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  1. I love DO, but I only like to use his courses with the self-grading option. That’s how we did alg 2 and precalc. I didn’t feel confident about grading calc and had him do it, and he did take too long, IMO, to grade the work. I can’t remember exactly how long it was, but it wasn’t quick enough to keep from holding my dd up. Partway through, I switched to the self-grading and had my dd check her own work. Not perfect, but I thought the immediate feedback was important for math.
  2. There is no cure for metastasized breast cancer, only treatment that may delay the inevitable, My mom passed away last fall, almost 2 years after her diagnosis. The average time period I’ve seen online from her type of diagnosis until the end is about a year. My mom’s first year of treatment was well worth it. Her quality of life was very high. The second year was filled with suffering and hope that things would improve, but they never did. I would have wished for her to stop treatment and move to comfort care many months before she did. I think she could have wound up with a little shorter amount of time, but it would have been better time. She fought like hell to the very end, as was her right. But no one ever explained the pros and cons of continuing care to her and I think they should have.
  3. Thanks to all! She made it safely to the campus.🙂
  4. In my 30s, I started to realize I needed protein at each meal and that I had to be very careful about having anything sugary before lunch or I might find myself too emotional, edgy and reactive. That was a wonderful discovery. Now, I eat low carb and my moods have never been more even. Everyone is different and many people don’t react to sugar and carbs the way I do, but I thought I’d throw that out there.
  5. And you will get one with that attitude!🙂 I really hope it’s the one you just interviewed for.
  6. My main thought is, “Good for her!” That’s great that she has the courage to share her opinion, especially in a space where she knows it will not be popular.
  7. I do really hope it is easier for our kids! I think it will be too. With my dh, I kept wondering how much was due to increased health insurance costs the employer must pay for older people — my dh is 55. My father took early retirement many years ago at age 55 because he was in danger of being laid off and losing his pension after his company was bought up by another. It had happened to a number of his coworkers.
  8. And, OP, if you can remove the phone or turn off the data, I would absolutely do it. What I have found, though, in my own family, is that by 17, it is very difficult to limit internet access without cutting off the ability to do many things that I either want them to do or don’t mind them doing — such as having access to communication from their friends, seeing that additional hours have opened up at work that they could pick up, getting notifications from work about changes in protocols, listening to music and audiobooks, doing schoolwork, etc.
  9. Honestly, while I understand what you are saying here, it is freeing, when you have been trying to fix and control something, to finally realize it is out of your control and to let it go. In order for it to be freeing, it is something that had to have been weighing heavily on you in the first place. It does not mean that you no longer care. It means that you finally recognize that it is out of your control and you are able to let it go.
  10. OP, I haven’t had the issues you are talking about, but I’m really not sure it is feasible to limit screen time these days. My kids both had very limited screen time up until late middle school and yet, once high school began and they started online classes, it became impossible to limit. That was also about the time that every single thing went to streaming. I would try to say they could have x amount of time for online schoolwork and limiting it with parental controls. That didn’t work once all their music, audiobooks, friend contacts, etc were all online. I encouraged my ds to sign up for two classes at the cc this summer because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand watching him sit on the computer all summer and I wasn’t sure he’d be able to get a job. Well, he did get a job for about 16 hours a week as well as taking the classes and it still feels like he sits in front of that computer all day. He does go out with friends a couple of times a week and he is surely doing some work for his classes, It is just that so much of his free time is spent on the dang computer. I do think it is an addiction, and it is a motivation killer, but there is very little recognition of it as a problem and it seems there is very little one can do about it. I could turn off our WiFi and have been considering doing that for the month of July, but my ds will just switch to using his phone, which he pays for. So all I can suggest is finding other activities to have your dd involved in. I think that helps. It helps me to think my ds is doing well in his classes and earning an income even though it still bothers me that he is online so much. And, like Techwife, I have had to realize that this is simply out of my control at this point, I worry about how much he may be online when he is away at college, but I try to push the thought away and think it is his life and his decision at this point, It truly is out of my hands. He will have to be the one to make a change if and when he wants to.
  11. Geez, I would think by the third interview, they would know whether they want you. I hope you get it, My dh just went through this process after being employed by the same company for 25 years. We were willing and able for him to take a significantly lower salary, but even when he was applying for jobs that were half his previous salary, there were many times he did not get them. He had never experienced that before either. It took him a year to find a new job that paid a little more than half of his old one and he was happy to get it. On a positive note, he loves his new job and the people he works with. It is so much less stressful than his old job and he feels truly appreciated for all the hard work he invests in it. That was not the case with his prior job. They just wanted more and more from him. They kept laying off employees and expecting the remaining ones to pick up all of the additional responsibilities.
  12. I called the school to see if I could get any more info and they are saying Uber or Lyft is what they recommend and that they’ve never had any trouble with it. I just need to have my dd check the license plate and make sure she is getting into the right car.
  13. Okay, it looks like SuperShuttle won’t go to the university. It says the address is outside of its service area. I didn’t know about taxi stands though, so that is very helpful. I just want to make sure she gets there safely.
  14. Thanks! I’m going to google SuperShuttle. I’d far rather have something arranged in advance.
  15. I have and they just suggest a taxi if you are coming in by plane. They will have a shuttle to take her back to the airport, but they have kids arriving at so many different times over a couple of days that there is no pickup shuttle.
  16. My dd will be flying by herself to attend Notre Dame’s Summer Scholars program. She will be arriving at South Bend Airport and will need transportation to the university. I am thinking once she has her bags, there should be taxis waiting outside the airport for her to arrange a ride with, but I have never done this and neither has she. Am I right that she should easily be able to find a taxi or is this something I need to arrange ahead of time? I had a pretty bad experience trying to arrange for a taxi to get my ds to the train station from his school last semester in that they kept saying they would be there in five minutes for about 45 minutes and he almost missed his train. This is the part of her trip I am most anxious about. She’s flown on her own many times before, but there has always been a ride waiting for her. Any advice would be appreciated. I know she could get an Uber or Lyft, but I am worried about the safety of that. It feels like a taxi would be safer.
  17. Thank you. That’s a good point. I’ve read elsewhere that ED is not a good choice if you are hoping for scholarship money, but this school explicitly states that ED applicants are given full consideration for merit scholarships. I am having a hard time trusting that, though. It would make more sense to me to give that money to the remaining top applicants who have not already committed.
  18. Does applying ED make scholarship offers less likely? The school that my dd wants to apply ED says it does not on their website, but I am wondering why they would offer merit if they know a student has already committed to attending?
  19. I love CLE math and used it for many years with my kids. I don’t remember exactly what I did with my dd, but with my ds, we did not do CLE 8. We went directly from CLE 7 to CLE algebra with no issues. I had him do this because I wanted him to have more time and practice in order to master algebra. He successfully used CLE algebra and then we did a very light geometry (MUS) so that he could continue to really solidify his algebra skills with Lial’s algebra. This worked well for him — he got an A in calculus during his freshman year of college. Now that I think about it, my dd went from CLE 6 to Saxon 8/7 and then Saxon algebra I. I’m pretty sure it used to be said fairly often on these boards that CLE 8 was not necessary. ETA: I went and found my older posts and my ds did a couple of the CLE 800 LUs before I decided our time would be better spent on algebra and my dd switched to Saxon 8/7 after finishing the first half of CLE 6. And she has taken Calculus BC, Statistics at the CC and will take discrete math and maybe calculus III her senior year at the cc. I feel like so many years are spent on basic arithmetic and building a solid foundation but then so many new concepts are covered too quickly in algebra I. For both of mine, it was beneficial to spend more time building the foundation in algebra. They have each used more than one program for different levels of upper level math. I have them continue working on it until they have truly mastered it.
  20. We went and it was very slow! They had a full restaurant and very few people waiting tables and the people they did have weren’t real with it. But, we still enjoyed the ice cream!
  21. Our troop was charging about $1500 about 7 or 8 years ago if I remember correctly plus airfare. We didn’t even consider sending my ds at that time mainly because of the price.
  22. Make sure to use a dummy email address on this site. I am getting bombarded with spam since using it.
  23. That stinks! The air conditioning issue alone would make me miserable.
  24. My dd will be applying to colleges this fall, so it’s not too late, but it feels kind of jarring to suddenly shift gears. There is one college in particular that she’s had her heart set on since last fall and they do not offer the csd undergrad degree. Only one of the colleges she had planned to apply to offers it and she was only applying to that one as a financial safety. It makes more sense to get the csd degree to me too if that is the direction she definitely decides to head in. She’ll be talking with a NP tomorrow, so we’ll see how she feels when she gets home, lol.
  25. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. These are good things to be thinking about. My dd was very excited after talking with the SLP, but she really needs to consider how many years she is willing to invest in her education. If it were up to me, I think I’d encourage her along the nursing path for exactly the reasons you stated. It seems more guaranteed, especially if she went with a direct admit program. Plus, you can stop after the bachelor’s degree if you want. I can see what interests her about being an SLP though, and how good of a fit it might be for her. Thanks again. I am going to share your post with her.
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