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  1. Haven't seen one for December yet. We're hoping to make it through the month with what's in our pantry and freezer, filling in with fresh eggs, dairy, and produce as needed. Will also keep an eye on loss leaders.
  2. hjffkj So sorry about your DH not getting the job. Do you have any grocery outlet stores near you? Can you go to a local food pantry? What about WIC?
  3. My spouse stopped by TJs and Whole Foods with a credit card. Our grocery budget is blown. Ugh.
  4. Things like beans, tuna, brown bread in a can, salmon, chicken, peas, corn, diced potatoes, jam should be fine for a few years. Tomato products, fruit, juice, I wouldn't eat more than 6 months past the expiration date. Peanut butter and oils should not be consumed past the expiration date.
  5. The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration - Wikerson Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln - Goodwin Rising Tide - John M. Barry - also about the Great Migration Bad Land - Jonathan Raban White Fragility Hillbilly Elegy Appalachian Reckoning Ramp Hollow Reading Behind Bars
  6. 29 cents a pound with a minimum $35 purchase, 10 lb turkey or larger. Limit 2. Frozen Turkey breast is $1.49 lb. Someone else is buying the Turkey this year. We'll wait till the day after Thanksgiving to buy turkey for the freezer. Last year the turkey breasts went down to $0.49 a lb., limit 2.
  7. Thanks for the recipe, BBQmom! And Bookworm, my other favorite expression is "out of budget experience. " (similar to out of body experience).
  8. Mitral valve prolapse here. So far, they just watch it. So sorry you're dealing with this. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than I will chime in.
  9. I would love your recipe for lentil shepherd's pie! Spouse had a spending accident at Trader Joe's this afternoon, in spite of my frugal list. And tomorrow our freezer gets delivered.
  10. I'm in for this month. Goal is to track grocery expenses (includes food for 3 of us and 4 cats), and reduce eating out. Failed on the eating out ban. Ate out to the tune of 25.00. Actually, 36.00. Spouse accidentally tipped 40% instead of 20%. Also, I just ordered a chest freezer (10 cubic feet). I haven't told spouse yet....🙄 The freezer will help us save $, right?
  11. I'm in for this month. Goal is to track grocery expenses (includes food for 3 of us and 4 cats), reduce eating out, and eat out of our freezer so there's room for turkey sales later in the month.
  12. Re winter stock up - things I would add to Carrie's great list. Items we can cook over in the fireplace: ingredients for s'mores, hotdogs, buns, condiments, Italian sausages, potatoes (wrapped in foil), canned soups Other items: batteries, cold meds, shredded cheese, canned brown bread with raisins
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