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  1. If you feel Worldometers is more accurate than the CDC, that's what you should use. But Worldometers is showing daily deaths which draw your eye to the daily highs and CDC is showing how the average death count is dropping. If you calculate the average death count for the week ending July 18, the last week the CDC has reported, the numbers are pretty close to the chart you posted. It just more clearly shows the trend.
  2. And the other thing that keeps me from worrying is going to the CDC's website each week and watching the mortality rate fall off a cliff. Even as cases rise. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm
  3. I am not worried about COVID for my kids any more than I worry about anything else for them. Looking at the data, there is very little reason for me to worry about the virus for them. If I was going to worry about this virus, I should be just as worried about the flu for them. Also, unless I want to try and shut down their lives for years over whatever small risk there is, they are going to get the virus eventually. My ds is headed to the beach with friends today and I am more worried about their planned stop in Philadelphia and the rising crime rates in many cities. I'm more worried abo
  4. I do know a local homeschooling family who was able to put their daughter into a Virginia public school in 11th grade and receive credit for the work she did in 9th and 10th grade. The girl had taken a very challenging course load and likely had testing to back up some of the work she had done. This is not the norm, though. On the other hand, I had a friend years ago whose stepdaughter came from Germany to live with her the summer before 10th grade and they would not accept her 9th grade work for credit. She wound up returning to Germany because she did not want to repeat 9th grade. This
  5. We used the videos and packet from ACDC for both economics CLEP tests. Both of my kids passed both CLEP tests with just using the videos and the practice packets. I was very pleased with the resources put out by ACDC. We did not use a textbook, so I'm no help there.
  6. My ds, who did not take any AP classes, started college with a semester's worth of college credit because of CLEP testing. My dd has taken CLEP tests in macro and microeconomics this summer and received credit at the college she will be attending. I wasn't aware of the Modern States vouchers, but even without those, CLEP credit is far cheaper than even a class at the community college by us. $80 for a CLEP test vs $500+ for a cc class. You can also sometimes get permission from the college to take a CLEP test over the summer. My ds is entering his junior year and got permission to C
  7. I have the text for this class and would be happy to send it to someone who is signed up for this class this year. It’s The Language of Composition, 2nd ed Book. Please pm me if interested.
  8. So maybe it won’t have too much of an overall impact on most schools’ enrollment? I’m kind of surprised about that. My sister told me last night that VA Tech is short housing for 1,900 incoming freshman again this year, which also surprised me.
  9. My dd’s school announced yesterday that they will have all students back on campus by August 24th. They will have live classes, but practice social distancing, which should be interesting. They will also offer online options for students and faculty with health issues. They are eliminating fall break and moving to online instruction for the final week or two after Thanksgiving break.
  10. That’s not really a deferment then, though. Hopefully, they are upfront about that to those they are granting a deferment to.
  11. Smart idea to have your ds register for a few extra classes than he needs to give him wiggle room to drop the ones that aren't as good. My dd's school had mentioned potentially starting later in the fall at one point, but everything they have online at the moment indicates they are planning on a normal start date. Everything is subject to change at a moment's notice I imagine.
  12. Ah, well I really hope he gets in. I really was just trying to ease fears about the impact of students deferring. My ds has some lds and I was very worried about him getting into college a couple of years ago and he got in every place he applied, but none of them were highly competitive schools. (I think the lowest acceptance rate was about 60%.) My dd is a super high achiever and we skipped most of the super competitive schools because they didn't offer what she wanted. She found a lot of less competitive schools that seemed to be a better fit for what she was looking for. I overly stressed t
  13. Is your son thinking of applying to super selective colleges? If not, the whole process isn't really that competitive. If he is, it's hard to imagine selective college admissions getting much more competitive than they are now anyway.
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