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  1. Elaborating: I wouldn't necessarily call child protective services, but I would talk to the parent and decide how to proceed from there
  2. My seven year old plays an instrument, which he loves. He sometimes does sports, but not all year round.
  3. Our doctor has our kids do these kinds of things. My young four learned to write his name like a month after his well-check, but at the time, he couldn't do anything beyond write an E. When I asked his doctor, his doctor said that they ask, but for a later birth order boy, he's happy if they know their capital letters by five. My kid did not draw a face on his person: just a head, body, arms, legs, and a sword.
  4. My spouse's tattoo is about me. We are still happily married. My twin actually has a tattoo about me, too, though I have no clue if he regrets his. They both really weird me out.
  5. My spouse has a tattoo he regrets, so that colors my feelings. No, I wouldn't, especially that placement
  6. I don't provide regular information updates: I don't generally talk to them. I hope they are talking to their parents. It seems inappropriate to provide unsolicited updates to them, but maybe I'm imagining it wrong.
  7. They are cash poor but assets rich: they haven't downsized from the home where they raised my spouse and his siblings. They love it and refuse to move, but they can't really afford it or take care of it anymore. It's an on-going disagreement
  8. I have not checked what the fine is, but if they'd only get fined once a season and it was that low, we'd be better off just letting them get fined. The lowest cost I could find was $30/storm or $275 a year.
  9. I don't think of it as rude, but I do think that it makes people sound angry
  10. My in-laws are both still living in their own home with our help. My spouse and I are there once a week for groceries, cleaning, yard care, etc... A neighbor used to shovel their sidewalk, but the neighbor has moved. Their city laws require the side walk shoveled in 24 hours, and given that we live about an hour away, they don't live quite close enough for this to feel manageable. My BILs live further away and provide no help whatsoever. I asked them this week if they'd be willing to pay for snow removal. One of them is a bachelor with no dependents. The other is a living the dual income no de
  11. I have an upper elementary school aged kid who is participating in a science fair. My kid designed an experiment loosely from a suggestion she found in a book. I'm pretty sure this book is not designed for families using well water, and I don't think her experiment will work unless she treats the water. This is our first science fair, though, and I'm not sure how appropriate it is for me to tell her how to redesign her experiment to account for the hard water. So, do I leave it alone and hope she figures it out? Or should I tell her?
  12. Tomorrow when my spouse goes back to work
  13. He isn't home. He had Christmas off, but other than that, he's at work. I do see habit training as part of my job, and I do wish I did a better job of it. Right now, with the huge influx of stuff from Christmas that I'm still working on organizing/purging, it's especially bad. I don't blame him for being frustrated with that. I'm frustrated with it.
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