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  1. I can only find Algebra 1 refresher courses online. Does anyone know of a refresher course for higher math?
  2. I love this idea, but she won't go for it. Last year she talked about graduating a year early, but was convinced to wait it out as she's a young 10th grader. I do like the idea of a blog to record her experiences though. Great idea 🙂
  3. Hi - we just found out that my husband was awarded a Fulbright so we'll be leaving the US for Krakow, Poland for the 2019-2020 school year. We thought about sending our rising 11th grader DD to the international school there, but I think it's just going to be too expensive. So, we're looking at online classes. I would love to get her involved with some extracurricular stuff too though, but setting this up in another country is making my head swirl. She currently attends a coop for most of her classes here, and then we do the rest at home. So she's used to being in classes with other students for some of the time and really enjoys it. She also volunteers at a therapeutic riding stable and loves that. Plus she's very involved with our youth group at church. I'm afraid she's going to be lonely for people her age while we're there. Has anyone else been down a similar path? I'd love to hear how you found ways for your students to engage in the local community/culture.
  4. Is there already a thread for this? I couldn't find one when I searched. This is DD's 11th grade year so far. Calculus: possibly online through WHA Early Modern History or History of Great Britain - she's still deciding: at home with me Early Modern or British Literature: at home with me Spanish 2: online provider but not sure which one Chemistry - possibly online through WHA or WTMA if they offer it This is as far as we've gotten. I'd love to hear what other 11th graders will be doing next year.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! And great idea about showing the movie...hadn't even thought about it.
  6. Yes, it was Daileader 😬 He is so knowledgable about that time period but pretty tough to stay interested in. I will check out Dorsey Armstrong. Thanks for recommendation!
  7. Those look really fun! I'll show them to my dd and see what she thinks. Thanks!
  8. We were planning to use a lecture series from the Great Courses to cover medieval history this year, but the first course Early Middle Ages was just too dry for DD and she doesn't want to continue with the next two courses by the same instructor. We've got medieval literature covered this year by using Roman Roads DVDs, which is a lit/history course, but she'd like to supplement with something just focused on the history - maybe a more lively lecture series with visuals, or an entertaining history text? BTW, she's not a fan of SWB's medieval history book. Ideas?
  9. Cincinative - my apologies for not replying sooner! I haven't been on the forum since Nov and just realized I had a notification. Oops! The RR materials we use are DVD lectures with study guides. They do have online classes as well. I believe it is a top notch curriculum! The teacher, Wes Calihan, is phenomenal and pulls you right into the material.
  10. My daughter also took GC 1 at Wilson Hill. It was a great class and she did well...and she remembered very, very little of most of the reading. I decided to switch things up, and we did something different in 8th and then switched to Roman Roads Media for 9th. She did end up rereading some of the same books in 9th that she read in 7th and it was a completely different experience. I believe that had to do with maturity and also the slower pace of RR compared to TGC which allowed for a closer read. She didn't complain about any of the rereading except for Virgil. I'm personally a fan of rereading books, especially the classics, so I see only benefits in doing so. 🙂
  11. His live class is full, but I'll check out the self-paced. Thanks!
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