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Praying Mamas - I need you. Update #150 :(


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My nephews were born yesterday morning.  My sister was 22 weeks.  They are obviously facing mountains.  Survival rates aren't awesome. They made it through the night.


I will take all your prayers lifted from your mouths to God's ear this morning.  

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And ya'all, they are PRETTY.  They have their sister's nose.  So delicate, so tiny.  I admit being there during birth, etc. brought back some really hard memories of our Hannah's birth (@ 26 weeks in 2001)  and death, but they were so pink.  Baby A was SO angry at being born!  They are definitely true 22 weekers as they were in vitro fellas but I am hopeful.  

Specific prayers:

Brain imaging is coming back today.  Bleeds are expected.  Praying for no Level IVs.

Gut health ( this is what killed our Hannah)

Heart - holes are expected - that they would respond to medication and/or be repairable

Lungs - obviously



Overall prayers and strength for mama and daddy and all those are supporting them through this.  They have a TON of family who think they are awesome and are supportive... And not least, they have really great insurance for which we are very grateful.

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Prayed! Thank you for posting again with more information as wel. At 22 weeks the survival rates are low, but far from non-existent, especially if they made it through the first day. There is certainly hope, and the hospital sounds like it's well-equipped to handle them. Update us when possible?


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