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  1. How wonderful! It sounds like your son is a great kid.
  2. This is what my son did and it all went pretty smoothly. He was accepted to all 5 of the schools he applied to, and it was a huge ego boost for him. He even applied to one school that had rolling admissions and had his acceptance from them in September, I think. It was very nice to know he had that in hand so early on because that school was a good fit for him.
  3. This is what Mr. Moskaluk, who teaches AP Chem at PAHS, says about his class. “”Note: The first-year chemistry requirement can be waived for students who have exceptionally strong math skills and the ability to apply math to solve complex problems” Otherwise, he wants them to have had algebra II and a year of high school chemistry. I think you have to know your student. Some will do fine without a lower level, but many probably need it.
  4. Yes! I used to love going to homeschool curriculum fairs but a few years ago I went to a local one and it was so depressing to see all the fun things I had used with my kids over the years and to realize that time was over. There are still fun things to do in the high school years, but, for me anyway, not in the homeschooling realm. Homeschooling high school has been more about finding the right classes or materials for them to mostly engage in on their own. And, frankly, I’m happy that my kids have become more independent, but I really miss the enjoyment of cuddling up with our Sonlight books or the activities we did together in Galloping the Globe. I feel lucky to have been able to share that with my children.
  5. This may not be what you want, but I would take a look at Khan Academy. It has gone through some major improvements sometime in the last few years and is a great resource and it is free. My dd used DO for calculus, but was not completely solid with it and went through the Khan AB Calc materials and got everything nailed down that she had been having trouble with very quickly. She covered the BC materials with Khan in a very efficient way that has allowed her plenty of time to prep for the AP exam. I’ve also used Khan with my ds for areas he was struggling in. I think it’s pretty good for a complete program but also great if you just want to target areas of difficulty.
  6. My dd used DO for precalculus. We used the option with self-grading, which is half price. He provides the answer keys. I feel like the answer keys up through precalculus were fine for us for self-grading. I did wind up having Derek grade my dd’s Calculus for a good part of the year, but it takes awhile for the grading to happen and immediate feedback is so much better with math, IMO. As much as I like DO, I really wasn’t as thrilled with calculus when he was grading, just because it really took awhile and slowed us down.
  7. My dd is taking that class for one semester this year and I think I’m going to give her one credit for English Composition and then give her half of a Greek History credit. So, basically, 1.5 credits for one semester of work. I’m going to clear that with Sue Ellen to see if she thinks it’s valid to give a full English credit, but honestly, my dd is doing far more writing during this semester than she’s done in any other class other than AP Lang and she’s done 4 years of other (not CLRC) GB-type classes prior to this. I agree with you that you simply can’t base it on time spent. My dd has been in a number of classes that have been a normal load or light for her where I’ve heard people complain about the many, many hours it was taking their children. When my dd took AP Lang, she was on the young side and it took her forever to get the assignments done. In the end, everyone gets the same credit for the class, no matter how long it takes. The material in the CLRC GB class is at a level that I think the additional credit is fair. ETA: I think if I was going to give 3 credits, I would just call the third one “Rhetoric”.
  8. What on earth is causing this, I wonder? A huge increase in overseas applications? Thanks for sharing these drops in acceptance rates. This thread is really helping me get my head on straight about making sure we have a number of safeties and talking up some schools to my dd that we were only considering as back ups.
  9. I wound up outsourcing most of my ds’ work throughout high school because he was much more responsive to the deadlines given by *real* teachers once he hit a certain age. Honestly, he still took much longer to do things than I wanted him to, but I have had to let that go. He is at college now and doing well. I suspect he still takes longer to do things than I think they should take him, but such is life.🙂
  10. Is there a list of these somewhere? I’m thinking UAH would be on that list from what I have read here, but what other schools do people look at because of the opportunities within the honors program? Thanks!
  11. Maybe she could continue with ASL and then, once she’s in college, get permission to take ASL over the summer at the cc to meet her foreign language requirement? I have noticed more and more schools accepting ASL for the foreign language requirement. That way, if she doesn’t excel in the class, it won’t hurt her from an admissions standpoint. My son, who has language-based lds, took three years of Spanish in high school. I even did Spanish 1 with him at home before he did the 3 years of online classes. It was a ton of work for him and he really struggled with the third year. He is at college now taking a 200 level Spanish class to knock out his foreign language requirement. He’s hoping for a B, but even if he gets a C, he will have fulfilled the requirement. So, maybe it is better for your dd to keep focusing on getting asl down the best she can and then using that to meet her requirement? ETA: In my son’s case, he wanted to learn Spanish and then liked his teacher enough to continue. He decided, much to my surprise, to go on for the third year because he liked the teacher and the class. I think if your dd likes ASL, that is the way to go.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s helpful and I really appreciate it.
  13. This is what is making everything so difficult. My dd’s application is very strong and when I look at a lot of the schools she is interested in, it seems like she should get in. But then I look at the acceptance rates and nothing feels sure. I’m thinking she has a lot of matches, but not a lot of guarantees. Did your dd apply early action for most of her apps or regular decision?
  14. We’re trying to figure this out right now too. I would like to limit applications to ten or less. The thing I’m trying to figure out is what actually qualifies as a “safety”. I know one factor is being above the 75th percentile, but how do acceptance rates factor into that? If my dd is considerably above the 75th, but the acceptance rate is between 20 and 30%, is this still a safety? Or, can a safety only be a school with a higher acceptance rate? And how high?
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