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  1. I loved Olive Kitteridge and Mildred Pierce.
  2. IMO, the issue with going from Lial’s Intermediate Algebra to DO Precalculus is that Lial’s doesn’t cover any trig until precalculus. DO covers it heavily in his Algebra 2. So, Lial’s may not be the best choice for a STEM kid If you are short on time in high school or want coverage of trig in both algebra II and precalculus. It was a great choice for my accounting major though. As was the often-maligned Rod & Staff series. So, know your student. I always took my time with math for both of my kids though. We’ve used multiple programs and even my dd, who took statistics and discrete math at the community college after she took Calculus BC, ran through more than one algebra 1 and 2 program. And calculus for that matter. She went at her own pace, but we didn’t move on until she was solid on each level. My ds participated in a math class at our local rigorous homeschool coop and he was far more solid on his math than almost all the other students in the class and many of them had used Foerrster’s in the name of rigor. And yet many of them didn’t understand how to even factor at the start of the class. I hate to see Lial’s written off because it is a really great option for parents trying to do math at home with their student. I think the strength of the program is that it really solidifies the basics and prepares the student for tougher math down the road.
  3. And I would have felt comfortable with this as well. I just didn’t feel my dd needed two full credits based on other things I was already including on her transcript. She took 4 years of Omnibus classes prior to Great Books and she’d already taken AP English Lang and Literature.
  4. I gave her an English credit and half of a history credit. My dd had audited Mrs, Barr’s Román history class and then participated in GB I, so I combined them and gave her one credit in Greek and Roman history.
  5. My ds enjoyed these as well and used them (along with the $10 packet) to CLEP out of macro and microeconomics.
  6. Thank you. As I was writing my comments, I forgot that the original question was about Greek, lol. My dd did take Greek with Mr. Barr and would agree with Mom2mthj’s comments about the class.
  7. My dd hasn’t taken Greek through CLRC, but she’s taken Latin through CLRC and Lukeion and Anne VanFossen teaches the Latin at CLRC as well as the Greek. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Anne. She is very bright and dedicated to her students as well as being a kind and decent person. The biggest differences between the CLRC and Lukeion classes for my dd were: - more scaffolding and accountability with Lukeion. My dd started CLRC’s Latin 4 in 9th grade and the focus was on translating, but the students didn’t turn in their complete translations. My dd didn’t realize that she needed to completely write them out. She was just reading and translating in her head for awhile. Lukeion requires those to be turned in and feedback and grading occurs. They also use quia for vocabulary and quiz practice. - Classes were 2 hours long at CLRC vs 1 hour at Lukeion, which felt really long to my dd. However, classes were smaller, warmer and more personal at CLRC. An issue with CLRC is that Anne is very kind and doesn’t want to tell the students they are wrong. That led to some frustration for my dd. On the other hand, Anne was extremely receptive to any questions or concerns we had and always made time to fully delve into issues. Mrs. Barr is too busy for that in our experience. I think both classes are great options, and that CLRC just expected the students to take more responsibility for their own learning, which my dd wasn’t expecting after her prior year with Lone Pine where there were tons of assignments to turn in and everything was graded. In the end, we switched to Lukeion mid-semester because of their reputation with AP Latin and taking that exam was my dd’s goal for 10th. I think Anne was just starting to offer AP Latin at that time. PM me if you have any other questions. -
  8. I went with this recipe and it was a big hit with everyone. My sister even loved it and she is very particular when it comes to food. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the comments/ideas. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I don’t even eat the lasagna. But, I don’t want to disappoint everyone else by making something they won’t enjoy. I doubt I can go too wrong with Ree’s recipe or that Allrecipes one. I will watch the video posted later. I have to run out now, but thanks again!
  10. This one looks good too and might be a good compromise since it includes sausage but uses ricotta. Do you use canned Parmesan cheese or the fresh stuff in this recipe where it calls for “grated Parmesan”?
  11. Has anyone tried this recipe? I always make lasagna on Christmas Eve and I’d like to try something new. The things that are making me question this recipe is the HOT breakfast sausage and the cottage cheese. Is the breakfast sausage going to make the lasagna really spicy? I’ve never had that kind of sausage. And I usually use ricotta in my lasagna and cottage cheese just seems kind of a yucky substitute. I’d love to hear thoughts on this recipe, especially if you’ve tried it! Thanks!
  12. It is fascinating to see the different ways people handle this! I have hope again that maybe this would be for me.
  13. I’ve started my own business a few times over the years beginning when I was a teen. Being my own boss always seems appealing until I start to realize all the extra work it requires. And the huge chunk that goes to self-employment taxes! I have been thinking I would really like to tutor once my daughter goes off to college but you’ve got me wondering if I really want to get into all that goes with it.
  14. Depending on how far along your kids are, another thought is to have them use Spanish121 (or something similar) for conversational practice, read books in the language and write in the language. My dd has her Spanish121 tutor correct her papers. Over the last couple of years of high school, she’s been reading pop psychology books like Grit, Outliers, The Power of Habit, etc. in Spanish. We chose these books over AP Lit because the reading level was in line with conversational Spanish and that’s what my dd wanted to be really strong in. We’ve also used News in Slow Spanish, which can be played slowly or at regular pace. There is a podcast that has a lot of stuff for free on it.
  15. My dd really enjoyed Ray Leven’s classes and is now fairly fluent in the language reading books in Spanish, writing papers in Spanish and using the language in her volunteer work. She just wrote a letter in Spanish for my MIL for one of her tenants, so she’s really getting to use the language more than we thought she would. His classes are not for everyone though. My opinion is that they are geared more toward highly motivated students that do not struggle with language learning. His classes never would have worked for my ds, I don’t think. The Potter’s School offers Spanish through the AP level and appears to be very successful in preparing students for the exam. We never tried them, though. Senor Gamache offers through Spanish 3 at La Clase Divertida. His class offers a great foundation, but he is very disorganized which can be frustrating. My ds was one of the weaker students in his Spanish 3 class a couple of years ago and yet when he took his 200 language course to meet his foreign language requirement at college, he got many comments from the other students about how well he knew Spanish. I know that some of his students have CLEPed out of the language requirement after taking his class.
  16. I have a section in my school profile where I list our “Educational Partners” and then give a blurb about each. (I got the idea to do that from this board. ) Then, in the course descriptions I have the instructor listed and their educational background. I didn’t put the educational partner in the course description but had I thought to do that I would have. Now I want to go back and edit my course descriptions, lol. This one’s going to be right up there for me was wondering why in the heck we didn’t put the nine years my daughter played the piano anywhere on her transcript or activities.
  17. Updating - She took an online discrete math class through the cc and liked it. Her professor commented that she was really great at proofs. So, she really loved proofs when she did geometry and she liked them in discrete math. Maybe she would like calculus better if it was a proof-based class. Depending on what college she winds up at and how the credits transfer, she may need to take calculus again, so that’s something I’ll point out to her in case that is an option.
  18. Finally resolved! Email alone did it, but she had planned on calling if she didn’t hear back. I guess they were basically too swamped to review it prior to today. Anyway, her application is complete and now we don’t have to worry about this any more. Thanks!
  19. Craftsy has some fun tutorials for cake decorating. Surprise Inside Cakes is a book with some fun ideas too. I like to do cakes, but I have even more fun with cookies. See for great sugar cookie ideas and supply kits. cake supplies - pans tips and bags turntable gel food color icing spatulas cake boards
  20. Yes, you are right. I guess we’ve been afraid to push too much since this lady will play a large role in deciding whether my dd is admitted or not. But that was probably a mistake. I’ll update tomorrow.
  21. Email has been sent and she’ll call tomorrow. She can handle the call. She’d rather not, mostly because she already feels like she’s harassed this lady, but she can do it. And then that’s it. We’re done and moving on. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.
  22. Honestly, I’d probably be willing to do that, but my dd isn’t going to go for that. We’ll definitely try calling on Monday, though if there is no change in the status of her app by then. And I’m sure there won’t be.
  23. She’s using the right subject line. I’ve seen everything she’s sent and she’s reaching the right person.
  24. The school is on break for Thanksgiving break, but I wonder if the admins will be working on Friday since the deadline is Saturday? Maybe she could email tomorrow morning.
  25. So, what makes the most sense here? Wait to email until Monday morning? Call Monday morning? I’m thinking the admissions counselor is going to be in a poor mood Monday morning after a holiday weekend. I think my dd can more easily outline the lengths she’s gone to get this info to them in an email, but it will likely take a couple of days to get a response.
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