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  2. Mergath

    Duolingo app

    We're doing Norwegian on Duolingo and Mango, and it's a lot of fun. I think we learn more doing a combo of both than we would with just one or the other, because both programs have different strengths.
  3. Mergath

    Bipolar 2 experiences?

    My dh has bipolar II. I won't lie, it was rough until he found the right med combo. My older dd and I had to spend some time in a shelter for abused women when she was a toddler because dh was becoming violent at times. BUT, once he found the right med combo, it was like a switch was flipped and he became, for the most part, a normal person. His hypomanic episodes now are few and far between, and extremely mild compared to what he had before. He has a good job, he's now a great father, and our marriage is getting along as well as it can when you have one child going through puberty and the other one is a toddler. Lol. He's on lexapro, lithium, and trileptal. While he has to be on all three to not gradually descend back into near-constant hypomania, the trileptal was like a miracle drug. Within days of starting it he was a totally different person. Things to watch out for, based on my experience, are first and foremost, substance abuse. Dh has never used drugs while we've been together, but he's an alcoholic. Whether that's from the bipolar or would have happened either way I don't know, but when he was drinking, it was bad. So, so bad. He'd use alcohol to cope with the full-blown manic episodes, and because his mania manifested as intense rage, you can imagine how well that worked. At this point in his life, he won't even set foot in a restaurant that serves alcohol. He does say that once he started the trileptal, the urge to drink vanished. Also, bipolar people tend to want to go off their meds a lot. I don't know why, but it's a thing. It doesn't help that many of the most effective meds aside from lithium cost a bajillion dollars a month. Looking at the price we'd have to pay for dh's monthly meds without insurance gives me a panic attack. I find it helpful to put dh's pills in one of those boxes with the days labeled because it makes it harder for him skip his meds and "forget" to mention it. 🙄 See a psychiatrist, not a family doctor. Been there, done that, and a psychiatrist is well worth any extra hassle. So yeah, as you already know, things can get really bad with bipolar disorder, but it is totally possible for someone with it to live a normal, boring life with the right meds. I have a friend whose dh is also bipolar and on a good med combo, and they travel and do all kinds of fun things and generally have a great life. I know bipolar sounds really scary with some of the stories of celebrities who have it that have been in the news, but it's certainly manageable just like any other mental illness.
  4. Mergath

    When it's not really a mental illness.....

    And I completely understand the other side, too. My dd has a rare genetic disorder that causes autism in one out of three kids. I know there are a lot of underlying conditions in the world that go undiagnosed in a lot of people. That is absolutely something that needs to change. I suppose I think we need to tread carefully when we talk about people with mental illness not REALLY being mentally ill, and needing a dietary change or a round of antibiotics to be all better. The world barely takes mental illness seriously as it is, and there's already such a push to make us think that we aren't crazy, we just need a walk in the woods! You don't need a pill, you need whole foods! No, I really, really do need my meds, lol.
  5. Mergath

    When it's not really a mental illness.....

    I don't know if it's as many people as it seems like, tbh. I know people who have mental illnesses, tried a fad diet, swore up and down they were cured!!! and six months later were back on meds. I have no doubt that there are quite a few diseases that give the appearance of mental illness, but I think there are also a lot of people out there who are mentally ill and are so desperate to be healed they're able to convince themselves that something (gluten-free diet, new fitness regimen, supplements, essential oils, whatever) is working. I've done it myself with my OCD. Spoiler: It didn't work for very long, lol. If you're reading medical journals to get info on this, that's one thing. But I'd be hesitant to start thinking that all these people with bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders or schizophrenia actually have celiac or allergies to food dyes just because there are a lot of bloggers out there claiming they gave up dairy and it cured their depression. I wish it was that simple, but I really don't think it is. Eta: And yes, I am possibly oversensitive about this because of all the damn MLMs telling me I could be healed if I just bought their diet shakes or EOs. Lol
  6. Mergath

    Favorite presents (yours or someone else's)

    I'm so glad you guys found a computer he likes! Epic games has Subnautica for free right now, btw: I've been playing it and it's AMAZING if you like open world sandbox-style games. The graphics are nuts. SO good. I think today might be the last day it's free.
  7. You can actually get special wristbands for smart watches that have therapeutic magnets built in (not just a magnetic clasp) and can (from what people say) improve arthritis. And there are so many different kinds of wristbands out there that I'd bet you can find at least one that will be comfortable for you.
  8. Who would have thought that it might be a bad idea to put a necklace made of choking hazards on an infant. 🙄 Fyi, the temperature at which baltic amber turns into succinic acid is 187 degrees Celsius. So unless your baby is LITERALLY ON FIRE, it's a combination of woo and the placebo effect.
  9. Mergath

    Tesla - what a find looking car!

    I love them. Being in a rural Minnesota area there's only one that I've seen around here. It's a Model X and we have fun trying to spot it when we're out driving. Those doors are sweet.
  10. Mergath

    Dry Shampoo?

    Yep. I've had great results with Suave, and my friend swears by Batiste. The only con for me is that if I use it too many days in a row, it dries out my scalp and makes it itch, but that's if I try to go, like, four days. 😂 Stay far, far away from the Dove dry shampoo. It's horrible. It makes me look like a British solicitor yet somehow my hair is still oily and gross.
  11. Mergath

    Help me with television control

    With everything you have going on, is there a reason you can't just let him have more screen time? It isn't ideal, but I grew up having basically unlimited tv and computer time and I turned out okay. I read about a hundred books a year on average, so it didn't turn me into an anti-intellectual screen junkie. 😉 If it is causing this much grief and stress, it's okay to choose not to fight this particular battle.
  12. Mergath

    Package thief vs glitter bomb

    That was amazing. 🤣
  13. Mergath

    Help me with television control

    You said twice it's a character issue, but it's not. He has special needs. From what you said, he can't self-regulate screen time. Expecting him to, and then punishing him when he doesn't, is cruel and you're just setting him up to fail. It can be hard to see that when you're within the situation, I know. Like someone else mentioned, you can't take someone with an addiction, put the thing in front of them, and then get mad when they give in. My dh is forty-eight years old and he's a recovering alcoholic. If I put a bottle of booze on the counter and he drinks some, it's just as much my fault as it is his because I'm demanding something of him he isn't capable of giving. Don't give away the tacklebox. Giving away your son's things isn't going to magically give him the power to self-regulate his addiction. Either keep him with you at all times so he doesn't have the opportunity to access screens when he shouldn't, get rid of the screens, or try to let it go and pick different battles. It sucks, but those are basically your options. You can mess around with passwords and such, but it's going to end up being a battle of attrition.
  14. Mergath

    Genealogy and very old secrets

    My older half-sister was given up for adoption when she was born. It was a secret for many years. I probably would never have found out except that I stumbled upon a picture of her as a newborn tucked away. I was fourteen, I think? If I hadn't found the picture I likely never would have known. If someone called me and started nosing around asking questions, thinking they have some kind of right to poke around in our business because TRUTH I would be incandescent with rage. If they called an elderly woman in my family and started questioning her, I'd probably call the police because it's freaking weird and you just don't do that. And then there would be more rage.
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