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    Reader of labor union history, writer, Episcopal priest, advocate of economic justice, liberation theologian, gardener, knitter, classical pianist, and befuddled member of a birding-obsessed family.

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  1. We got our new car right before the shortages hit and were able to get $3K off msrp. Now folks are actually in bidding wars for cars and paying over the msrp.
  2. Just got back from the grocery store. There are lots of gaps in the cat food/litter aisle. Still.
  3. We have a pretty full pantry and freezers. We have an indoor garden which will keep us in salads and fresh herbs. I’m about to plant a fall container garden (peas, beans, kale, chard…). We need to re-stock Kleenex, baby wipes, cat litter and cat food, and put together some supplies for our college freshman.
  4. Unintentionally, we bought a new car when you could still negotiate a price lower than the mrsp. Within a couple of weeks, there were bidding wars. The cat litter we use is no longer available at our local stores (in fact, there are many gaps in the pet aisle at the grocery store). We can’t run out of that item! We need to stock up on that item! In general, we are stocking up as best we can as it looks like, in addition to inflation, we may be in for a tough COVID fall and winter.
  5. Our kid will be a freshman in music and theater. I’m not sure yet what his fall semester will look like. His high school year they did a musical (Something’s Rotten) and filmed the scenes over a period of time. Then the whole musical was available for streaming over a period of 3 days ($18 per device).
  6. Ours is 5' wide and 3' deep with built in shelves and stand-alone wire shelves on the inside left and right ends. We have a folding door on the pantry.
  7. We homeschooled DS through 10th grade and he also applied this year to WCU. Really all they wanted was a transcript. Think of it this way: when public schools (or private schools) send transcripts, course descriptions are not included. I would not send course descriptions and didn’t. DS was accepted, but decided to go elsewhere.
  8. I tipped each mover $50 in cash at the end of the move.
  9. I wonder if you might have a kidney stone as well.
  10. Have her take pictures of both sides of her card (on her phone).
  11. We use Hamama... https://www.hamama.com/
  12. Erring on the side of caution here... Make sure your parents' pharmaceuticals are secure. And, also, once they are evicted, change the locks.
  13. In Transylvania County in Brevard, NC - Brevard College. That where our kid is going and the school has a solid LGBTQ group. Also, Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA Appalachian State (NC)
  14. Mark them as spam and then once a week or whatever length of time suits you, check to make sure you aren't missing any family info. (I'd just check the subject line and/or first & last lines.}
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