my nevermind....
  5. This is normal in my family to ask each other to watch kids. A year and a half ago we divided up my kids among my siblings so we could go on a church related activity. We sent the kids to the houses with their same age cousins. I have also watched nieces and nephews when a sibling needed care, whether for a romantic getaway, or a new baby in the house, etc. As for your original question.... I wouldn't criticize anyone who chose to leave their responsible 14 year old home alone. Personally, I would feel more comfortable sending them to a relative's house. I also think they would inclined to some anxiety staying home alone at that age.
  6. I do feel like the more I am up and moving around the heavier the bleeding. As far as I understand, it's like have a giant internal wound where the placenta had been attached. So you need to give yourself time to heal. So in that respect, maybe? My last few pregnancies I drank a lot of red raspberry leaf tea in the 3rd trimester and I do think it helped reduce the bleeding.
  7. We used to live in the same neighborhood as a family that ended up having 13. I don't know how well my kids remember them though. I come from a family of 7 and we have 7. Another family we are friends with have 8. We know a lot of families with 5 or 6. In fact, 5 or 6 kids in my circle seems more common than 3 or less.
  8. It's always nice when husbands get a glimpse of our daily lives and maybe/hopefully come to appreciate what we do a little more. DH has a coworker who had a baby just before we did. Both he and his wife work FT and the baby is bottle fed so they take turns with the baby at night. Some days coworker comes in completely wrecked after being up with the baby all night. Since I breastfeed and hopefully/maybe/theoretically could nap during the day, I have never asked DH to stay up with the baby. It was so nice to hear him acknowledge how good his life is because of that. Lol.
  9. So the other night I was having a very serious convo with DH about how the stress of 7 littles and everything that goes with it was getting to me and that I needed to develop a hobby and/or make time for myself somehow. He said, somehow with a straight face and didn't know he should duck for cover, "Isn't homeschooling a hobby?" I almost popped him in the face. But I managed to calmly say, "That's a job, not a hobby." DH is still unaware of how close he came to death that night. I do sometimes fantasize about what my life would be like if I put all my kids in school. I'd have 2 at home all day. JUST TWO!! It is funny to look back on how "hard" I thought things were before. And it was hard when I had lots of little babies and I didn't know what I was doing. But now, when even just a few of them are gone, it feels so much easier. My very favorite weekend of the year is when DH takes the boys camping and leaves me with the girls and a baby. It's almost a vacation.
  10. I had to look up that word. *blush* We just call those Mormons. 🤭 Really though, active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints don't drink. Nobody in my family drinks. Most of the people I closely associate with don't drink. I also attended the #1 stone cold sober university. It really is dry. People that DH works with thought it was odd at first, but they don't give him a hard time about it. Even when their social gatherings include alcohol.
  11. My dd is in volleyball this year. Thankfully she was fine with the athletic spandex shorts with a 4 in inseam. Because those volleyball underwear shorts are unnecessary, in my 39 yo mom opinion. Ugh.
  12. I do. I read TCOYF and in the process of charting my cycles realized my hormones were off so I went to a dr and received an official diagnosis. I worried I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, but I have 7 kids. I think having them close together (maybe too close in some cases, lol) helped. The more I have read, the more convinced I am that a low carb diet is necessary to keep symptoms under control.
  13. Aah, so the google machine says to put them sideways like in a circle around the inner perimeter. This makes sense now. And I definitely need a bigger IP now so I can try this out. It's been a while since I made ribs, but I bet we need 3 slabs of ribs for the growing boys.
  14. I do have a smaller IP. The bigger one is on my wish list. But I still can't imagine an entire rack of ribs going in an IP. Or a slow cooker. Are we thinking of the same thing? The ribs I get are like 15 inches long. Do you cut them apart? Stack them? I need a picture of this. 😄
  15. My family must eat too many ribs in one sitting because there is no way I could make enough ribs in the IP or slow cooker. And since I don't have a smoker and I refuse to learn how to use the grill, I make them in the oven. I can't remember if this is the exact recipe I used, but basically this. It was a lower temp oven cooked for several hours. I think the key is removing the membrane and buying the right kind of ribs.
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