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  1. I'm very interested in this, but also a bit concerned. If you (general you) are a good sleeper, wouldn't taking melatonin mess that up? I'm all for taking vit D etc, but messing with my sleep....sounds risky, right?
  2. I'm only popping in for a minute, but want to say that I appreciate this thread. And to add to @StellaM's good mental health news, in the Netherlands there is a 20% reduction in suicides at the moment. Nobody can explain it, but I'm happy about it.
  3. Yep, we have those too in the Netherlands. Makes me want to scream! Threads like this always make me a bit nervous. We don't vaccinate against chicken pox here, and somehow all my kids haven't had it yet....which makes me worried about my eldest especially. And noone, really noone, is getting their tithers checked and vaccines updated as an adult. My family doctor would think I am crazy if I suggest such a thing. But I agree it would be a really smart idea with my general weak health. Hmmm, what to do....
  4. I can declutter/KonMari anything.....except books. I have always had the rule, for my books, that I only buy books that I use or will definitely re-read. But I now also have a lot of books that I might not re-read, but one of my children might want to read when they are a bit older. And my library is getting rid of soooo many good books, Dutch books and the few English books they had. They still might have Stephen King, but when I last checked, they didn't have 1984 anymore. I am getting rid of all books my youngest has grown out of, so that is something.
  5. It's the same way in the Netherlands! I was reading this thread and kept thinking 'What's the problem?? Of course you organise a party!' But apparently this is not so in America? Ha, learn something new every day! :-) So, my vote: throw yourself a party, your friends will love to celebrate with you!
  6. I'm here! Looking forward to talking about Middlemarch. I'm really enjoying it, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot of context. I ordered a copy with lots of notes, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I'll keep reading my Gutenberg e-book. Lady Florida, please keep seperate threads for the different sections, please.
  7. I am suddenly a member of : Chinese Homeschoolers Pregnancy without Dr Fiesta Texas Peeps Current Events I'm NOT interested in these clubs. I used to be a member of: Literary Hub (active and I really, really miss it) Minimalism Classical Unschoolers, or something like that and several others that I can't remember. I don't mind those other clubs (they were not active anymore), but would really like to return to Literary Hub.
  8. I'm so sorry! Wishing you strength. :grouphug:
  9. Those miracle-cure-by-eating-weird-stuff people are annoying. The 'you probably don't want to be healthy, otherwise you would already be cured' people are beyond annoying :banghead:.
  10. You might like this book: http://www.bookdepository.com/Best-Old-Movies-for-Families-Ty-Burr/9781400096862 I really like it, but I have trouble finding the movies. You might have better luck, because you are in America.
  11. The Gymnasium students have less hours Dutch and English, but need to cover the same content.
  12. That's true! However, if a student is borderline VMBO-HAVO most parents want to try HAVO, because VMBO schools are often seperate from HAVO+VWO schools and are thought to have more discipline problems. Large schools usually have 7th grade classes for VMBO-HAVO or HAVO-VWO, in order to give children another year to see which track would be a good fit.
  13. About ~15% of the students attend VWO, ~20% attend HAVO (middle track), ~65% attend VMBO (lowest track, which contains 4-5 seperate tracks). Of those top 15% who attend VWO, roughly half attend Gymnasium (with Latin and Greek added to English, French, and German), the other half Atheneum (same courses, just no Latin&Greek).
  14. Ha! In the Netherlands, the rule is 'a minimum of *5* words at the second birthday'. I guess Dutch children are just slow, compared to American children ;).
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