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  1. I've passed on your comments to her! Unfortunately, she's not certain what she wants to study. From casual conversations when she's visiting, I think she's leaning toward something such as political science. She's one of those teens pulled in different directions. Sorry for not responding sooner - I work weekends; yesterday was long and miserable!
  2. Thank you all! I'll pass along the other schools as well. The teen interested in moving isn't getting good information from her public school teachers and counselors about different options - large school with overwhelmed counselors. She can live with a family member if she goes to college in the broader KC area or if she got a good enough financial aid package, she could live on campus. She likes the idea of a smaller school where she could stand out better. She's concerned about being "invisible" attending a really large university. Her parents are concerned that a degree from William Jewell might not have the return on investment since the total cost is quite high. Of course, is she got a good financial aid package, that would be different.. The Kansas City area sounds really nice - except for all the tornadoes! Does anyone have an opinion on the value of a degree from a school such as William Jewell?
  3. Does anyone have first hand information about William Jewell liberal arts college near Kansas City? I know some one who wants to move to this area and might be interested in applying there. Also while I'm asking, what about the University of Missouri at Kansas City?
  4. We print mostly in black & white, but there have been several times when color was needed. My budget is tight and I thought I had included in it stuff that was likely to need to be replaced this year. Missed the printer, though. Frustrating! Since I wasn't thinking about budgeting for a printer, I haven't thought about a price range for its replacement. Lower cost overall is better. Printer ink can be so expensive. I don't what to skimp on the printer price but face high ink costs. In other words, I'm a bit lost and wasn't expecting to buy a printer just before the holidays. What price range do you guys think is reasonable? eta: spelling
  5. Our printer just died! It's old so not unexpected. We need a printer that is cost-effective if there is such a thing, prints in color, and scans. Wireless would be very helpful. Suggests and recommendations welcome.
  6. Double check but I pretty sure in Texas dual credit drops don't count toward the 6 maximum. My daughter is a dual credit student now.
  7. My daughter is definitely interested in the class even though she has to submit a previous analytical paper as a placement test. She's excited about a lit. class that covers her favorite types of books! Thanks so much for the information.
  8. My younger daughter is interested in taking this class for the spring semester. The class is taught by Mrs. Geno. Before I enroll her, I appreciate any information or recommendations for or against the class. My DD is 15 and in the 10th grade. ETA: spelling
  9. I don't think the parents were rude either, but once you RSVP to a party you've made a commitment there as well. I don't hold all commitments to the same priority. Maybe the game was more important, but once it was rescheduled, I would not feel the same as I would for the original date, team commitment or not.
  10. If you're concerned about being employable after homeschooling, I would look at programs leading to either a degree or a certificate to prove current skills. Community colleges often offer a number of certificate programs in various areas. Our local CC has a strong online program. Some of the online classes are good; others are dismal unfortunately.
  11. Thank you all very much! She has gloves but no boots. I'm thinking most of their time will be spent indoors attending the conference, but they will have time for sightseeing and such. My older daughter has a coat with a removable liner. If it fits my younger DD, she'll take that with her. It also has a hood. She gets cold easily - living where we do our winters are mild with only the occasional really cold snap. So taking the coat with a liner & hood, gloves, a couple of pairs of outdoor kind of shoes along with sweaters, she should be okay. What about slacks or jeans for causal wear? Should I get her thermal underwear of some kind? I don't think she could get to an affordable store easily to pick up clothes if the weather got significantly colder while she's there. I want her to have what she's need to be comfortable and have fun without spending a lot on clothes she won't wear very often. She's supposed to wear business casual clothes to the conference itself. We don't know yet, but we're hoping the group will stay at the hotel hosting the conference. That would make life easier for much of the trip anyway.
  12. My younger daughter will be visiting Pittsburgh with a group the middle of November for about a week. Since we live in the south, it has just occurred to me that Pittsburgh just might be cold then. I'm not sure she has heavy enough clothes to take with her. Anyone who lives in the area, I would very much appreciate an idea of the weather in mid-November. She'll need to layer clothes for sure. Suggestions on what she should pack would be wonderful.
  13. Thank you all! My daughter and I have decided together that she will drop the class. She's not learning in proportion to the amount of time she's spending studying. The class just isn't a good fit. I did email the teacher for advice. She also felt my daughter was struggling but didn't have any actual advice. She's so relieved!
  14. My younger daughter is taking an online class that is very hard for her. It's a semester class only fortunately. She's doing so badly, I doubt she can pull out a decent grade even this early in the semester. Her stress level (and mine as well) is through the roof. I'm thinking of taking her out of this class and creating a class for her to study with me. Part of me thinks that's the way to go, but another part of me thinks she could benefit by struggling through this class. She cried all morning. I'm frustrated and I'm too close to the issue to be objective. Other perspectives very welcome.
  15. This attitude shocked me since this company actively recruits among students! Weird but unfortunately not unusual I guess. I've passed along all your replies. Thanks so much. His mom really wants him to submit a letter of resignation rather than telling his boss verbally. I feel sorry for him because he's a good kid and a hard worker. He would have been an asset to this company but... their loss!
  16. A friend's son who is attending a local college recently accepted a part-time job. It's just a job with nothing to do with his career plans. The job was billed as having flexible hours for students. The young man was clear about when he could work and his start date. I saw the email he sent to one of the interviewers. The information was clear. Now that he's started, the supervisor is overbearing about his inability to work certain days / hours because of his school schedule. He's been accused of putted his studies ahead of the job. He's looking for advice about how to word his letter of resigation. I'm for short and to the point with little detail but he wants to put in writing again that he was clear about his hours of availablity. Suggestions anybody?
  17. I'm am so very sorry. Praying for you and everyone in your community.
  18. I mentioned my Christian beliefs because they guide and direct my decisions as flawed as those decisions may be at times. I couldn't support a lifestyle that contradicts my beliefs.
  19. As a Christian who believes this would be sinful, I don't think I could provide financial support for living expenses. I'm less sure how I could handle financial help for tuition and books. Thankfully, I haven't had to face this situation and hope I won't. It's so easy to say what I would do since I'm not in the situation. ETA My 18 yo DD is living at home and attending a local college.
  20. We outsouce foreign languages, speech & debate and math algebra 2 and above. I may or may not outsource electives depending upon costs and my daughters interests. My older daughter did 2 years of dual credit courses at our local community college. In this area, the courses are free but I have to buy the texts. My younger daughter is a year away from dual credit. Japanese is through a local co-op. We've also used Landry, the Potter's School and Virtual Homeschool group. Landry's classes can be very reasonable if purchased as generic semesters in advance. VHSG classes are free but hard to get into unless you volunteer to help or donate. ETA VHSGs live classes are limited to a fixed number of students, but the "at your own pace" classes have open enrollment.
  21. If he's not looking at selective universities, I would consider something such as environmental science as the fourth science course. He might enjoy it more than straight biology, botany or zoology or even ecology.
  22. I only have one niece and one nephew. They are my brother's children. He passed away at a young age about 5 years ago. It's important to me to keep a good relationship with his children. If I had a large family, I probably wouldn't send gifts to everybody either.
  23. My daughters and I write thank you notes unless the gift was given in person. I send birthday & Christmas gifts to my niece and nephew but have yet to receive any thank you, email or otherwise. I keep sending gifts but I must admit it stings a bit.
  24. This is so sad! Innocent people died! It's heartbreaking!
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