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  1. Good point about the changes and also reduced stress with having too many options - my dd is the same way. And only doing one application was SO nice! The whole process was so easy! 🙂
  2. My big fear was that dd would change her mind and not have other options. She applied in July as a rising senior and I felt like a lot could change by May when she had to commit. But I'm a worrier... 🙂 She was very confident.
  3. I agree that there is a big difference between a boyfriend/girlfriend and a SO but I do think older teens are capable of having a SO. I was married when I was 19 and DH was definitely more than a boyfriend to me before we were officially married (we were living together before then). OTOH, my ds1 and his SO have been together almost 9 years now and living together for 6. Seems like they are more than SO to each other since they are very obviously committed to each other and their future together, but they aren't married. They make moving and career choices together and have both sacrificed some big things for the other.
  4. My youngest applied to one school - 1200 miles away from home. It made me very nervous but it worked out fine. My other kids - ds1 and ds3 applied to 3 schools, ds2 applied to 4 or 5 (I can't remember!). I can't even imagine the cost and time it involves for students who are applying to 10+ schools. And then making the final decision!
  5. LOL, I was thinking of the naked cycling event with masks in Philadelphia! https://www.npr.org/2021/06/26/1007735748/participants-in-phillys-naked-bike-ride-will-have-to-cover-up-their-faces
  6. My son had a much younger girlfriend and her parents were like this. I swear they made as many opportunities for their daughter to have sex with my son as possible. I had to have a lot of serious discussions with my son. Fortunately, she was old enough for legal consent (she was 16 and he was 19 when they started dating), but we talked a lot about birth control, responsibility, sexting because she was under 18, etc. I was very relieved once she turned 18! I was really disturbed about the way her parents acted. My son is a really good guy and I know they loved and trusted him, but they put their daughter in some really weird situations - like encouraging her to spend the night in his apartment in college that he shared with four other guys they didn't know.
  7. Yes, their spring storms are scary with tornado/tornado warnings! Definitely makes me nervous. And dd has had good luck with traveling to/from home so far, but when we flew down there two years ago for a campus visit, it was a nightmare with cancellations and delays. A friend of mine was traveling to Austin at the same time and her trip was just as bad (and she had a small child with her, which made it more stressful). We almost missed the campus visit due to all the delays/cancellations. I was really surprised dd chose to attend the school after that trip!
  8. I made her bring a waterproof bookbag cover that I hope she keeps with her. And I warned her to bring her giant ziploc bags for her laptop and/or notebooks so everything inside the bookbag doesn't get ruined. Hopefully, she'll listen before learning the hard way. Other parents in my college facebook parent group insisted they are needed in Dallas. I'm not familiar with the area at all and just went by their posts saying how much rain protection is needed in the area. Thank you for your input that you've done fine without these items! It's nice to hear all sides! 🙂 And, in this case, I'd rather dd be right that she doesn't need the raincoat/boots.
  9. Dd goes to college in Dallas. I keep telling her she needs a raincoat and boots, but she knows better.... Last year wasn't a problem because all of her classes were virtual. I guess she'll learn the hard way because there's only so much I can do.
  10. Same! We got ours in 2016 or 2017 based on recommendations here and I absolutely love it.
  11. You did fantastic! And I agree it is sad on so many levels, but you did the right thing for you and your family. Big hugs to you and I hope you all enjoy this very special day. Hang in there - it will get easier!
  12. Yes, we got these. My adult sons also bought them for their apts. when they moved into their own places. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006LAK9A4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Q7EPFT4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. We got some from Amazon and they've been great. The bed in a bags - Zinus and Sleep Master.
  14. My MIL used to pull this crap with me all the time. She would call on my dd's birthday and demand to see her to celebrate. If we had other plans, I would just say it wasn't going to work and then she would tell dd (she had her email address) that I wouldn't LET her see her for her bday. Really, if it were that important to her she would have made plans earlier to see him instead of waiting until the night before. Try to let this go and enjoy your dc's special day.
  15. I found the broth to be very soothing and I liked to have some about an hour before starting the prep because the sodium made me thirsty.
  16. Yes, DH had lemon Italian ice for his prep. It's just ice and syrup. 🙂
  17. Oh, you mean clear liquids? Jell-O - green/yellow, broth - chicken/vegetable/beef, popsicles - green/yellow, 7-up, Ginger-Ale, gatorade (green/yellow) - there are a million lists if you search clear liquid diet for colonoscopy on google. https://www.mywtmf.com/Services/Gastroenterology/Procedure-Preparation/Colonoscopy-Clear-Liquid-Diet.aspx
  18. Here's a more thorough list: https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/washington/get-care/additional-services/gastroenterology/colon-diet-low-fiber
  19. Low fiber/low residue - no nuts, seeds, stick with white bread, white rice, low fiber cereals, eggs, etc. Definitely eat lightly as it gets closer so there's less to deal with during prep day. Mashed potatoes, white pasta, mac n cheese, yogurt, creamy peanut butter... Crackers and pretzels are good as long as they are not high fiber. ETA - fruits with no skins...bananas, applesauce, canned fruits are good. No raw veggies.
  20. We're at 50% but it's kind of skewed because we have a very large elderly population and most of them have been vaccinated while the percentage is low for younger people - especially starting with under 50 years old.
  21. Same! I could have blood drawn all the time with no problem (as long as they can find veins) but the finger pricks really get to me. One time I did something really weird - didn't pass out, but kind of lost consciousness - and the nurse called an ambulance for me because she thought I was having a stroke (we were at a health fair). I came to just as the ambulance was arriving and was absolutely mortified.
  22. Hi, I read here this thread when I can and don't post but saw this and wanted to ask you how much Caroline does weigh and how did you find out her height/wt? I absolutely love her workouts and have been doing them since last fall. She's fantastic! I am in some of her facebook groups but don't remember seeing her height/wt. mentioned. Hope you don't mind me butting in here. I remember you and @IvyInFloridafrom our check in a few years ago.
  23. This was my experience as well.
  24. I'm so sorry. It shouldn't be that way and it's hard to accept that things will never change. Yes, it really does go against all our instincts. I was able to break away from my mom, but it was hard. Even now that she's gone, I'll look back and start to have regrets and have to remind myself of the terrible things she did to realize that there was no possible way for us to have any kind of relationship. DH really struggles with this with his parents. They use and manipulate him, but aren't dangerous like my mother was. His father died last year and now his mother is worse than ever but he feels obligated to her in a way I don't understand. Still, I don't want him to have any regrets so I support him as much as I can. And anything I do for her, I tell myself it's for him and not for her. They were awful to him, me, and my kids so it's really hard for me at times to understand that feeling of obligation he has.
  25. I was even afraid when I found out she died. I was scared that she arranged to get some kind of last stab at me after her death. If she did, I'm unaware of it other than the knowledge that I will never see my childhood photos to show my children and to enjoy pictures of me and my deceased father since they are gone with her. I really was afraid of her. We lived far away from her but there was one time I thought she was local and the doorbell rang and I thought it was her and I hid in my own house because I was afraid she would see me. Crazy that I was afraid of her when I was in my own home with the doors locked.
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