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  1. Oh, I grew up in Putnam County. I haven't been back since I was a kid, but it was such a great place to live.
  2. Ours is at least $85 a year PLUS we have to either sell $100 of Yankee Candles or "buy out" of the fundraising event by paying another $50. And I'd love to know where that money goes. They say they spend thousands on badges each year. If that's the case, I wish each girl would pay for her own badges, but I really have to wonder about this. The Boy Scouts doesn't charge nearly this much, does many more activities, and they earn a lot of badges too, if not more. None of the money paid to AHG goes to the unit, either. So, I've seen the leaders really get saddled with a lot of costs since they have nothing to work with, though sometimes they will ask the parents to chip in.
  3. Mom0012

    Sonlight Core G - Almost Complete


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    Many of the books for this set were purchased new and are still in new or almost new condition. If a book has an * next to it, it is either an ex-library book or a book that I bought used that is in good, but not new, condition. The set I have includes: 2010 IG - Notes in pencil on the 5 day schedule. No writing at all on the 4 day schedule. Pages bright and clean. Bible: International Children's Field Guide History: The Story of the World 1 - Ancient Times The Kingdom Strikes Back The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History The World of Columbus & Sons Augustus Caesar's World Readers: Mara, Daughter of the Nile Hittite Warrior Theras and His Town Archimedes and the Door of Science The Ides of April Black Horses for the King The Beduins' Gazelle* The Great and Terrible Quest Adam of the Road Shadow of a Bull Leonardo da Vinci Luther: Biography of a Reformer Mary, Bloody Mary The Phantom Tollbooth Read Alouds: The Golden Goblet God King The Trojan War The Eagle of the Ninth* Beyond the Desert Gate Flame Over Tara A Single Shard Otto of the Silver Hand* Master Cornhill I, Juan de Pareja The Westing Game The Shakespeare Stealer Catherine Called Birdy* The Second Mrs. Giaconda Two other books I have are The Bronze Bow and D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. Both have damaged spines, so I am throwing these in for free. The pages of the Greek myth book are still very nice and pleasant to look at. Both books are very useable, so you would not have to buy additional copies. There are 5 remaining books you would need in order to complete this core and they are: The SOTW Middle Ages, Mystery of the Roman Ransom, The Samurai's Tale, A Proud Taste of Scarlet and Miniver, Favorite Poems Old and New. I also own The SOTW 1 Activity Book in good condition and would throw that in for an additional $5 to cover shipping since they are so heavy. ASKING: $225 PPD Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me with any questions!


  4. From what you've described, I don't think it seems funny. It sounds like you are doing and have done the best you can for him. As long as there is some contact through relatives, and you feel he is safe, I think I would let things be until there is a clear message from him that he wants to be home with you. It doesn't sound like you really have much of a choice, anyway.
  5. Mom0012

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    My son just returned from Boy Scout camp and earned his camping, canoeing, geocaching and rifle merit badges. With the camping merit badge, he's ready for his scoutmaster conference to move on to Life Scout. He is so proud of the canoeing and rifle skills he learned at camp.
  6. Mom0012

    Megawords Teacher Guides *sold*


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    All three of these books are in great condition. All were purchased new last year, and are the most recent edition - 2010. ASKING $16 PPD Thanks for looking!


  7. Mom0012

    Sl Science F/5 - *sold*


    • For Sale
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    This set is in great condition. It is very recent -- 2010 -- and the books were all bought new and kept in very good condition. It includes everything except the body book for boys or girls. Price includes postage and insurance. Thanks for looking! Lisa


  8. Mom0012

    Singapore 4A Set -- *sold*


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    I bought this set a few months ago and decided not to use it. It is in brand new condition. Asking $45 PPD. Thanks for looking!


  9. Mom0012

    Rightstart Geometry - *sold*


    • For Sale
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    This set includes the lesson book, solutions book and student worksheets, as well as the geometry panels, drawing board, t-square, tangrams and 2 triangle rulers. Price includes postage. SOLD


  10. My sister is a public school teacher and she has had a lot of trouble with a little girl who was In a Montessori program last year. The girl is used to doing what she wants to when she wants to and now refuses to move with the class at public school. I would think this could be a temperament issue as well, though. As much as my dd might not like the structure of a classroom, I can't see her refusing to do as the teacher asked.
  11. Thanks for posting this. It's a great resource. I was starting to despair in reading this thread since we've used SL since pre-k, but when I read through the 4-6 grade lists, we've read more than half of those books, many directly from SL, and many others as audiobooks or summer reading in our free time. So, I guess all is not lost. I would like to increase the level of discussion we have about what we are reading and I plan to listen to all the great links in this thread. ETA: I didn't realize how old this thread was. It was linked to a more recent one and I didn't catch that this conversation was over.
  12. Lisa,


    Have you looked at the CLE reading scope & sequence? If you look at it you'll see a vastly different approach to literature and learning than SL. We've used parts SL 3/4, 6 and 100 and read almost all the books myself. I love many of the books SL uses but it simply is not enough to just read and answer comprehension questions to prepare for high school level thinking in jr high. My older ds was well prepared for high school by using CLE reading and other longer works of literature. But as always it depends on your educational goals!



    Michelle :D

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