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  1. Yeah, I didn't like that. They sent me damaged merchandise and acted like they were doing me a favor to fix the problem.
  2. They did offer to send me new frames and have me switch the lenses from the bent frames to the new ones but I was uncomfortable doing that and didn't feel like I should since I paid for new glasses. I usually have good luck with the chat feature when I need it but have never dealt with Zenni before. Thanks for sharing your experience with their email customer service.
  3. I got them to agree to pay to ship back the glasses and they are going to switch the lenses into new frames.
  4. I wasn't expecting much but the frames are bent and I expected Zenni to fix the problem without costing me money or too much of an inconvenience. I felt like I received a damaged item and they wanted to put the burden of fixing it on me.
  5. I ordered my first pairs of glasses ever from Zenni partially based on the comments here. I received my glasses today and the frame on one pair is bent. I contacted them and it took forever to get someone on chat and then they gave me lousy choices on how to resolve the issue until I pushed harder and then they finally agreed to send me a return label and they will switch the lenses to new frames but only after telling me that they never do this and how they will only do it ONCE (the person on chat put it in all caps). I spent over an hour getting this resolved and am really disappointed because I expected better service. I was just wondering if others have had bad experiences, too, or is it just me?
  6. Ours didn't show up until around 5pm. Hang in there.
  7. I don't like it but I like it much much better than long road trips.
  8. I don't mean to derail the thread so soon but my dd's first choice school for now is 1200 miles away and I am concerned about how it will all work out. My older children all attended a university that was a three hour drive away.
  9. How does your son feel about it? Our ds with ASD was three hours away by car but would have been okay being across the country once he was comfortable navigating the airport and everything involved with that. Other than the moving in process, he didn't need us to be physically close during his time at school.
  10. I guess my post wasn't clear. She doesn't need proof, just the knowledge to get out of the prerequisite class when she starts at the university. I'm not familiar with Saylor - how much would the class be? I couldn't find a price on the website. Thank you for the info and the link! ETA - I think the courses are free? That's amazing!
  11. Thanks, but I was hoping to get recommendations from someone who has taken a course/gone through a book. She wants to take C++ to get out of a prerequisite for when she starts college next year. She doesn't need credit for the class but will have to pass a proficiency test to get into the class she wants to start in. She's done some C++ on her own but wants something more thorough so that she doesn't move on to the next class without a good foundation.
  12. Looking for a thorough C++ class online or even a good book with projects/assignments
  13. We've done things like a Roomba, fruit of the month club, Netflix subscription, and gift cards to local restaurants. How about a digital frame loaded with family pictures?
  14. Can she come every other week instead?
  15. We've given our sons' girlfriends cash for graduations but did it in a fun way. We taped up singles end-to-end and rolled them up and put them in a tissue box with the top one sticking out a bit so the recipient would pull on it and would just keep pulling out a long roll of money. They seemed to enjoy that.
  16. My dd was 14 when she started. We started with Spanish because she already knew the material well so we thought it would be a good way to introduce her to college classes without her having to struggle to learn the material. She took four semesters of Spanish the first year (two in the summer, 1 in the fall, and 1 in the spring). The following year - at 15 - she took two classes per semester. She's 16 now and just finished her first year as a full-time DE student - she took 28 credits this year. So far, she hasn't had any problems.
  17. I agree. Counselors are stretched way too thin and this is hurting our students in many ways.
  18. Yes, I love Kohl's but wish they would just have regular sales and not play so many games with different percentage discounts and the darn Kohl's cash. And their sales/prices change so frequently. It's frustrating.
  19. @Indigo Blue I have a son who was in the room where a school shooting occurred. He called us as soon as it was over to let us know he was safe before we saw it on the news. It was (and still is) a surreal feeling to watch it all unfold knowing your own child is safe but hurting so much for the victims and their families. @DawnM I am so very sorry.
  20. I have fraternal twin sons who are young adults now. They had very separate lives as teens but were still close. One is on the spectrum and has always been more dependent on his twin for social interaction, though. The other is very social and active with many interests. But they are still very close and keep in touch and see each other often even though they live in different states. ETA: they were not homeschooled, but had many of the same classes in middle and high school. I intentionally separated them in elementary school.
  21. Those are the same as one of my links above - just a different thickness. We've had ours for a few years and they are holding up well. When my sons moved out two years ago they each bought their own and they are happy with theirs, too.
  22. We have these two and have been very happy with them:
  23. We lumped it in with English - vocabulary, grammar, composition, and literature. I think many students don't need grammar instruction at that point but mine was pulled out of ps late and still needed grammar instruction in 9th grade.
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