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  1. Eh, those tracker apps seem more spy-ish to me than anything else, and I’d rather not. I will be OK if she tells me where she is when she’ll be home, like now. I just don’t like the idea of her staying out all night and I really don’t like the idea of her camping in some remote area with a couple girlfriend. But I don’t need to know where she is every minut. I just don’t like the idea of her staying out all night, and I really don’t like the idea of her camping in some remote area with a couple girlfriends.
  2. Just to clarify: we have always allowed friends of the kids to sleep over at our house. I just wanted my kids home in our house that night And that’s what I meant by no sleepovers; I just mean no sleepovers at someone else’s house, but their friends came here.
  3. OK, what set this off was she giddily told me when she turned 18 she and her friends was going to have a sleepover on a remote beach and I assumed it was camping. I got all nervous about that because even I wouldn’t go camping there alone - it’s just too remote for a bunch of young girls or anyone alone. But it turns out I misunderstood and they were planning to rent a beach house, which I don’t really have a problem with because it’s more secure than a campsite. I do have a problem with worry if she is not home at night. If I know she is going to be out and safely ensconced somewhere I think I’d be OK with that even though I don’t really like it.
  4. I fear accident an on desolate roads, where they are even more desolate at two in the morning. I fear shopping at a Walmart and coming out to a desolate parking spot because it’s two in the morning and that gives opportunities for crime, more so than in a well populated daylight situation. I see that just about anything can happen at two in the afternoon as happen at two in the morning, but the fact is most places are less populated and very desolate at two or 3 AM, and I think for that reason I am more nervous about her being out at night.
  5. I think she was laughing giddy about the idea because she knows I don’t allow sleep overs of any type for either child.
  6. By sleepovers, I mean general sleepovers with friends.
  7. I know why I am uncomfortable - I’m comfortable with it because I don’t know if she’s OK or not. When she’s home in the house I know she is OK, but if she’s out I don’t know she’s been in an accident or is in a difficult position and needs help. Also, there’s been no change in Jake’s position; he has not made any decision to make a move yet either way.
  8. Well, I have been able to be generous with the time-home rule because she is a responsible kid in general. But I am uncomfortable with her staying out all night and I would not like this to become a routine just because she turns 18. I am not sure how to negotiate that or the reasoning for that potential rule here, but I was wondering how others handles their young adult kids.
  9. Yes, that's when DD and I talk into the wee hours of the morning. She's a great kid with no discipline or behavioral issues, but I was just wondering how others handled their adult children and household expectations for them. I don't really like the idea of a curfew, but what makes you say set a curfew now even though she has never had one?
  10. So, my DD is a social butterfly and out every night with her friends. She has no curfew imposed by us, and as long as she stays rested and keeps up with schoolwork and so on, she can stay out without curfew as long as she keeps it reasonable. I have never allowed sleepovers, though, so I expect her home at night by some not-insane hour. But the city where we lives sets a midnight curfew on drivers under 18, so she is in by midnight because she takes the car when she goes out. She has already been joking-not joking about how when she turns 18 she's going to stay out all night and have as many sleepovers as she wants. I don't know how I feel about that. Do you have house rules/curfew for your 18 year or older children? Regardless of your answer, what is your reasoning for your standards/rules?
  11. Any type of facial hair - beard, 'stache, soul patch, etc. But not unintentional, lazy-accidental scruff, LOL.
  12. Reefgazer


    I'm so sorry, and I am praying for your family.
  13. I've been here - I automatically correct the mistake for everyone.
  14. It would bug me, although there's nothing of interest to him there.
  15. Not to quibble, but I want to point out that many people I know have tried and failed multiple times at a reducing diet, but that doesn't mean the simple stuff of reducing calorie intake and increasing exercise won't work. Sometimes, it takes some trial and error to find the right things that will make a person a diet success story. Before I lost my weight, I was a repeat offender -I wasn't failing, I was learning what worked for me.
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