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  1. Good kids who have done AP were in ps so the classes weren't online.
  2. My kids have done DE and AP and have had both of the learning experiences you described for each. Some DE and AP classes were wonderful with inspiring instructors, and some DE and AP classes were not taught well at all. I think a lot depends on who is teaching the class. Overall, I'd say DE has been the better experience, though.
  3. No suggestions but I'm sorry about your dd's illness and it's effects on her. I hope she finds something to help.
  4. No AP tests but my dd does full time dual enrollment. ETA - my older sons took several AP exams in high school. Some were valuable, others were not.
  5. I'm sorry, too. Sending big hugs and lots of positive thoughts.
  6. Did you get any information about it? I'd love to know more for my dd.
  7. My parents left me alone for a week to go on a cruise when I was 15. I couldn't drive and it was in the summer so I rode my bike to work as a camp counselor. Our hot water heater blew the first night they left so I had no hot water the whole week! Other than that, I was fine but I wouldn't be comfortable doing that as a parent. And this was way before cell phones, email, etc.
  8. We left our dd alone for one night when she was almost 15. We were moving her older brother into his first apartment three hours away and she really didn't want to join us. We don't have family around but there is a trusted neighbor who would be happy to help if needed. I was hesitant to do it - mostly I was worried about something going wrong in the house but she assured she would be fine. Of course, something creepy happened in the one night we were gone. We live in a semi-rural area and no one ever comes to our door. In the one night we were gone, someone came to the door and started knocking and ringing the doorbell. The garage was open for the cat and dd went and closed that right away and didn't answer the door and texted me. She was boiling water to make pasta for dinner and figured she could use the boiling water as a weapon if needed. The person (or people) left and then came back later in the rain knocking on the door! Later, we found out that there were several robberies in the area where the thieves would knock on people's doors to see if anyone was home and then rob the place if no one answered. It still upsets me now thinking of what could have happened. We have a son who lives six hours away and dd doesn't want to go visit him and I'm not comfortable being that far away for a weekend even though she just turned 17. I'm sure she'd be fine, though.
  9. My dd says that her homeschool classes were way more work than any of her DE classes! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!
  10. Our district does not weight grades so we never did either. I just made sure classes were labeled as honors or DE. I've heard that colleges recalculate GPA anyway so it wouldn't matter.
  11. What a great story! How wonderful that your son did that.
  12. My dd would be much more excited about protein bars over the toiletries for her purse. My sons would like all of that stuff (except not feminine scents of hand sanitizer/lotion).
  13. I forgot that my son's ex-girlfriend used to drop by all the time - anywhere from early in the morning until late at night and at mealtimes. I didn't like it but always made her feel welcome. But it drove my poor dd crazy because she was very uncomfortable with it and that was awkward because I wanted dd to feel comfortable in her own home not worrying about someone being there at any time but I also wanted the girlfriend to feel welcome. Neighborhood kids coming to play with my kids were always welcome - that felt totally different to me.
  14. For me it's more about my schedule being disrupted than the mess. I don't want to have to drop everything and rearrange my schedule because someone else had free time to drop by. But there are things I would prefer to clean up as well.
  15. I don't want anyone dropping in - not even in the hospital. I'd be ok with my adult children doing it (they all live far away so it wouldn't happen) but even then I'd prefer to know ahead of time. I would never do it to someone else. I was raised in Florida.
  16. Aw, poor little guy. I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts for everything to go as smoothly as possible.
  17. It sounds like she is just looking for things to complain about. Maybe her life is boring and this gives her some drama to focus on. You are being a thoughtful and considerate daughter. I hope she doesn't make you miserable on the 14th when you do take her to lunch.
  18. Your birthday plan sounds fine to me and you have a perfectly good excuse for not celebrating on her birthday. IMO, your mom should be happy that you are celebrating together at all (my adult kids are all too far away to celebrate with me). If she doesn't like it, just cancel the darn thing. 😛 I'd be irritated about that and it sounds just like what my in-laws would do to me.
  19. That sounds miserable and overwhelming. I'd be a mess. I'm sorry.
  20. She's going to love that! Our average snowfall is 107 inches! She may never come home! 🙂 Thank you! She won't wear make-up but does like necklaces.
  21. Just Agree With Me I haven't even used Venmo yet!
  22. Any recommendations on dressy boots? She'd only wear flat boots or ones with a very small heel. I'm really clueless...
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