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  1. I've been using the bags pads come in as bathroom trash can liners, as well as the plastic that toilet paper comes in. Our grocery store has a bulk section and we can bring our own jars to put items in.
  2. What are the best Android SAT PREP Apps? There are so many out there, I'm not sure which way to turn!
  3. DS read SWB's Ancients in 8th (and used the study guide as well) and her Middle Ages in 9th. He loved it all. However, history is his favorite subject, so there's that. At some point, he'll read the volume on the Renaissance and whatever else comes next. He's in public school as of this coming fall for 11th and 12th grades.
  4. Also, is there a nearby pond , lake, or ocean?
  5. I agree with HeighHo. I'd play with the 4 yr old in the water and teach her a few skills. Maybe get her a kickboard as well.
  6. We bought a queen bed, a full size bed, two twin beds, a dining room table, and two large area rugs from them. We also paid extra to have the delivery team put the beds together. No complaints whatsoever.
  7. We have a lot of bills coming due, including HOA fee. I'm hoping to keep the grocery spending down and eliminate any spending on non-consumables. DS is now taking two classes at the local high school, so we are driving more than usual to take him in. One way is 9 miles and if we do two round-trips, that's 36 miles, 5 days a week, which adds up. He's only at school for 3.5 hours, so some days I am just hanging out at the library or running another errand.
  8. I checked locally. They don't even offer Spanish! I've been doing a combination of things to brush off my Spanish and get up to speed. Will be glad to share if it would be helpful.
  9. We're definitely in the penny pinching stage here - probably for the year. Retirement income + miscalculation of health insurance costs + yours truly forgetting to factor gas and groceries into the budget = 😦 Yikes!
  10. We got through September and are mostly caught up with our health insurance bill! Re-stocked our groceries with a big shopping trip (still have to go to TJs for a few items) and am hoping we can make it through October. We've a cousin's funeral to go to several states away (thankfully, hotel is paid for with relative's travel points) and a conference my spouse needs to attend, so gas expenditures will be high. I successfully resisted a yarn sale.
  11. We got $150 in cash for our "like new" exercise bike. (Fitness fail, but, oh well.) We have our kayak trailer listed for sale. DS and spouse are driving back and forth to a conference they're attending this weekend, rather than pay for a hotel. We didn't have to drive to town a couple days this week and that helped with gas. Plus, the hurricane missed us. We found a Grocery Outlet where we will shop first, before going on to our usual stores. We're planning meals by what's on sale. I asked our youth group leader if there is a scholarship for kids wanting to attend the high school retreat. I'm using a B&N gift card to get a couple of books DS needs.
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