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    Reader of labor union history, writer, Episcopal priest, advocate of economic justice, liberation theologian, gardener, knitter, classical pianist, and befuddled member of a birding-obsessed family.

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  1. Wowzer! My sympathies. I prescribe an early bedtime for all kids and chocolate and beverage of choice for MedicMom.
  2. I accidentally paid the health insurance bill twice. We're behind a bit on it, but I wasn't planning on paying a total of $4,000 instead of 2,000. "Ouch" is putting it mildly. We've cut way back on groceries and I am thankful for our local grocery outlet.
  3. And your eldest needs to make a good impression. That could be difficult if s/he is distracted by the younger kids.
  4. Spanish, labor union history, biographies, local culture, politics, and economics
  5. It finally dawned on me to grocery shop on Tuesday, the day the store gives triple gas points. Our gas fill up was 15 cents off per gallon.
  6. DS will be 18 when he starts his senior year of high school. Definitely, we'll still be supporting him!
  7. My sympathy to you and yours. I just remembered that we are also way overdue for the opthamalogist and new glasses for all 3 of us. And, yeah, cutting out the garden seeds would be a bad idea. I'm going to look into seed saving this year.
  8. Misery loves company. At least DS is getting some personal finance lessons from our situation.
  9. Once I finally got a good neurologist (about5 years), it took about 2 years to get the diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I went to the MS Clinic of a big city teaching hospital. Neurologist was on the faculty of a well known medical school.
  10. We love soap from the Slab Soap Company. Tip: regular bar soap can be used as shampoo. Soap is soap. Shampoo bars cost more.
  11. I guess I missed the meal planning thread...
  12. Didn't see a thread for this month yet and figured if I needed it, maybe others did as well. We're eating out of our pantry and freezer for the rest of this month and next, replacing fresh items as needed. We have a grocery outlet and an Aldi's not overly far from us. So, please, I need some inexpensive meal ideas. We have turkey, chicken breasts, and trout in the freezer. Other than the poultry/fish exceptions, we eat vegetarian.
  13. Deductibles for health insurance. $1,000 due before my sleep study can be done. Plus, another $250 for the orthodontist and $500 for HOA dues. And then there's our tax snafu... I've cancelled our Netflix subscription ($9 a month) , our Amazon pantry membership ($4.99 a month), the MISFITS vegetable subscription ($46 a month), and am about to cancel our NYT digital subscription ($9 a month). I'm thankful for our full pantry, full freezer, a grocery outlet near us, and an Aldi's not too far away.
  14. We got some cloths from Mighty Nest and they work well enough, but sometimes I need a bigger towel. Those med surgery towels look great. And they have them on Amazon. I just checked.
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