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  1. That stinks! The air conditioning issue alone would make me miserable.
  2. My dd will be applying to colleges this fall, so it’s not too late, but it feels kind of jarring to suddenly shift gears. There is one college in particular that she’s had her heart set on since last fall and they do not offer the csd undergrad degree. Only one of the colleges she had planned to apply to offers it and she was only applying to that one as a financial safety. It makes more sense to get the csd degree to me too if that is the direction she definitely decides to head in. She’ll be talking with a NP tomorrow, so we’ll see how she feels when she gets home, lol.
  3. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. These are good things to be thinking about. My dd was very excited after talking with the SLP, but she really needs to consider how many years she is willing to invest in her education. If it were up to me, I think I’d encourage her along the nursing path for exactly the reasons you stated. It seems more guaranteed, especially if she went with a direct admit program. Plus, you can stop after the bachelor’s degree if you want. I can see what interests her about being an SLP though, and how good of a fit it might be for her. Thanks again. I am going to share your post with her.
  4. It seems like the GRE score is important and I’m sure this would be a strength for my dd. I’m almost wondering if she should take the GRE soon while her math skills are so strong? I’m not sure she will be taking much math in college. She has been doing college level reading for many years. For example, she and I have looked at University of Notre Dame’s Great Books program and she has already read every book that they cover. Or is this something she is more likely to do better on with maturity?
  5. Yes, I did see this. The stats seem to be about the same as for applying to selective colleges. What I did notice is that most of the csd undergrad programs are NOT at selective colleges. I have also noticed that many SLPs do their undergrad and graduate work at the same college/university. Where are you getting the info about doing the undergrad in another state? I am wondering if my dd has a better chance at getting into a program if she is already at a school that offers a master’s or if she would have an advantage if she graduates from a top college/university.
  6. Also, my dd said that most colleges offer the communication disorders degree, but may call it something else, but I am not finding this to be the case. Here is the most comprehensive list of colleges that I could find that offer these types of degrees.
  7. It is common enough for the undergrad to be other than communications disorders that many master’s programs offer a tier I and tier II program for students with a cd degree and those without. It is also seems possible to meet some of the prerequisites or take some of the key courses so that you could participate in the cd tier even without the degree in cd. But is there a disadvantage in doing this?
  8. Does anyone here have a background in this or have a child who is on this path? My dd is exploring career options and met with an SLP yesterday who runs her own business to discuss the field. She came away really excited and I think this could be a great fit for her. However, it seems that the ideal undergrad degree is speech and communication disorders. There are very few colleges that offer this degree and only one of the colleges on her list offers it, which is a bigger university. My dd really wants to attend a smaller LAC. Another possible alternative is a linguistics degree and a few of the schools we have been looking at offer strong programs in that since that was something she’s always considered. In looking at SLP master’s programs, it seems that 25-50% of applicants do not have an undergrad degree in communications disorders. I am starting to get the impression that the GRE score and GPA may factor in more than what the undergrad degree is in. The woman my dd met with yesterday gave my dd a ton of helpful info, but this is one area she may not be as knowledgeable about (she’s been out of school and practicing for many years). Does anyone know how important the undergrad degree is for this field? So, If she goes this route, I’m starting to think she could still go to a smaller LAC and be competitive for a master’s program (because, of course, it is competitive. Isn’t every darn thing these days?). Of course, we originally picked colleges based on their business and classics/Latin programs and then once she got involved in EMT work, she started thinking nurse practitioner (she is meeting with a NP on Tuesday to ask more questions about this field) and will shadow a PA or NP this summer, so things could change. I will be so glad when she makes a decision and knows what college she is attending but if anyone has any info they can share about the path to becoming an SLP, please do!
  9. Maybe I’m misreading, but I was thinking Gardenmom was saying she noticed the car for herself when she was looking at cars with her son.
  10. We bought a used one a number of years ago and it has been my favorite car ever. I had driven a minivan for many years, which finally died, and I wanted to move away from something that big and yet still have room to cart my teens’ friends around for another year or two. It is a very comfortable car and I felt it rode well and we haven’t had any major mechanical issues with it. The gas mileage was not as good as what we got with our van, though. The only issue for me is that I always really wanted a smaller car that would be easier to maneuver and park. When my dh’s truck died, he took over the that car and he enjoys driving it to work. I bought a smaller version, a Buick Encore. It’s not as comfortable or roomy, by far, but it is so easy to handle, and better on gas mileage.
  11. Oh, I’m so sorry, Gaillardia. That sounds really terrible. So, on top of losing your husband, you had a lot of huge life changes including having to return to work so you can’t even rest and recover? My sister is a single mom and had to go right back to work after our mom died and I know that has been really hard for her. I am so sorry for your loss and everything you are going through right now. It sounds really hard. Peace to you, too.
  12. I’ll have to try the tea. Where do you get it?
  13. Well, my dd is doing that for a class or two, mostly because we don’t know where she will be going to college and we’re thinking it’s more likely she’d get credit for the course in an out-of-state school for an AP course vs a course at the cc. But is your dd taking classes at a university or a cc? That does make me wonder how often colleges in another state will give credit for a cc class? Many of the in-state schools will.
  14. It’s worth a try! Thanks for the suggestions.
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