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  1. Yes, we are still in the process of disinfecting everything. I have lost count of how many loads of laundry I have done today. I think we will be wiping things down daily for a few weeks.
  2. What's funny (but not funny) is that a while back I commented on a thread about telling your kids to stop picking their noses and I said that my 4 year old's finger was permanently up his nose despite what I said. And then I read that nosepicking is a symptom of pinworms. (How and why that is, I have no idea) Do the pinworms make kids compulsively do that so as to complete their life cycle? Like toxoplasma makes rats love cats? I dunno. But ew.
  3. Because if you're gonna die, at least your last meal gets to be chocolate?
  4. This is sounding really smart actually. But I may just be caught up in the moment. I did see that thread about the chocolate stuff and bookmarked it (available on Amazon) but it was after I already bought the other stuff. We all took some and it really wasn't that bad. Some kids actually liked it. Lol.
  5. My post was intentionally dramatic (for effect 😉) and while I am grossed out, I hadn't even considered calling the dr. Especially since there is only 1 confirmed case, and another suspected. And as awful as it feels, I know it's *just* pinworms. I will definitely continue to monitor the baby and check for symptoms. Because the medicine is contraindicated for kids under 2, I will probably just wait to call the dr unless he actually develops symptoms. Just wondering if/what is usually suggested for infants. As far as new bedding, it's not really feasible with 9 people. And the child with a confirmed case sleeps on top of her comforter so as not to have to make her bed each morning. Lol. So I have bagged up her blankets for the foreseeable future and washed her sheets and will insist that she sleep with bedding that can be washed very regularly over the next few weeks.
  6. No, it doesn't sound normal. Also, there is some recent research that shows tylenol is not safe, especially in conjunction with vaccines. I would look into that first before giving her any.
  7. A couple months ago I clicked on a thread about pinworms and made a comment about whether or not I should google that. And then the universe laughed and struck me down. For a few days my 13DD has been complaining of vaginal pain at night. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of it in the absence of other symptoms. Then a couple nights ago she woke me up horrified because she finally looked down there and found worms. I honestly can't think of anything more horrifying for a teen. Hysterical, she was. I spent several hours in the middle of the night on the internet, learning everything I could about pinworms and then made an Amazon order. I went back to bed, but couldn't sleep and DH was starting to get all snuggly and I was like Heck no! Don't touch me. Not until we get to the bottom of this. (Pun intended) The next morning I asked all my kids if their bums itched. Most were utterly aghast at the question, but my 4 year old (too young to know he should be embarrassed) remarked, "yeah, but it only itches at night, not in the day." So we have a 2nd confirmed victim. According to the Google, it's so contagious I have determined my other kids are either lying or asymptomatic. Amazon delivered the pyrantel pamoate in less than 24 hours and last night we all got our first dose. So far I have withstood the urge to bathe the kids in bleach after burning down the house, so we have commenced washing sheets for 9 (NINE!) people, vacuuming, and wiping down everything with Lysol. My questions are: 1) Will the meds take care of the.... uh.... worms that made it into the vaginal area? How will I know for sure? If it was me, I'd stick a clove of garlic up there to make it inhospitable to the little buggers, but my 40 year old vagina is no stranger to things going in or out of there. What can I or should I do for DD? 2) I did not dose the 9 month old crawler. If he were younger I probably wouldn't even worry about him, but he is just old enough to be crawling all over the floor putting everything in his mouth. (Gag!) What do I do for him? 3) How often should I give the meds? And when do you stop? Because right now everyone will probably get regular doses until the end of time. 4) How do you know when they are gone? Do you see them in the toilet? Besides not itching your bum anymore, how do you know you (and the whole fam damily) are really in the clear? (I am NOT looking at anyone's bum in the middle of the night if they are over the age of 6, so don't suggest it! And my teens and tween would die if I suggest the tape.) 5) What else should I do? Somewhere I saw mentioned that GFSE was good for this, so I ordered a bottle of tablets and thought I would give that to the confirmed victims at least. We will take anything and everything at this point. 6) I have sufficiently scared my kids into obsessively washing their hands, but now that they know about *shhhhhhh* the pinworms *shhhhhh* how do I make sure they never ever tell anyone about our dark secret outside the family?
  8. I say go for it! I am almost 40 (but my baby is 9 months) and I am considering becoming an IBCLC. Who knows how or when, but it's been a little idea burning in the back of my mind.
  9. My puppy has eaten a roll of toilet paper. Or at least made a mess of it. The worst though is when the dogs get into the diaper bin. Blech. They are pricey, but my pups love the bully sticks and yak chews.
  10. In the end, I used the chicken for chicken pillows last night. It's been 24 hours and no has come down with food poisoning yet, so I think we are clear. :P Phew!
  11. Mine comes from a family cookbook. "Homemade" using pre-made ingredients. 4 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed or shredded 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup 8 oz cream cheese 4 T soft butter 1/8 t pepper 2 cans Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls (get 3 just in case) 6 T melted butter bread crumbs SAUCE: 1 can Cream of Chicken soup 1/2 can evaporated milk 1 C sour cream Preheat oven to 375. Mix chicken, cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, butter and pepper together. Shape rolls into squares and add approx 1/2 C chicken filling in center. Fold edges and tuck under to form pillow. Roll in butter and dip in crumbs. Bake at 375 for 15 to 20 minutes. In a sauce pan, add cream of chicken soup, evaporated milk and sour cream and heat through. Pour over cooked chicken pillows.
  12. Last night I put several pounds of chicken in the IP to shred for dinner tonight and tomorrow. When it was done cooking and the pressure released, I unplugged it so it would cool down.... and then totally forgot about it until this morning. The chicken was room temperature, but the lid had never been removed after it was done cooking. I shredded it and put it in the fridge this morning. Bot meals I intended to use it for will cook it again. (chicken pillows and chicken taquitos) I don't have any more chicken in the freezer so if I don't use it I will need to run to the store or change my menu plans for today and tomorrow. I know the right answer is probably no, and I suppose I could use it as dog training treats, but it's a lot of chicken to go to waste. 😞
  13. Do you have a tongue tie? When we took my baby in to have his tongue tie lasered, I asked the dr about my teenager who has a tongue tie. She said it can cause sleep issues because in order to hold your mouth closed you have to create a suction with your tongue. If your tongue is tied to the floor of your mouth, that can be difficult to do.
  14. I did not know I could do that. Such a relief!
  15. DS11 decided to make some pearl barley in the instant pot this morning. He measured the barley and dumped it into the instant pot without the insert in it. The barley has fallen down to some lower, inaccessible part of the instant pot underneath where the insert sits. It sounds like there is a lot down there. Is my instant pot ruined? Is there a way to get it out? He almost did this the other day with the water but I caught him just in time and warned him it would ruin it. He knows the insert needs to be in there, he just forgot he took it out. He feels awful about this.
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