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  1. I would do them. Sometimes it can be surprising which colleges want them. I’ve come across a couple of colleges that pretty much admit based on test scores but that also require course descriptions from homeschoolers.
  2. I wouldn’t send a modified transcript with a W. I would shift to doing AP Bio at home, using Khan Academy and setting my own pace, even if it meant finishing over the summer and skipping the exam. This wouldn’t require a change on your transcript. Or, I like your idea of taking bio at the cc. So, in that case, I would switch the label on my transcript and just explain on my mid-year report that we chose to complete the sequence at the cc rather than going the AP route after factoring in the pros and cons of each. Or because the bio teacher at the CC looks great? Or because your dd wants the opportunity to do the labs in an actual lab?
  3. Yvonne, what about dropping the English class? If she is taking GB, it is actually suggested to give one history credit, an English lit credit and a composition credit for that course. So, you could just shift the credit for the English class to the GB class, couldn’t you? If not, my second choice would be to switch the AP Bio to auditing AP Bio and assign your own grade, having her finish over the summer if necessary. If it is just a matter of making time for the application essays, I would sit down with her and have her write out a schedule of what she needs to get done each day (with time!) and carve out a spot for essays and then set a deadline. My dd got really bogged down with the essay process, both putting some off and then dragging others out by trying to make them perfect. I finally said “enough!”. This application is going in on this day no matter what. I cut her slack on whatever I could and offered support, but, in the end, she really just needed a solid deadline. Your dd writes beautifully and it really should not take her very long to knock out those essays.
  4. Some schools are very quick and efficient about getting things checked off and others take forever. My dd emailed a school that still showed many items missing a month and a half after the app had been submitted. They told her those things wouldn’t be checked off until the app was reviewed and that they hadn’t even started reading apps.
  5. Well, my guess is that the problem may stem from a very wide definition of discrimination and harassment. So, an example I can think of off the top of my head is that someone might say a trans woman should not be able to participate in women’s sports. Are they now guilty of discrimination? Or harassment because that hurts someone’s feelings? Free speech does not give you the right to harass someone, but people should not be afraid to say what they think. That is a basic constitutional protection. So, one group should not be able to come in and decide for us all because as soon as the other viewpoint is expressed, it is shut down as “harassment” or “discrimination”. Everyone should be given a chance to speak and no one should be afraid to discuss their viewpoint.
  6. My ds CLEPed out of a semester of college classes which really gave him a leg up by knocking out a bunch of his gen ed requirements. He took some of his CLEPs after taking a specific class — US History, US Govt, College Algebra and then he took the Macroeconomics and Microeconomics after watching the AC/DC videos and working through the worksheets for them. He used speedyprep flash cards to prep for US History and Govt. We also used the online REA practice tests and the Peterson practice tests to prep. My dd may do the Econ CLEPs if the college she attends accepts them.
  7. No. They are not pro-sending your kids off to become harassers. That is not the intent behind what they are doing at all.
  8. I agree. It’s a nice idea, but the way it’s been implemented makes a lot less helpful than it could be. They seem to be using the student handbook and the wording in it rather than what the actual climate is like on the campus. We visited a pretty liberal school today where there are lots of complaints online from students about conservative thought not being supported. It has a yellow rating. The school my ds is at also has a yellow rating but is very supportive of both conservative and liberal views, imo. There is no perfect resource, but the student newspapers speak volumes, IMO. Also, student perceptions on niche reviews, along as they are taken with a grain of salt, have been helpful.
  9. Oops! I never thought GB was light, but somehow I either missed that you were looking for a light course or forgot by the time I got to the end of the thread. 😮 I will check with my dd, but I do not see her spending tons of time on this class and she loves every minute of it. This is one of the few classes she will go “above and beyond” for because she finds it so interesting and loves Ms. Turscak. I do think they get quicker with this stuff over time. ETA: This may sound a bit weird, but I think part of the reason my dd can crank out the writing for this class is because Ms. Turscak makes her feel safe with her writing. She will correct her and make suggestions for improvement but she also gives her positive feedback. There are other classes where my dd has taken a lot longer to do a lot less writing because she feels anxious about it. Another plus for Sue Ellen.
  10. Thank you! UAH does offer an online RN to BSN program as well as their traditional program. I do wonder if the online program is pulling down their pass rate, but that is something we will definitely dig into further. My dd also has applied to a “top” nursing program. Unfortunately, the current admission rate is something like 12% for the nursing school, so the odds are against her, but we’ll see.
  11. I will ask my dd when she gets home, but I suspect it is about 5 hours a week. She has already done a ton of heavy reading starting in 6th grade, though. Some of the books she’s reading this year, she had already read in Latin a couple of years ago. She says Ms. Turscak encourages “righteous skimming” and she does do that with some of the history books.
  12. Huh. So I was thinking the NCLEX was “the” thing we should judge nursing programs by. That, and attrition rates. UAH’s program only has an 84% pass rate and it looked like a fairly high attrition rate. Does this mean it is a poor program? Or just that there are students that are not super strong in the program? Or are they just not controlling who takes the test when everyone else is? Geesh! What else should we be looking at? ETA: I don’t know what their attrition rate is after all. I looked at something too quickly and thought it was telling me how many students dropped the program.
  13. Yes, if she does decide to do nursing in college, it will be a direct admit program. UAH offers this option to their honors students at a great price. No way is she going to enter college hoping to be admitted to a nursing program. I’m still thinking the extra year might be the way to go for this dd, though. Thanks.
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