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  1. plus a 10 year old. That is how many kids live in my house right now. Holy hormones, Batman.
  2. I read on here (A different thread maybe?) that photographs of hand can be used to identify creeps uploading photos. As in their hands are in the photos.
  3. When we wanted to match paint we scraped an actual piece off of the wall and took it to have it matched. The paint matched exactly. You might try that in the future.
  4. Thank you to everyone who has responded. You all have brought up excellent things we hadn’t considered. We will definitely contact a reputable contractor and make sure we have the proper permit and ventilation.
  5. @Indigo Bluehave you seen the video that is circling around posted by a public school teacher about elbow bandaids? She teaches k. One day she asked the class if anyone had ever hurt their elbow. Everyone in the class raised their hands. She gave one child a bandaid for their elbow. Then she asked who had ever hurt their knee, then she picked another child and gave them a bandaid for their elbow. She repeated these questions and each time gave the chosen child a bandaid for their elbow. Fair isn’t always equal. Not everyone needs the same things at the same times. I don’t feel obligated to purchase new shoes for every one in the house just because one child needs a pair badly, but I do make sure everyone gets to go clothing shopping at key points in the year. Their purchase pile may look different than their siblings due to hand me downs and current growth needs, but they all get to shop.
  6. My first thought is of course not! I love all of my children equally and genuinely love them the same. On the outside it likely does look like we have a black sheep. We have one child in particular that has challenges from fas, early childhood trauma and rad. This child chooses scenarios that require a different level of supervision and necessary rules for safety. For those that don’t see behind closed doors, I’m sure it looks like we are tougher on said child, but the reality is we aren’t. Child is fully aware that if x behavior happens then x consequence happens. Often that means child misses out on opportunities if dh or I can’t accompany child. I’m sure on the outside it looks like child has considerably less freedom, but it isn’t the case. I was able to see Nicholeen Peck speak at a homeschool convention and got her book A House United. It was so good and has given us lots of strategies to help children who have those type of challenges, so at least we aren’t flying blind!
  7. Yes. We haven't consulted one yet, but it is the plan. Do we need a permit?
  8. Pocket doors! Excellent idea!!! Would it be weird to have a pocket door on one side and standard on the other?
  9. I think so. The downstairs laundry is directly next to the downstairs half bath. I'm not sure about the flooring type and needs. We have a standard two-story house. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. No crawl space between the stories. Plumbing routed through the wall? I was hoping to add a small closet in the newly added bathroom that could double as a bedroom closet. If not, no problem calling it a bonus room. We have a five bedroom house. The egress would be two doors on either side of the bathroom into two separate bedrooms. No window, though. Now that you said it, it's obvious. Thank you for bringing this up! I think it will be able to tie into the downstairs half bath next to the laundry room.
  10. We are planning to take a walk-in closet and turn it into a jack and Jill style bathroom connecting to another bedroom. We may need to move a wall. One room will no longer have a closet, but the other bedroom will still have two. I’m thinking we may be able to add a small closet space to the newly installed bathroom. I don’t know where to start.
  11. I agree. Criminals aren't usually very smart. Reptiles like Josh Duggar are especially foolish.
  12. I am not sure. They have varying opinions, however when I was younger I felt strongly for then against having children. I now have a family 1/2 the size of the Duggars, so opinions and life circumstances can change reality drastically.
  13. I totally agree! I did say they are being unreasonable, but was I just addressing the bulk of the post in which the daughter in law seemed to need more "me time." The son definitely needs to grow up and should be more sensitive to his own parents' health issues!
  14. Wow! The entitlement is shocking. They are being unreasonable. I regularly took all of my children to the grocery store and anywhere else I went. There was no other option for me. None. It sounds like they need to invest in a grocery delivery service, a baby gate, and maybe a season or two of a cartoon series. TV may not be the worlds best babysitter, but occasionally setting up a baby gate in the living room with a tv show while the kiddos' parent sits at the table to paint their nails while still in view of the living room is a viable option. Even if it was weekly, no harm would be done. DIL is being selfish and needs to grow up.
  15. What does this mean, exactly? Are they allowing J@sh to question how the police investigation was done? As in he may not be held accountable on a technicality? I just read the link. 🤢
  16. I voted south, but I'm from Oklahoma so maybe I skewed the results. I've heard it. It means showing out or acting up.
  17. Curious as to what you mean. Full disclaimer we attend a Church of Christ and while they are all autonomous we don't attend a mainstream one. I can discuss in another thread or private message what that means, but don't want to derail this one. I got married at 20 and it was much too young for me. For most people mid-twenties is a better choice. Your frontal lobe isn't fully developed until then and early adulthood life milestones like finishing your college education and starting a career are usually completed by then.
  18. Disclaimer: I have not read the entire thread, but I wonder if it's because of tradition. Traditionally if one did not know the gender of a person one would refer to masculine pronouns. Example: Mankind, etc. Editing, mine. Yes! Using they for a singular person is a new concept.
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