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  1. Nevergiveup, because--well, what's the alternative?
  2. No live dogs allowed in the bedroom but the two of them have a nice area just outside the bedroom. My sisters sleep with their dogs and I never understood how they get any sleep at all. My husky and German Shepherd dogs take up way too much room. The print was my mother's and it reminds me of her. I am not surprised so many have it--my neighbor had one, too! I have several small dog statues on a bedside table, but the dog theme does not extend to the rest of the house. I mean, I'm not the crazy dog lady or anything......
  3. Framed Andrew Wyeth print of a dog sleeping on a bed called, I believe, Master Bedroom. I have cross-stitched pictures of dogs my mother made on other walls. Pretty much a dog themed bedroom.
  4. We are not gluten free here but I like to cook gluten free on occasion, mainly because I don't think it's a good idea to eat the same things all the time and also because there is a huge world of food out there that most Americans don't even know about (visit an International grocery store--it's also a terrific place for gluten free flours and noodles). Made a fabulous gluten free coffee cake yesterday (Americas Test Kitchen:How Can It Be Gluten Free cookbook)--it was better than any with gluten I have made in the past. The whole family likes cauliflower pizza crust, too, and there was a pizza crust that used {I think} garbanzo bean flour that my gluten addicted son said he liked better than traditional crust.
  5. I am neutral on this subject but the author of the second article seems to have celiac disease himself and is {I believe} an orthopedic surgeon. To address the pizza question, he stated in the article that one has to give the benefit of the doubt to assuming they are not cross contaminating with the toppings. No telling how your pizza place handled things, Cintinative--obviously they did not handle things well, but does this mean that all pizza places offering gluten free are suspect? He did not state it was not possible to be exposed at pizza places. I also believe he likened e coli with gluten simply to show that we are not afraid to use utensils that have been exposed to e coli as long as we clean them and as long as we clean something exposed to gluten we should be fine--boiling water was just an added measure of cleaning.
  6. You might find these interesting:
  7. At the other end of the spectrum, what if the woman was very attractive and the man texted something to his friend of her being a hottie and referred to some of her physical features-- Would there be a sexual harassment accusation because of the Me Too movement? She had no business reading his text.
  8. I would love to see that demo! And one that shows how durable a flooring material is--I don't want to have to choose again anytime soon!
  9. I'm not the cleaning queen and I like to see a difference if I have actually put the effort in. This is quite the conundrum. If I get one too camouflaged, I would never clean it. And, I definitely do not want one that looks dirty after I actually went to all that effort! Thanks for all the replies! I will keep mulling.
  10. Very nice, Mercy! It just seems so awkward to be thanked for a thank you--I don't like the focus to be on me. It's a great help to know what to say beforehand.
  11. I am a secretary of a club and routinely write thank yous to members who donate time or money or do something thoughtful for the club. These are genuine and individualized. In response I often have them saying Thank You to me for receiving my thank you. How do I respond to this? Saying "You're Welcome" seems wrong since they are the ones doing the thankable thing in the first place!
  12. I am picking out new flooring for a few rooms in my house. My husband said that the color and pattern I have picked will show dirt. So, I question whether it is better see the dirt and know it is there and clean it up or live blissfully in filth because one cannot see it. What do you do?
  13. Advantage Multi for dogs does not indicate that it kills ticks. And, just an FYI, my friend here in central Indiana just saw a deer tick yesterday. 😞
  14. Well, we are do-it-yourselfers to the nth degree so we have to have tools and supplies to do it all ourselves. I mean seriously--mechanics, carpentry, gardening, excavation, electricity, cooking/canning, upholstery, caning, painting, plowing, plumbing, you name it. No such thing as minimalism here.
  15. Well I can't be the only one sitting here with tears rolling down my face....
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