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  1. Can you please share what you submitted to your car insurance company in order to receive the Good Student Discount? Thank you!
  2. Thanks Tess. I really appreciate the recommendation.
  3. You might take a look at Outschool.com. Many of their courses have live classes but they also offer many with a flex schedule. I do not have any personal experience with any of the writing options but this teacher has many finished classes and reviews. https://outschool.com/classes/fall-writing-flex-online-p6IyyuOJ#usObUM8Mcx
  4. These are a couple of live online class options. If the times do not work for you the classes are recorded so that may be an option to watch them at a later time more fitting with your schedule. There is a sample recording available to preview. https://www.highschoolmathlive.com/calculus-i-info.html https://www.highschoolmathlive.com/apreg-calculus-ab-info.html
  5. Hi Calming Tea, Thank you so much for the offer, however it is not looking like the Open Tent class times will work for us. The no refund policies are so hard. How wonderful that your DD was able to find a live class! I was so hope we would be able to do that as well however I just cannot find anything locally but ASL 1.
  6. Thanks LAR, I really appreciate the recommendation! Have your students taken ASL class with Open Tent? If so would you be willing to share your thoughts and the pros and cons please?
  7. Has anyone found a good resource for ASL 2 or 3 level classes? Our preference would be a live interactive online class, however we will consider any options available. Thank you in advance for your time.
  8. Can anyone recommend a Pre-Calculus class please. Our first choices would be a live online course, preferably twice a week, however any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  9. We are looking for classes as well. Here are a few potential options I have come across. Live online https://www.aslyoucando.com/about https://academy.brightideaspress.com/product/american-sign-language-2/ ( This series may be to introductory but it is my understanding he will be posting a more advanced option in the next week or two) https://outschool.com/classes/beginner-american-sign-language-level-1a-vMHNyv2d#usObUM8Mcx Recorded Classes https://homeschoolconnectionsonline.com/documents/2018/4/RecordedCourseCatalog2018_2019_DRAFT.pdf https://aslrochelle.com/courses/
  10. I am so so sorry. ((((Hugs and Prayers))))
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