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  1. Is your son thinking of applying to super selective colleges? If not, the whole process isn't really that competitive. If he is, it's hard to imagine selective college admissions getting much more competitive than they are now anyway.
  2. Mine will be attending, whether classes are online or not. She greatly prefers to be on campus, but there doesn't seem to be a huge upside to taking a gap year when opportunities will likely be limited for the same reason campuses would be closed. At least online classes give her some structure and opportunity for moving forward with her plans.
  3. Have you checked The Potters School? I know they offer AP Spanish Language and get good results on the AP exam. It is surprisingly difficult to find good AP Spanish classes that are offered online to homeschoolers. I'm not sure why. Matroyshka on this board had offered to teach AP Spanish Lit to a bunch of students on this board, but didn't get enough of a commitment to go through with the class, I believe. She might be someone to check with.
  4. My dd really considered this class because she loved Dr. Fisher when she had her for Latin one year. But, in the end, we ruled it out because of the writing assignments. She had already done so much of that type of writing. I haven't really looked at it, so I don't know how much it's changed since we considered it, but here's the syllabus for the class. You can find many of the Lukeion syllabi by googling "Lukeion Quia" and whatever the class name is. I've found that really helpful in determining which classes we really wanted to take.
  5. I agree. But there does seem to be a momentum toward starting to consider to reopen things and that makes me hopeful.
  6. Both of my kids' schools -- CNU and URichmond, have let us know their first choice is to have students on campus and that if there is any way they can do that, they will. I am hoping and praying this is possible. Richmond says they will be making a decision by the beginning of July, if not sooner. CNU hasn't given us dates, but I have full faith in President Trible and if there is any way he can have the students on campus, I know the man will do it. Richmond held a webinar last night, addressing student and parent concerns and sharing their hopes and contingency plans and my dd and I felt very positive about the administration and their handling of the issue. Richmond spoke about many students having asked about deferring freshman year and said they were considering even allowing a semester deferral, so that students could begin in the spring. This could be especially important for international students. Another thought they had was being open to starting the fall semester a little later than usual.
  7. Frankly, I’m highly doubtful that GOOD online classes will be offered by most schools no matter how much time they have to prepare. My kids have participated in many and the good ones have been far and few between. So, before tanking kids’ education for another semester, they could at least wait until the end of April or May to make a decision for September.. Shouldn’t 3 or 4 months be enough time to prepare for a semester-long class? Thankfully, most colleges aren’t jumping on this bandwagon yet.
  8. I read it as rather than move to online classes in the fall, they would wait until January to begin in-person classes. But I could be wrong, of course. I often am.🙂
  9. It's too early for them to be issuing decisions like this, imo. Why can't they just chill out and wait a bit?
  10. I don't see anything weird about having a celebration in July or August at all. We are still hoping to have our homeschool graduation. We've just postponed it indefinitely for now. I'm hoping to be able to at least have my extended family over for a big dinner in June to celebrate with us. We'll have to see.
  11. My dd isn't going to take hers. She already has more credits than she can transfer in to the school she'll be attending this fall, so there is no reason for her to spend the extra time prepping for the test.
  12. There are a lot of schools that seem to be putting a very heavy emphasis on admissions from full pay international students. Franklin & Marshall, a school my dd applied to, gets 25% of their freshman class from China and India. The school my dd is supposed to attend also has a very large percentage of students from overseas. These schools are really going to be hurting if travel restrictions are still in effect this fall. I'm also wondering how many international students will not accept offers here because of the unknown situation we will be facing this fall.
  13. Most of the schools my dd applied to did not seem to differentiate between homeschooled students and public school students except that most wanted an SAT or an ACT score even if they were a test-optional school. Other than that, I felt as though they took my dd's applications at face value and didn't expect anything more or less of her. That being said, the school she will be attending did have a lot of extra hoops for homeschooled students, including SAT subject test scores. I think that is pretty unusual these days, though.
  14. Yes. This is what has me anxious and worried, especially now that we are getting more solid numbers in for the virus and it looks like we are getting on top of it. I am worried about the ramifications on the economy and financial aid for college and whether my kids will be able to get decent jobs when they are done. My son is getting a partial refund for his housing and meal plan but the college reduced it to account for their fixed costs. I am actually very happy they did that because I've been concerned about my dd's financial aid if the colleges take too big of a hit this year and there is no way my dd can attend her college without that aid. Plus, we pulled her remaining applications and turned down her acceptances at the schools we could have afforded without the aid. The economists are rarely ever right about anything, but it's hard to imagine this isn't going to have a major impact that lasts a number of years.
  15. CDC says there is no benefit to closing schools long term without significant cases of COVID. Everywhere I go, there are mobs of kids who will now be putting the people who are truly at risk at a higher risk. Our public schools are closed as well. My dd’ school was going to let kids stay on campus, but go to online learning, but once the public schools shut down, they can no longer staff the campus. There will be similar issues for health care workers who have young children at home. I’m in Virginia.
  16. This actually makes the closings make more sense to me. I keep thinking why is it the schools closing when this is the population that isn’t at risk.
  17. We’ve used the REA books for some CLEPS and SATII subject tests. You can get extra practice tests through REA online and through Peterson’s. For the college algebra, I’d actually have her start with a practice test once she’s finished whatever program she’s going to use. She might be ready to just take the test or at least close to it if she did well with the program she used. My ds took the college algebra CLEP and he started with the REA diagnostic exam. He did well enough that he just took a few more practice tests to build his confidence and refresh his skills before taking the actual test. We didn’t approach other CLEP tests that way, but it worked well for him for that test.
  18. Thanks for writing all of that out! I appreciate it. Once he’s had a week or two of relief, maybe we’ll cut back on the Nasonex and see how he does with a lower dose or just the Astepro. I’ll have him experiment over the summer with Nasacort. There’s a new allergist at the practice I’ve been taking my ds to for his food allergies and I’ve been happy with her for him. Maybe I’ll take dh to see her in case there are better suggestions for him than what we’ve gotten from allergist visits in the past.
  19. Have you been able to take Zyrtec long term without an issue? I know everyone is different, but I’m wondering if I should try to rotate it with something else?
  20. The Zyrtec is really knocking him out at night. My thought was to try cutting it in half after a couple of weeks. Or to find something to rotate it with. It can never just be simple, can it? I will check out your link.
  21. It’s not a bad idea. He’s used one before, just never consistently. I think he’s too tired and rushed to use it in the morning (he gets up for work at 4:30 am) and then I am usually at work when he goes to sleep in the evening. It’s really a matter of finding a consistent time for me to remind him to use it. I’m averse to greeting him from work with a netipot in my hand, lol.
  22. Thanks! He’s taking the Zyrtec in the evening and a spray of Astepro in the morning.
  23. My ds’s school accepts certain CLEP tests, but you have to get permission ahead of time in order to take them once you are a student. In his case, he has met all his gen ed requirements but needs 150 college credits in order to be eligible to sit for the cpa exam, so he is racking up extra credits over the summer at the cc and may also try to get permission to take the sociology Clep.
  24. He is feeling much better already! He rated his allergies a 2 tonight on a scale of 1-10 and he was so happy. Also, he is not snoring tonight! This is huge! Usually, I can hear him snoring from downstairs and I am actually sitting next to him in bed and he is not making a peep! Thank you! I will have him continue with the Zyrtec and the Astepro and update later in the week. I also bought some stuff for his nose to help avoid nosebleeds and I’m going to look into the mucinex in case he starts saying his head is dried out. Yay! Fingers crossed this continues.
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