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  1. I forgot about that rule. Thanks for bringing it up. We ended up enrolling our dd in public school for junior and senior year when she was ready to do DE full time. So she was a public school student with full funding (including textbooks and fees) for two years and it didn't cost us anything except the hassle of dealing with ps. It's really ridiculous that homeschool students don't have the same CCP benefits as ps students. I've heard good things about Columbus State. They certainly have a lot of classes to select from.
  2. My dd participated in CCP for several years and it was a good experience for her. The difficulty of the class really depended on the professor and the subject matter. And when/whether your dd is ready for college-level classes is really up to you and her - every student is so different! Starting with something she's interested in is a good idea. My dd started with Spanish, which she already knew well and loved, so she could become familiar with the pace of a college class and how it all worked. She did meet with her professor before taking the class, but that was because we weren't sure w
  3. No ideas, but I'm so very sorry about your father.
  4. That's what we do. None of us even own pjs. I had them for the kids when they were very little, but then everyone just moved to comfy clothes. My dd did this when she was in school. I'd freeze!
  5. Well, I get night sweats so I have to change every night. Three of my kids wear new every night and one wears the same ones until he does laundry and I don't know (or want to know) how long he goes between washes. When he's home, I wash them once a week.
  6. Oh, that is scary. Sending lots of positive thoughts that he feels better soon and you can avoid the hospital. Please update when you can.
  7. Yes! My kids are 18-30 and they have a discord group for just the four of them, snapchat streaks, text each other, play a video game together online, etc. Pre-Covid, they would sometimes travel together and visit each other. It's really special and it makes me so happy that they have that bond and unconditional love and support.
  8. Oh, that makes sense. And when you put it that way, I am envious of my kids having a special relationship because I would have loved that for myself both growing up and also now as an adult. I'm thrilled for them, but see what I missed out on.
  9. I'm an only child and love that my four kids are so close. There is a big age gap between my older three and my youngest and they live in four different states, but they are all in constant contact electronically. They are all so supportive and helpful to each other - it really touches me and I treasure those rare times that we are all together. One of my kids seems to be the heart of the family - all of his siblings are closest to him, but still close to each other. As an only child, I never had any idea the influence siblings have on each other. It's really amazing.
  10. Aw, so cute! What a special day for your family! ❤️
  11. If he started in the summer after 8th grade was over, I'd count it for 9th grade. If he started in 8th grade, but completed over the summer than I'd count it as early high school.
  12. Thinking of your DIL. She is fortunate to have such a caring MIL.
  13. That's our problem. Our family room is where I store much of my workout equipment - all of my dumbbells, barbells, exercise ball, aerobic step, etc. The basement is where my spin bike, heavy bag, and power tower are. I'd love to get a treadmill and a rower, but I am out of space in the basement and don't want to put them in the family room even though that's where they'd get the most use.
  14. I am sorry for your loss. My FIL died last summer and my MIL insisted on a traditional funeral w/services and a meal after the burial. After being careful for several months, I was horrified to see how the funeral home handled the services (no distancing, food and drinks left out, masks not enforced, etc.) and how people gathered as if covid was not a thing - and this was mostly older people coming from all different areas. I thought for sure my MIL would end up sick, but she didn't. As far as I know, no one did. Of course, we were just very lucky. DH and I did not participate in muc
  15. I'm actually in OH - about three hours away. I wonder if I could just pick it up! ETA - I don't know why I'm thinking about this...I don't need it (I run outdoors and have a spin bike), we don't have room, and we hope to move in the next couple of years. DH would not be too happy about me getting it either. 😛
  16. what did they charge for shipping?
  17. I'm very sorry. My neighbors have a similar situation with their adult daughter and I can't imagine how difficult some days are. Sending big hugs.
  18. My dd was the same way - very high achieving, but also timid, passive, and easily intimidated. She did dual enrollment for several years and graduated with 85 college credits. She applied to college as a freshman and had no problem receiving scholarships. She shocked us by choosing a college 1200 miles away! She's always been introverted w/social anxiety and a real homebody and we always assumed she would be close to home for college, but she wanted to be somewhere warm and felt this school was a good fit for her socially. Fortunately, it all worked out - she just finished her first semes
  19. Kassia


    I absolutely agree. It's all mental. I've maintained a big loss for many years, but got way off track starting on Christmas Eve and have been really struggling to get back to my normal eating routine (plus I gained a lot of weight since then - why does it come back so easily?). It's taking a toll on me mentally because I'm so discouraged with myself, but clearly not enough to force me to get back to eating the way that works for me to stay slim.
  20. Kassia


    I love it too! I just need you in my ear 24/7 to remind me of all the things you write about!
  21. We just bought ours from Amazon based on reviews. They were very inexpensive.
  22. I had no idea. I always have mine charging - day and night. I will have to do something different.
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