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  1. Back up one section, it's Section 51.301.
  2. The only thing we've really rethought because of supply chain issues and inflation is replacing a car. We had thought about trading in an old, but still trouble free, 7 seater and getting a smaller, more reliable car for dd. The ridiculous prices of used cars made us rethink that plan and dd has our old crossover for now. If things settle down and there's more supply, we'll reconsider in 2022. Although, we're also considering trying to wait 2 or 3 years and switching to an electric vehicle. It's not urgent.
  3. In TX, DE credits are exempt from this rule. https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/Dual_Credit_FAQ.pdf
  4. Take Murphy's teacher's warning to heart! If you think you might live in a Spanish speaking country as anything but a short term expat who sends their children to international school, DO NOT take your dh's last name as your only last name. It's not that people might think you're divorced or remarried, they will think that the child's father refused to recognize them. Plenty of people's parents aren't married, but they have their father's name and then their mother's name. Their dad is listed on their birth certificate. Having the same last names as your mother and/or only having only one last name if you are not a foreigner is a huge social stigma. It's so much worse than any judgy eyebrow raising you might get in the US if your last name is different than your child's. It's more like social nuclear winter as people wonder what on earth caused this poor sweet child to be rejected by their father. Personally, I got the judgy eyebrow raising in homeschool circles in Houston. But honestly, I was never going to fit in anyway. One of dh's Venezuelan cousins broke up with her boyfriend before her dd was born and ended up having to flip her last names on her dd's birth certificate because the jerk would not sign. This caused unbelievable drama and shame, even among young people. It's wasn't just old church ladies tut-tutting, it was whispers and embarrassed silences among her same age cousins and college friends. It was some of the most awkward social shaming I've ever seen. Eventually, jerk did sign and now the lovely young lady has the socially acceptable different paternal + maternal name last names.
  5. The standard of care for an actor on a movie set should be that they get the gun from the responsible prop master and point the gun where the director tells them to when they discharge it. They're not the gun owner, they're not the ones who are responsible for cleaning and loading the gun. They're not the ones responsible for blocking out the scene. If Alec Baldwin was an active producer instead of just someone who put up money or accepted a smaller salary for an equity stake, then he may well be financially on the hook. Did your relative really only get 5 years for shooting someone? That feels like a very light sentence given the harm they inflicted.
  6. The odds of a young, healthy, vaccinated person being admitted to the hospital with Covid is vanishingly small. Personally, I'd take the chance. (Americans that can't afford medical care do end up in the hospital. They usually negotiate with the hospital to write off a large portion of the debt and finance it forever. It's better for them to get something rather than have someone declare bankruptcy and get nothing.)
  7. Gils Academy for Delving into General Education and Technology
  8. It serves the same function in criminal circles as briefcases full of Benjamins. People buying and selling in legitimate markets and abiding by money laundering and tax laws wouldn't go through the trouble of using Bitcoin et al. instead of their Zelle account. There's no real point in holding a lot of Bitcoin unless you need to hide some nefarious transactions. There are better hedges against inflation that are less volatile and provide less cover to the criminal element. On the bright side, it seems the Treasury Department managed to crack the key to a Bitcoin account and claw back part of the Colonial Pipeline ransom payment. If they can do this consistently, it will put a damper on using cryptocurrencies in criminal activity.
  9. NT ETA: I messed up the quote and had to repost below.
  10. My dd finished her AA during high school and enlisted in the Navy as an IT. She's aiming to finish her BS in Comp Sci at UF using their online program. Their website is extremely detailed about what classes are required and how to fulfill those requirements coming from CC or using test scores on the AP, CLEP or military exams. I'd spend some time with Buddy reading through the requirements to see how to most efficiently use his time in DE to check as many boxes as possible for those requirements. FSU, FIU and UCF also have online CS programs, but dd felt that the one that would best prepare someone for grad school was UF. Admission to UF's online program as a transfer with CC credits was an easy to follow formula of required classes and GPA.
  11. I'll second the recommendation. I gained a lot of insight into local culture from that book. I wish it had come out 15 years ago. It would have made understanding my mega church loving local community much easier.
  12. WhatsApp isn't a big deal in the US, but globally it causes mayhem when it goes down. We found out about the outage almost as soon as it happened because dh relies so heavily on it to communicate with Latin America.
  13. This isn't a new issue. About 7 or 8 years ago, there was quite a lot of news about the levels of arsenic in US grown rices. This article from 2014 in Consumer Reports explains the issue well and made practical recommendations for consumers. Personally, I never again bought Texas grown rice. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/01/how-much-arsenic-is-in-your-rice/index.htm
  14. I found a free article that explains the reason to halt the trial. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/01/merck-to-seek-emergency-authorization-for-oral-covid-19-treatment.html It was an independent monitoring committee in consultation with the US FDA that decided that new recruitment into a control group would be unethical since Molnupiravir was so effective. So the data has passed an initial assessment by independent bodies already.
  15. This is such excellent news. They stopped their trial early because of the overwhelmingly positive results. Merck will license generic manufacturers in poorer countries to produce it at affordable prices. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/10/01/pill-to-treat-covid/ ETA: There is a free access article at CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/01/merck-to-seek-emergency-authorization-for-oral-covid-19-treatment.html
  16. Meticulous Professional Home Inspections Detail Oriented Professional Home Inspections Thorough Professional Home Inspections or if you want something sort of with his name Land Lubber Professional Home Inspections
  17. I have these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VMK8W5Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I like having a dozen bags so that I can take a couple in each time. They live in the trunk of my car and on top of my fridge. I fold them all inside one bag and keep that in my trunk. I take however many I'll need into the store. After each trip I fold them up inside one bag on top of the fridge. When that's full I put them back in the trunk. I always have bags, even if I stopped off at the store on a whim. These bags stand up by themselves and are easy to fold. I like the colors. I've had some that have lasted for years, although they often grow legs and disappear into my kids' stuff because they are so handy.
  18. I don't think we'll ever go back to the draft. The enlistment process dd went through was astonishingly thorough. It requires passing the physical standards (dd even needed a doctor's letter for a penicillin allergy and that's a huge chunk of the population). Then there's the national security screening if your job requires a clearance (this involves an incredible amount of information about your family and finances, interviews with neighbors, professors and employers). Then you need to get a decent score on the ASVAB for any job that involves more than cooking or paint chipping (the Navy and AF are particularly picky about ASVAB scores because so many of their jobs involve technology, the Army and Marines less so). Once you've gone through all these filters, you are allowed to pick a job (in the Navy, other branches are more of a wild card about job selection), sign a contract, wait a long time for Boot Camp (because Covid backed things up), wait again to go to A school to learn your job (also backed up), wait again if you are going to a more advanced C school and then, and only then, can you go to the fleet. The lead time for dd will be between 15 and 18 months between signing her contract and getting to her permanent duty station. The military needs people, but most of those people have to have technical skills to operate the equipment they handle. A draft wouldn't solve the manpower problem.
  19. I'm sure they'll act to prop up their financial system, but that doesn't mean they'll actually bite the bullet and solve the problem. The Japanese propped up their banks by allowing them to keep assets at highly inflated prices. That meant that banks didn't have to declare insolvency, but they weren't financially healthy enough to fund the economy and Japan stagnated slowly without any violence. IMHO, that would be the best possible outcome for the US and it's probably the least traumatic for China too. The other go to option in this situation is massive government spending and I don't see the Chinese funding a Civilian Conservation Corps and a Works Progress Administration. I think they'd go the traditional authoritarian route and massively build up their military. They've already started down this path. The major break on this strategy is nuclear weapons. Hopefully, they'll fully internalize Mutually Assured Destruction. The best way to give them a hint is building up US and allied nations capacities, enter AUKUS. I hope they take the hint because it's likely my dd will be one of the "boys" we send.
  20. Australia is part of a package deal with Japan, S Korea, Taiwan and the emerging economies in SE Asia. Taken together it's very much in our interest to defend since trade with all these countries is absolutely essential to us. Does Evergrande remind anyone else of the property bubble that derailed Japan's economic juggernaut in the 90s? It seems so similar, although of course, the CCP has more control than Japan's Liberal Democratic Party.
  21. At this point in our homeschooling, I discovered online classes at Athena's and OnlineG3. They do classes for gifted elementary students that dd really enjoyed. She worked much harder for someone else than for me. You might have access to excellent in person classes at museums in your area too. We did a few of those, but the commute wasn't compatible with GW's drop off and pick up times.
  22. I was planning on buying dd a bunch of kindle books and downloadable movies when she deploys. There's so little storage in a coffin rack that physical items may not fit anyway. If he doesn't have a Switch and likes to game, I'd give him one as a Birthday/Christmas/Bon Voyage gift.
  23. The US has the advantage that roughly 40% of the vaccinated got Moderna. That vaccine was 3x the strength of Pfizer and has shown that it takes 8 to 12 months for immunity to wane. That buys us some extra time.
  24. The boyfriend is the usual suspect, but sometimes it's really not him. I remember the case of Chandra Levy where everyone assumed Gary Condit (a sitting Congressman so this case blew up headlines for a loooonnngggg time) had murdered her even though he had an iron clad alibi. He was married and they were having an affair. Then a year later her body was found in Rock Creek Park and it turned out she was one of the victims of a serial killer who preyed on women joggers. Here's the wiki if you'd like to read up on the case: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandra_Levy
  25. I wouldn't have homeschooled if the public schools could have educated Geezle adequately, but they couldn't. After a fairly disastrous foray into the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities, we knew we couldn't send him on to the Severe Communication Disorders classroom because they did not use ABA or RDI or any proven treatment. That isn't true today, they do a much better job than they did 15 years ago. But at the time we had no real choice and I am glad that we could give that advantage to Geezle. It's made a big difference in his life. Trinqueta is happy that she homeschooled and that she had the opportunity to earn her AA while she was in high school. It's made it possible for her to enlist in the Navy and not get too far behind her age mates academically. She'll be able to get out at 22 with about a year left to finish her degree. I'm sure she wouldn't have had the courage to do something so radically unexpected if she'd been in the local rat race to be in the top 6% to get automatic admission to our state university. I will have to parent GW for many more years. I do drop off and pick up and I have to be home when he is because he's too big and unpredictable to just hire a babysitter for him. Homeschooling really didn't cost me any opportunity since I was already stuck at home. It has allowed dh to focus on his career and that meant that he made partner in his firm. If we'd tried to split GW duties, I doubt that would have happened. Financially, that was definitely the best outcome we could have hoped for. It meant that we don't have to worry about retirement or taking care of the boys. Sometimes I think about what might have been, but given our circumstances, we've done the best we could. That's meant me having fewer career opportunities but the other four members of my family having better life prospects because of me staying home. Even for me personally, it's meant a better financial future so I can't complain.
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