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  1. The Zyrtec is really knocking him out at night. My thought was to try cutting it in half after a couple of weeks. Or to find something to rotate it with. It can never just be simple, can it? I will check out your link.
  2. It’s not a bad idea. He’s used one before, just never consistently. I think he’s too tired and rushed to use it in the morning (he gets up for work at 4:30 am) and then I am usually at work when he goes to sleep in the evening. It’s really a matter of finding a consistent time for me to remind him to use it. I’m averse to greeting him from work with a netipot in my hand, lol.
  3. Thanks! He’s taking the Zyrtec in the evening and a spray of Astepro in the morning.
  4. My ds’s school accepts certain CLEP tests, but you have to get permission ahead of time in order to take them once you are a student. In his case, he has met all his gen ed requirements but needs 150 college credits in order to be eligible to sit for the cpa exam, so he is racking up extra credits over the summer at the cc and may also try to get permission to take the sociology Clep.
  5. He is feeling much better already! He rated his allergies a 2 tonight on a scale of 1-10 and he was so happy. Also, he is not snoring tonight! This is huge! Usually, I can hear him snoring from downstairs and I am actually sitting next to him in bed and he is not making a peep! Thank you! I will have him continue with the Zyrtec and the Astepro and update later in the week. I also bought some stuff for his nose to help avoid nosebleeds and I’m going to look into the mucinex in case he starts saying his head is dried out. Yay! Fingers crossed this continues.
  6. He’s seen allergists in the past. I wonder if he should at least try an ENT. Honestly, I have very little faith in doctors unless we’re talking about something really obvious like a broken arm. But maybe he should see an ENT and make sure he doesn’t have a sinus infection. He does seem to be feeling better today. He rated his allergies as a 3 tonight with a 1 being him feeling great and a ten with him feeling his worst. This weekend, he was rating his allergies at an 8. I’m thinking this is where the chart may really help him.
  7. We’ll see what happens with the Zyrtec. He has a bottle of Zyrtec and a bottle of Claritin from his last doctor’s visit and he felt like one of them helped him some, but he doesn’t know which one. He thought it might have been the Claritin, though. He definitely has allergies, but I guess non-allergic rhinitis is an additional possibility. But is there anything that can be done about it beyond environmental control and nasal rinses? Honestly, I’m willing to make an effort, but it is highly unlikely he is going to consistently do anything. He’s hard working and wonderful in many ways, but developing new habits is not a strength for him.
  8. I’m not really familiar with Mucinex. I’ll have to look at that. I am really hoping keeping a chart gives us some clarity about what works and what doesn’t with the nose sprays.
  9. Interesting. He just started on a low carb diet today. Of course. I will try your headache recommendation and suggest he increase his water intake. He tends to drink tons of coffee and then feels it gets his stomach upset.
  10. I cannot for the life of me understand this myself. He is in so much pain, he is covering his eyes to avoid the light, and yet he doesn’t want to medicate because it dries his head out. He goes to great lengths to avoid any type of medication and I had gotten to the point where I had decided to just set a boundary and distance myself from this issue since I can’t make him take his meds, but he is in enough misery atm that he is willing to let me help him. So, I will try. The second he gets mad at me, I’m throwing my boundary back up, lol.
  11. I’ve never looked at xyzal. That’s one I will keep in mind if we don’t get any relief with this other stuff. Sounds like your ds may be as affected as my dh, so xyzal will be my great white hope if Zyrtec and Astepro are flops for him.
  12. My dd took Zyrtec when she was two (major allergies and nonstop ear infections). I vividly remember her laying flat out on the floor on her stomach with her arms and legs spread out after I gave it to her. That’s the only thing it ever did for her — knocked her out. I put a lot of energy into finding solutions for her and got her to let me use a netipot on her. That’s what made me see that pills were doing nothing for her (tons of drainage when we used the netipot) and that the nose sprays were what were effective. As soon as we started the nose spray, there was no more drainage when we did the netipot and we were able to discontinue those rinses. I hope your dd is able to keep her allergies under control as spring kicks in!
  13. That sounds awful. I’m sorry you went through that with the Zyrtec. I had not heard of that type of reaction before.
  14. What about nose bleeds from the nasal sprays? Does anyone have a solution for this?
  15. I am definitely going to do the air purifier in our room and replace the air filters. I guess we will need to consider replacing the carpets, but that will be the last thing just because of the expense. Both my kids would probably benefit from that as well, though. I got him started in the Zyrtec tonight and will have him take the Astepro twice tomorrow and if he’s still having issues, I’ll have him add in Benedryl at night and then maybe Nasacort, honestly, I always thought he needed to pick one med and never realized he could take multiple ones. I think keeping a chart of meds and side effects and symptoms may help us make some progress too. Thank you!
  16. I did SLIT with my dd for awhile before allergy shots, but the closest allergist I could find at the time was quite a trek and it was so expensive. Since my dh is non compliant much of the time, I’m not sure it would be worth it, but thanks for the idea. What does the saline spray do for you? Are you using it like a neti pot or is it just to get moisture in your nasal passages?
  17. He is allergic to many, many things. I’d have to pull his old records from the allergist, but I doubt I’d be able to reduce the allergens to the point of not needing to medicate. We don’t have any pets and I keep the house pretty clean, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be 100% dust free realistically. A couple of months ago, I spent a lot of time decluttering our room and getting it really dust-free, in the hope that it might help him, but it seemed to have zero effect. When we were first married, we were living in a house with no AC, and I noticed that his allergies got much better with central air, but other than that, I’m not sure anything I’ve ever done had had much of an impact for him. We do have carpeting upstairs, and could consider making a change there.
  18. If the Zyrtec doesn’t work for him, we’ll switch to Claritin. I’m going to keep a list of everything he tries and how he feels about it, so that we can stop going in circles on this.
  19. So, the doctor had given him a bottle (prescription) for Zyrtec and Claritin. My dh says one of them helped some, but he’s not sure which one, lol. I just had him take a Zyrtec and I will remind him to take Astepro in the morning and he’s agreed to keep a chart (to let me keep one). If he gets the dried out feeling, we’ll drop the Astepro.
  20. Is Azelastine Astepro? That’s what works best for my dd. My dh used to take it as well. He did just go to the doctor for a physical a couple of months ago and was given two different allergy pills to try, but part of the problem is he doesn’t take anything consistently. He doesn’t seem to have much self-awareness when it comes to his symptoms or what helps or doesn’t help. I’ll get him to take something for a few months and I can see that he feels better, but then if he has an upset stomach one day, he’ll suddenly attribute it to the meds and stop taking them. It is obvious just from looking at him how badly he feels most of the time though. I can try to get him in with the allergist again. Maybe I will make a chart of symptoms and try to track this for him so he can *see* what helps and what doesn’t. Part of the problem is that allergy symptoms fluctuate.
  21. Thank you. That is helpful to hear that you can’t do nasal sprays. Maybe I’ll have him try Zyrtec this week and see how he does with that. My dd has really bad allergies and meds like Zyrtec never did anything for her, but the nasal sprays have been great, so I keep thinking my dh needs a nasal spray. ETA: And we’re terrible about the filters and stuff. My dh changes them once every few years. Or so. Another thing to consider. We do have a heat pump, but I can’t see us being able to move away from that right now.
  22. My dh has really bad allergies, but resists taking medication because he says “it dries his head out”. Nasal sprays do cause him to have nose bleeds. Without medication, though, he is in misery. He OFTEN has a headache that is so bad that he will have his hands over his eyes while he is talking to me. He is constantly congested and just plain exhausted. I will admit, I get aggravated that he will not consistently take medication. Lately, he has been pretty sick on the weekends because of sinus pain. I feel sorry for him and I do have empathy, but I have a hard time understanding why he does not try to find a solution for this. He did allergy shots a number of years ago when my kids did them and they helped him. Since he has discontinued the shots, he has gotten significantly worse and the other weird thing is that his allergies are now much worse during the winter months. Allergy shots are not practical for him at this point, but can any allergy sufferers out there point me in a direction for him? What is this “dried out” head thing medication causes him and how can he avoid that? Nasal sprays have been effective for me and for both of my children. None of us have allergies anywhere near as bad as his, though.
  23. The biggest difference between the CLEP and AP tests, IMO, is that there is no essay portion on the CLEP tests. They are all multiple choice. Oh, and they are not so “high stakes” because you can retake them if you want to or need to, unlike AP exams which are only offered once a year in May.
  24. My ds took some CLEP exams between the end of his junior year and up until the summer before he went to college. He studied for a couple weeks after finishing classes he took those years — Government, History and Precalculus. And then we used AC/DC Econ over the summer before college so that he could CLEP out of micro and macroeconomics. This enabled him to bring in a semester’s worth of coursework at his college with a minimal effort and expense. Had CLEP exams been on my radar earlier on, I would have had him try some of the science ones when he had completed those classes in 9th and 10th grade. This was a kid who AP classes were not a good fit for. For whatever reason, I have heard that CLEP exams are looked down on, similarly to GED scores, and so I did not put them on his transcript when he was applying to colleges. We just reported them after he had been accepted. My dd took AP classes/exams and she took the Calculus CLEP a couple of years ago for placement at the CC. Now that we know what college she will attend, she’s working on the CLEPs for macro and microeconomics because they are a minimal amount of work/expense and she’d like to knock those out. If your child is up for AP classes and does well on the exams, that is the “safer” route as far as getting credit because most schools will accept AP credit with a good test score. If AP exams are too difficult to access or your child doesn’t want to take those classes, then taking CLEP tests may pay off, depending on the school your child attends. We didn’t know what school my ds would attend until his senior year, but we had started looking at options in his junior year and that is when I realized most of the schools he was considering would accept the CLEP tests he could take.
  25. One more idea — This site (below) has tutorials for all kinds of software. It is the resource my dd’s college is recommending for their business students to master Excel, so we’re going to go through it this summer so that she can pass the test she needs to take before being admitted to the business school. Powerpoint is one that seems like it would be worth learning as well, but there are lots of options. linktypeid%3a2 q%3aexcel+2019 page%3a1 s%3arelevance sa%3atrue producttypeid%3a2
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