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  1. There isn't much point in arguing how *one* church uses Leviticus as opposed to how another does because they are all different. Anything someone says could be seen as shocking blasphemy by another person. I am not catching anyone out, I am Christian.
  2. They added resources as it progressed but the FBI and ATF were present early on. I don't tend to watch television news so I don't know how the coverage was.
  3. The FBI will assist with serial killer cases as well and also the ATF sometimes since it was a bombing.
  4. I am a Christian, that was my point. There are things in the Bible that Christians do not adhere to, there are things *in the same book* that Christians will fight over. Do we just throw Leviticus out? Why?Why not? Why use some of Leviticus but still eat shrimp? I just can't imagine someone agreeing with *everything* that comes out of a pastor's mouth (who is not infallible) when we don't even adhere to every word in the Bible. I get we don't *have* to. I just don't care for Leviticus but that feels like blasphemy. :lol:
  5. I think many of us see terrorism as a the worst sort of crime because of major incidents that occurred during our lifetime. It's a crime to make a statement. As some of you know I am from Oklahoma City and lived there during the bombing. It impacted me personally. It was a horrible thing, to discover that the target was actually a tiny office that made up only a small portion of a large building that was mostly taken up by HUD and Social Security offices, there was also a daycare. But the target of the building was only a handful of people, not the nearly 200 that were killed. That w
  6. I use facebook but mostly to talk to friends and family members. I don't know if I could get my parents on another site. :laugh:
  7. It appears that they got several quotes and facts for their story, in what way do you think the story is incorrect?
  8. I think they are all going to be equally bad. If something is free, you are not the customer, you are the product.
  9. What? There is nothing in the Bible with which you disagree? I mean...shrimp are delicious. The Bible doesn't answer every question and people are not infallible. I would be surprised if someone agreed 100% with their church, does that actually happen??
  10. I don't see it as all that unusual or unheard of, everyone has a different relationship with their faith. What works for you doesn't work for someone else, other people may feel convicted to make their community more welcoming. That is the path they have chosen. I don't see how it is overriding a spiritual obligation at all, they just have different spiritual obligations than you. I don't see much point in arguing about someone's personal convictions. They have their own reasons for them.
  11. I play Pokemon Go with the kids, we also attend raids. :laugh:
  12. They are allowed to vote in a primary if they will be 18 by the General election It does make a difference that it was a primary. If your child is 17 you should probably discuss it with them and take them to register to vote.
  13. I remember enjoying the What Katy Did books by Susan Coolidge ETA: I think they have a much lower reading level than the Anne books.
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