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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I got a lot of good ideas and I'm going to ask about an evaluation tomorrow when we're at the Early Childhood place tomorrow for dd's playgroup. I got a pic of the girls watching Spirit right now while I cook dinner. 😂 This is the only time the little one has sat still today. And older dd looks like that because she was up until one last night watching The Hobbit movie and she's about to keel over from exhaustion. Oh, and to give you an idea how big younger dd is, older dd wears an adult small as her shirt size and is almost five feet tall. Just to give some perspective. My toddler is a beast. 😂
  2. We have a zero-depth entry pool with a kid area and waterslides at the Y, a waterpark, and a free splash outdoor pad (obviously not something I can use now, but it'll be nice later). We're kind of spoiled here when it comes to water-related activities. I really should get a Y membership and start taking her in the pool. I know they have a lot of open gym times for little kids there, too. I've been so exhausted and stressed out and kind of depressed, it seems like such a monumental effort to get out of the house and do stuff like that, but it would probably be good for both of us.
  3. Yep. But I can't half-ass it or she knows and gets mad. Like, I can't just read her a book not paying attention while I plan out my grocery list in my head. I have to be reading her the book with voices and discussion questions. If I do that, she'll sit in my lap and read books forever. And she has a long attention span for things that are dangerous that she's not allowed to do. 🙄 She's super focused when she's trying to climb up a bookcase or something like that.
  4. I actually do keep your post in that thread in mind and try to explain things to her more in depth and talk to her more like an older child, and it has helped quite a bit, so thank you! She's still crazy-busy, but it helped a lot with some of the rage she seemed to have before. She doesn't get mad quite as quickly now, if that makes sense. And I did break down around fifteen months and let her start having a cartoon each day. It was literally the only thing left to help me maintain my sanity. And of course I feel guilty about it even though I know it's pretty much necessary at this point.
  5. We have one of those nature preschool things here, but I think the kids have to be three before they can go. I'd send her to that in a heartbeat if she was old enough.
  6. The more I read, the more I'm inclined to think she probably does have ADHD. DD is deliberately naughty too, lmao. And she thinks it's hilarious. She'll find something she's not supposed to have, wait for me to catch her with it, and then she gives me this sly smile and laughs hysterically. 🙄 Yeah, it's not easy living here in MN sometimes. We have an indoor playground complex, but it's mostly geared for older kids, and the toddler area is really dull. I'm anxiously awaiting being able to take her to the playground and the state park. We have a YMCA with a child watch area, but there's no way the teens they have running it could handle dd.
  7. Thanks for the ideas! If I can find someone I'd love to get a break, but she's so strong and quick it makes me nervous even leaving her with dh. And poor older dd is highly sensitive, so this has been a struggle for her, too. She gets really upset about the noise and not having enough time with me. 😞
  8. She understands that Spirit is a horse and Lucky is his friend and they ride around and have adventures, lol. I'm sure the more intricate plot points go way over her head, but she loves that horse and now every time she sees a horse anywhere she starts yelling "Spi-it!" and freaking out. Pretty much anything with animals in it will keep her glued to her seat. She loves animals.
  9. I really just need some time to myself, to relax and get things done. If I try to clean while she's awake, she starts shrieking and she'll get between me and whatever I'm cleaning and push me away. So I end up either trying to clean while I carry her around and talk to her, or cleaning after she goes to bed around nine, and I don't have a dishwasher, which is craptastic. So I'm up every night until like midnight cleaning, and the whole time I'm running back and forth to her during that time when she wakes up almost every hour. Oh yeah, she loves reading. She'll sit forever if I read to her, but I have to be reading constantly, and she wants the same book read over and over again, sometimes ten times or more. Drawing is a good one too. No long hallways, our home is only like a thousand square feet. And it's a duplex, so I have to try to keep her somewhat quiet, god help me. Our duplex neighbors have probably taken a hit out on us by now. 😂 Right now she's climbing up the back of the couch, flinging herself backwards onto the cushions, and yelling, "Happy!" as she falls backwards, lol. But she has to have someone right there with her, watching her and talking to her, or she gets mad and starts screaming until she gags.
  10. We just started ECFE (like a playgroup thing for toddlers through the local school) so I'll probably mention to the educator that I'd like to talk to someone about that. I've known them for ten years now so it shouldn't be too hard to get someone to set it up for us.
  11. I let her play with water in her high chair tray, and that will occupy her for a few minutes sometimes, but I don't have an actual sensory bin thing with water. With all the snow we have though, soon the yard is going to be underwater so I'll just bring her outside in some galoshes and let her have at it. 😁
  12. It's possible. She certainly seems more sensory-seeking than the other way around. She has a variety of toys and general stuff to play with, but I don't know much about how to provide more sensory input for her without doing some research. Which I'll probably have time to do in about five years, lol. I've got dh wrangling the baby right now, but he can't handle much of her without getting really frazzled.
  13. Watching Spirit on Netflix, lol. That's the only thing that she'll sit quietly for. I've broken down and let her have one or two cartoons a day for the sake of my sanity. Otherwise, it's a complete crapshoot as to what might occupy her for more than a few seconds.
  14. Once the snow melts, yes. But right now everything is buried under like three feet of snow. And I'm not even exaggerating. The snow at the end of the driveway on either side is over my head. I mentioned this stuff to her ped at her eighteen-month checkup, but he just nodded and said something about toddlers being a handful. I think he assumes I've forgotten what they're like because it's been so long since the last one. I think if I want a referral I'm going to have to get a second opinion.
  15. I don't know if you guys remember my last post about my younger dd, but I could really use some tips/advice/commiseration from those of you who have survived having a high-needs toddler. She's eighteen months old, and I think I might actually lose my mind. I know this isn't all toddlers because I've got a ten-year-old, plus I've seen other people with toddlers actually, you know, not acting like crazed demons. 😂 I covered some of this when I posted before, but she's just so EXTRA. She's going from the minute she wakes up until the minute she crashes at night, with maybe a half hour nap if I'm lucky. She still wakes up at least six or seven times a night. She needs stimulation constantly. She never, ever, ever sits and plays by herself. Never. She wants me to read to her and then she wants me to play blocks with her and then she wants me to carry her around the house to look out all the different windows because just one window isn't good enough and that's just the first fifteen minutes of the day. The worst part is that she's huge and freakishly strong, the size of a normal three-year-old, so it's really hard to contain her. She can reach the front third of the kitchen counters and the table and will pull everything down. She's not allowed to use them but she knows how to turn on every electronic device in the house. We have to keep the computer chair in the hallway behind a tall childgate because otherwise she turns on the computer and messes it up. (It's a touch screen all-in-one so we can't just put the keyboard away.) When she can't reach it because the chair is put away, she grabs the edge of the computer desk and shakes the entire thing until the computer wobbles within reach. If I hold down the desk so she can't shake it, she crawls underneath and yanks on the cords. I had to move all the furniture away from the computer desk because she was climbing it and then jumping to the desk. And no matter how many times I remove her from it, she keeps going. It's not just computers, she's like this with anything she wants. If I give her a bath, she's trying to walk on the edge of the tub like a balance beam and then she's climbing the built-in shelves to get the adult shampoo and then she's turning on the water and the showerhead and opening the drain and so on. I almost have to pin her to the side of the tub to wash her hair and by the time she's clean I'm soaked from head to toe and exhausted. Homeschooling my ten-year-old is ridiculous. Younger dd thinks it's funny to stand there and scream like a siren whenever I try to do a lesson with older dd. I have to hold her the entire time I'm teaching. I can't wear her in the Ergobaby because she thrashes around so hard she almost knocks me over and I'm worried she'll rip the seams or break the buckle. If I try to put her in the high chair she slams herself against the back of it so hard it almost breaks the adjustable seat. There is zero way to contain her beyond the gate in the hallway, and even that's becoming iffy because she's almost strong enough to pull it out of where it's wedged. She doesn't seem to have any kind of developmental disabilities that I can see. She says over seventy words, occasionally puts words together, is able to follow instructions easily (if she's in the mood) and understands every word I say to her, so it's not that she's angry because of an expressive or receptive delay. And really, she's rarely ever mad. She's pretty happy while all this stuff is going on. It's the rest of us who are stressed and upset. She thinks it's all tons of fun. Oh, and if you remember my last post, it no longer takes two people to change her diaper because she now keeps herself busy by kicking the wall hard enough to knock the pictures down. 🙄 She's awake now so I'm typing with one hand... tips? Advice? Normal toddler techniques are NOT working. At all.
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