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  1. I'd feel that way. Dd feels that way so much that she's joining the Navy instead of finishing her degree immediately because college without the bells and whistles and with a bunch of online classes is a bummer. Her DE classes are okay but she misses live discussions and human interaction. She did a summer leadership conference that was moved to Zoom and it was every bit as miserable as your dd's honors seminar experience. That was probably the deciding factor in choosing a different path for the next 4 years. I guess the main question is whose money are they forcing students to donate?
  2. Neither dh nor I are native Texans and I didn't know that schools spend two years on Texas history until my cub scout troop did it 4th grade. I had dd write her final paper on Sam Houston in her 7th grade composition class and that covered a lot of territory. We've also visited the San Jacinto Monument and Museum and Washington on the Brazos in addition to the Alamo and Austin. They're open with social distancing now so that is a possibility. You'll get another bite at the apple in middle school so I'd just do what you can now with whatever your library has on hand. The one t
  3. There's also the College Board Recognition Program that recognizes high scorers who live in small communities or are Black, Hispanic or Indigenous. For this program, your student will get an email to provide their high school transcript and counselor's recommendation. There are lists of colleges that give scholarships to these students on College Confidential.
  4. I'd like to see some studies comparing districts that enforce masking versus districts that don't. Both of my sons attend programs that have been in person for at least a couple of months now and neither has had any spread from one positive case each. That gives my some confidence that schools can be open if masking is enforced, but it's just anecdotes not data. I suppose schools haven't been in session long enough to do a solid study yet, but maybe by Christmas break we'll know what works.
  5. Dd got her Hispanic Scholar award today, so keep an eye out if your student qualified for any of the recognition programs. That little piece of paper is worth full tuition at some schools.
  6. In my personal experience in the Houston burbs, all our machines have done away with the touching. I haven't personally touched a screen in months except at the gas station. There, I use a glove.
  7. The person I feel really bad for is Chris Wallace. He got more than he signed up for, all of that Monday morning quarterbacking about how he shoulda coulda woulda controlled the debate (without a mute button or a bouncer) and now he's been exposed to Covid too because "the Honor System" didn't work. I sincerely hope that no one caught Covid at the debate, but they weren't far enough apart given the shouting and half the audience was unmasked and, now we know, exposed. It's not a great situation.
  8. Yes! Dd's CC is hosting a bunch of virtual clubs, but they have the same problem. Everyone is just so sick of being online. Her school is still scheduled to go back to in person classes in two weeks. I sure hope they can manage it. Dd has two Honors classes that would meet in person. She would love to be on campus even for just an hour a day. She's also got a job at Mathnasium so she gets a few other hours a week interacting with live humans. It makes such a difference in her quality of life.
  9. Copy the url and paste it here. The tweet appears when you post.
  10. Those same guys printed all sorts of scurrilous stuff about each other in their partisan newspapers. Burr literally killed Hamilton in a duel. I think we're a lot tamer today.
  11. Olivia Nuzzi explains what she knows about the leak. She covers the WH for New York magazine and is a very active Twitter user. The story is a thread, so read past the first tweet.:
  12. Breaking news about the WH leak about DJT's health. The leaker is likely to be Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who was filmed talking to the WH Press Pool. He is clearly heard asking to be off the record. In addition an email was sent to the entire press pool with these same allegations:
  13. So this is the new timeline based on the doctors' remarks. Kaitlan Collins is a reporter for CNN:
  14. That article was updated before the medical update where his doctor said he was diagnosed 72 hours ago.
  15. My dd is in a similar situation. She will earn her AA this spring and has an excellent SAT score as well. Originally, she planned to go to UT Austin and double major in a business field and math, do a Bridging Disciplines program, sing in a choir, join the sailing club and spend a year studying abroad along with all the normal social things college students do. Then Covid happened. She doesn't think she'll be able to do all the things she wanted to at UT and would probably end up graduating in two years with a lot of online classes. (We're Covid pessimists, we don't believe things will get ful
  16. Yes, my dad liked to study and discuss personal finance. So I learned that fixed rate mortgages are a great deal when inflation spikes and that if interest is tax deductible, you should finance big purchases, but if it's not, you should pay cash. (Until the 80s car loan interest was tax deductible and when that was eliminated we talked about the effect that would have on financing decisions.) We discussed when to invest in stocks versus bonds. We talked about the gold craze in the late 70s/early 80s and why people were freaked out by inflation and why gold is a store of value. Both of my
  17. I highly recommend reading The Lady's Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33516728-the-lady-s-handbook-for-her-mysterious-illness?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=8z2MAqf8H9&rank=1 The author went through a "mystery" illness and a host of side issues that left her basically bed ridden. This book is part memoir, part practical advice for women in a similar position. Even if the practical advice doesn't apply to your friend, the book will be a useful reminder that she's not alone and she's not crazy. The author of the book did e
  18. Dd spent some time this weekend looking into online CS degrees in case she decides to do that instead of Computer Information Systems. The program she thought looked good based on the overall rating of the university and the department was University of Florida online. Here's the link: https://ufonline.ufl.edu/degrees/undergraduate/computer-science/ This is the CS degree from their College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, not Engineering. The core courses are the same, the difference is the general ed requirements. (Some of what dd is looking for depends on how military frien
  19. Dd is enlisting as a Navy IT, but she needs to do a couple of apps as a back up in case she gets hurt and can't ship out. Luckily, she's attended a camp at one and a preview day for juniors last February at the other (just before Covid shut everything down.) The military enlistment process is very strict about Covid safety. You have to wear a mask at the recruiting office, you have to have a temperature check and screening to do your physical and job selection and most of the Delayed Entry Program meetings have been online. Recruits are quarantined for the first two weeks of boot camp an
  20. Dd signed her Navy contract and is going to ship out as an IT in June. She decided that she wanted to get some real work experience in a field she's interested in and she really, really wants to go to sea (preferably on an air craft carrier). Covid also played a big role in this decision since most of the things she was most hoping to do at college might not be possible for a while. She will have to do a couple of college apps because the Navy's physical requirements are pretty stringent and you can be disqualified if you mess up your knee or develop a severe allergy. You definitely need a Pla
  21. We're going to Miami so we'll be able to have outdoor events. We probably won't go out to any restaurants, we'll do take out at my BIL's and meet ups at the beach, Wynwood or the Lincoln Rd Mall with extended family and friends.
  22. My dd has taken lessons from HSA for three years. There is very little homework, maybe 15-30 minutes per session. Their focus is very much on speaking and not as much on writing. This worked for us because dd had already done 4 years of regular high school Spanish at the defunct Landry Academy, so she could read and write decently but hated to speak Spanish. For someone who is starting out with HSA, I'd combine it with DuoLingo and a workbook like https://smile.amazon.com/Practice-Makes-Perfect-All-One/dp/1260121054/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=spanish+all+in+one&qid=1599151374&a
  23. Maybe some Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel if she'd like to try music in French?
  24. You can turn his desk around so he's sitting in front of a wall. You'll have to take down anything hanging on the wall. If that's too much of a pain, how about buying a room divider to put around him?
  25. I had to sign that sort of statement. It's because ds is in a self-contained special ed class and parents cannot violate the privacy of the other students.
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