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  1. Apparently, it's making people uncomfortable. I don't even have to say anything. All I have to do is stand there. So I assume it's something about my looks?? Sometimes I think it would be interesting for someone to video me so I could see what it is about me that makes some people squirm. But, then, maybe I don't really want to know .... ;)
  2. We kept plugging away until they got them. It was a small part of our daily math time, usually at the beginning. It didn't seem to be something that could be rushed with my particular kids. Before dc got too much into algebra 1, I had them go quickly through a few Rod & Staff math books to review all the basic concepts, including the math facts. Most of it was done orally using white boards. I could see the weak areas, etc., using those bare bones books. Then, when I was sure they had all the basics down, I had them switch over fully to the algebra 1 books. But it also see
  3. D for Depressing .... went clothes shopping. :ack2:
  4. I can't say what you should do, but I only did stuff like that with my oldest child. The next 5, no, I kept them with me when in public. No regrets and would do the same again (as I did with my younger 5).
  5. :grouphug: Praying for all of them.
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