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  1. There will be a taxi stand, usually just outside the luggage pickup area. She should NOT get into a taxi without going through the official taxi stand. However, I personally prefer to set up a SuperShuttle type service ahead of time. It is less expensive than a taxi and almost as convenient.
  2. He should also be bringing up the conflicting advice/information with each of his doctors and asking about it. "You advised that I cut way back on my salt consumption but my kidney specialist, Dr. So-and-So, advised that I continue to use a moderate amount of salt in addition to the potassium supplement he prescribed, to keep my electrolytes balanced and in the normal range." I do a lot of internet research focusing on medical journals and very well regarded health institutions. I either find data/info that supports what my doctors are telling me (and feel reassured that we are on the right track) or I then ask my own doctors questions what I have found and why we are doing something different. I'll ask if I should have a certain type of test to investigate X, or try a trial medication of Y to see if it helps, etc. I'm not a passive patient. Edited to add: In the end, I find myself listening to the doctor who listens to ME! That's who I trust.
  3. We are having new flooring installed so it is a good opportunity to sort through stuff as it all has to be moved and then put back anyway. I had decided that there was no reason to hold onto all the yarn and knitting/crocheting accessories since it had been about 15 years since anyone in the household had tried this hobby. I had not yet mentioned this to the family and I had not pulled it out to discard it. A few days ago, both DDs started knitting/crocheting projects out of the blue! Argh. I'm doomed to live with clutter.
  4. Spoke to my DDs. Other possibilities for graphic novels: Lumberjanes Mighty Jack Meanwhile (choose your own adventure) Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley (first book in series) Pashmina Amulet of Samarkand Repunzel's Revenge The Nameless City Other clarifications: they did not really like the Percy Jackson graphic novels and say that Girl Genius is probably PG-13. The pair of books, Boxers and Saints, is a couple others that he may like in a few years (a bit violent for his current age). Edited to add a novel: Artemis Fowl
  5. The FAFSA is only a federal application to determine eligibility for the Pell grant and/or direct student loans (subsidized vs unsubsidized). Period. States and schools often also use the information in FAFSA for other purposes, such as their own grant/scholarship programs. Eligibility would depend on that specific program/institution and could easily become confused in people's minds as "money from FAFSA." Dual enrolled students are definitely eligible for the Lifetime Learning federal tax credit so be sure to take advantage of that.
  6. Coraline by Neil Gaiman is a very creepy but age appropriate graphic novel that he may enjoy. There are also some graphic novels based on the Percy Jackson series that my DDs say are pretty good. They love the Girl Genius graphic novels as well, sort of a steampunk adventure fantasy. I haven't read these personally so I'm not sure of the suggested age range. I'll have to ask them for additional recommendations. They've read a LOT of graphic novels.
  7. Yes, sound yummy. I recommend adding pasta. 😉
  8. So the university that DD19 attends offers evaluations for ASD using doctoral students overseen by a psychologist to perform the eval. DD is seriously considering being evaluated but is unsure. I think the cost is the main thing holding her back; it is $950. I think it would be helpful to DD as a self-discovery exercise but am unsure about any other benefits to having the evaluation. They tailor the report for national exam testing accommodations as well as modifications in an educational setting. She doesn't need to the first as she is past those exams and is doing well academically in her courses so far. I'm unsure of what possible accommodations could potentially be available that may help her. Her main challenge seems to be feeling easily overwhelmed by the workload. She is in a demanding engineering field of study but we intentionally have her taking the lowest-credit-hours that is considered full-time each semester. Any experiences with adults undergoing evaluation for ASD? Worthwhile experience? Any noteworthy benefits? Many thanks.
  9. I'm just guessing but with 75 pounds to lose, the 10 pounds lost could easily be mostly water weight, which can happen very quickly. Any chance your eating better is lower in carbs? It is very common to drop a bunch of water upon eating fewer carbs.
  10. When faced with decisions like this, I put a lot of weight on what provides the most choices going forward. She won't find the calculus based course much harder than algebra based physics since she is already comfortable with calculus and it leaves more doors open in the future if she decides to pursue something that requires the higher level course. The better schedule is just icing on the cake! Both of my DD's took calculus based physics concurrently with calculus. I thought it odd but it was at two different schools so I guess it isn't uncommon. It did cause some angst because they ran into math in the physics course that they hadn't yet reached in the math course. Both managed it just fine with a little extra study and judicial use of office hours/tutoring center.
  11. Thank you everyone! I agree that a few days isn't really long enough to make any solid conclusions but the improvement was so sudden and significant that it got me to wondering. I hadn't considered the sleep factor and now that it has been brought up, I realize that I am waking much less frequently through the night. That has GOT to help. I'll update if I learn anything!
  12. I've been feeling pretty crummy the last several months with serious health issues as well as side effects to medications. The last 3 days, however, I've felt better than I have in months. I'm trying to pinpoint why and the only things that I can think of that have been different in these few days are: 1. Started taking a whey protein powder supplement. I eat plenty of protein but one of my conditions causes low protein in the body/blood. 2. Started taking a nightly walk. This is just around the block and with a 15-year old dog so hardly cardio. 3. Stopped drinking any soft drinks. I had backslid into an almost daily diet soft drink over the last year. Possibly none of these are the reason, of course, and the timing is just coincidence. I am toying with the idea of "testing" each one but feel so good, I don't want to risk feeling worse. What's your best guess?
  13. This is brilliant. DD would love having it as gummies. I didn't know this existed. Thank you!
  14. Thank you! I appreciate all the suggestions. I'm going to use the ones that may help us to use up the products we already bought and then look at either the transdermal products or the gummies.
  15. Gross. Toss it. If it is to be kept FROZEN and wasn't even cold to the touch, it was left out WAY too long.
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