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  1. I was wondering that. But I wasn't sure that would work because men's feet are different than women's (at least that's what the Timberland people told me a while ago, LOL).
  2. I should probably call them and talk to them. I looked through their website and all that was listed was B-medium width, and that's why I didn't call them.
  3. I'm looking for paddock boots.
  4. No, not really. Because the people trying to banning guns are getting too much push-back and haven't been able to do so. It is a very similar situation to mask wearing, actually. I have not yet been challenged when I don't wear a mask, including about a week ago on a military base. Pushback works.
  5. *shrug* You don't like it, wear your mask. I don't care what you do.
  6. The masks are not really for safety purposes; if they were for safety, the protests and riots would have been condemned like everyday mask-refusers are, and the mask-enforcers would be out in force (but they were not during the protests). Therefore, the masks are for an alternate purpose. Most philosophical mask-refusers can see this, and have come to the conclusion that the threat of excluding a person from society without wearing a mask is done in order to acclimate the population to more controls on personal freedom and acceptance of government authority.
  7. Hoping someone who rides horses can help me with this. My current English riding boots are Ariat brand and fit well a year ago. However, my foot has a progressive condition where I need wide riding boots, which I haven't been able to find. Can anyone recommend a source for wide English riding boots? I am willing to pay for custom boots.
  8. I do not feel I can talk about anything that is going on in the news these days because if someone disagrees with me, they attack, try to ostracize, or pressure an employer to fire you. I keep my own counsel now and arrive at political and moral decisions on my own, without outside counsel.
  9. Unfortunately, some people have a genetic predisposition to hypertension and nothing except meds will lower it.
  10. She was truly beautiful!
  11. I think 2 years is OK for most colleges, but highly selective ones expect 3 or 4.
  12. My DS is just finishing Algebra 2; he finds the book easy enough, but he has done Saxon since 4th grade. He did say the last 5 lessons were a handful. I would give him a placement test and go from there. If he tests lower than you expect, the best option would be to start in that book. But if he is resistant to that, have him challenge each test in whatever book he tests into and pick up at the point where he scores below 80. But I would not frame his problems as a failure; emphasize to him that you want him to be able to handle college math, and that this is a reinforcement in order to shore up his skills.
  13. How do I prevent my friends from sharing things on my Facebook? I can't find the Facebook settings to do that.
  14. Covid only speads in churches and hair salons; it doesn't spread in protesting crowds or looting crowds. That's why a business owner who opens is arrested but a looter or protester is ignored or praised for what they do.
  15. Can you post a message on Facebook and turn off the comments section? This is for a personal Facebook account not a group account. In other words, just post a comment to convey information and nothing else ?
  17. There is actually a lab manual where he does the experiments. I kinda think the videos are old, and goofy, and dated.
  18. This serves the purpose of lowering standards while pretending not to, and of pretending "objectivity" (but not really).
  19. We have various hydrangeas all over our property - we're fans! Yes, some oak leaf hydrangeas can reach above the first floor windows; they are best placed in an area where they can shine. Small hydrangeas can be placed in front of your windows. You're a brave woman to have hydrangeas in front of your house in winter, LOL. We have one of these beauties in our yard: oak leaf hydrangea&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwinh8DDjdPpAhXpdd8KHVvgCVkQMygDegUIARDHAw
  20. I agree with all of this. Bad timing for a change, even if it were the best choice otherwise.
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