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  2. There is actually a lab manual where he does the experiments. I kinda think the videos are old, and goofy, and dated.
  3. This serves the purpose of lowering standards while pretending not to, and of pretending "objectivity" (but not really).
  4. We have various hydrangeas all over our property - we're fans! Yes, some oak leaf hydrangeas can reach above the first floor windows; they are best placed in an area where they can shine. Small hydrangeas can be placed in front of your windows. You're a brave woman to have hydrangeas in front of your house in winter, LOL. We have one of these beauties in our yard: oak leaf hydrangea&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwinh8DDjdPpAhXpdd8KHVvgCVkQMygDegUIARDHAw
  5. I agree with all of this. Bad timing for a change, even if it were the best choice otherwise.
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  11. My priority leans heavily toward the lives of the young and the future of the country as a whole, not with any number of particular lives in the here and now. What is most important to me is maintaining the strength and solvency of our country, so I'm not counting heads because, as cold as this sounds, it frankly doesn't matter, as long as there is a strong contingent of people to maintain our country and move into the future. The lives of the young and strong are intimately entwined with the future well-being of the entire country. I do not think there should be *any* lockdowns, beyond those necessary to flatten the curve, which has already been done, regardless of death rates. We desperately need tax dollars to maintain our national integrity and to support medicaid and medicare payments to hospitals, and if we don't get those tax dollars for those purposes, we are all screwed because there won't even be a hospital system solvent enough to treat anyone. Maintaining civil liberties and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution is also more important than my personal safety and more important than my life. That's really not that shocking; people willing to give their lives for the freedom of their country is a pretty common thing.
  12. It is in the realm of opinion; that was kind of my point. Facts are not, and should not, be the only parameters driving decisions.
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