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  1. I've noticed the same at the college where I teach, and the high school that my kids were zoned for.
  2. I guess I am asking if people give Christmas gifts to their pet sitters.
  3. Do you all give a tip/Christmas bonus to your pet sitter? If so, what is an appropriate gift or money amount? Our pet sitter is very good but is here only occasionally. Is a tip/Christmas bonus appropriate?
  4. My insurance pays 50%, and I still wind up paying about $700/crown. It's outrageously expensive!
  5. Chili in a crockpot, plugged into your car power source (there are adapters you can buy if your car does not have a standard outlet). Pair with cornbread. That should satisfy the Southern in them! If a cold dish is acceptable, what about a sub platter from a sub shop?
  6. I just came here to day I am so sorry. I had a similar situation in September and it was the worst pain of my life, so I want to wish you good luck finding answers.
  7. The usual suspects are on the avoid list for me: North Korea, the Middle East, China, Russia, Ukraine.
  8. My daughter will be completing her last year of college in Lexington, Kentucky in an internship position and will need a 2 BR apartment and childcare in Lexington or its outskirts. We know nothing about Lexington. Does anyone have any information or tips/hints on: 1) Places a young woman would not want to live or should avoid, 2) Childcare/ daycare centers that are good quality, 3) a goof family doctor/practitioner, and 4) Anything else that may be pertinent? Thanks!
  9. I'd be willing to give up the pool, den, or ceiling height. I will never live in an HOA; that would be my single non-negotiable.
  10. My son has zip, none, nada because he hates that stuff, and he got into higher-tier schools (not ivies, but higher tier). The closest thing he had to arts was a woodworking class.
  11. Make sure he takes in-person classes; they are less-anonymous than Zoom classes. I told my son to it close to the front few rows and be engaged and offer the occasional comment. Make sure to say hello and look the prof in the eye when he sees them, find some commonality to engage in light chit-chat after class. These are simple things that are just courteous and can make someone memorable.
  12. Nothing specific. They are trying to get unfiltered, "uncurated" responses that have not been filtered through an adult.
  13. Pepperocini - in sandwiches or right outta the jar. I was banging down an entire jar per day when I was pregnant with my son!
  14. Girl: Ida-Rose, Remy, Charlotte Boy: Gunnar, Jesse, Daniel, David
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