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  1. I would definitely save the syllabus, as well as any graded tests and writing assignments. As an instructor, I am often contacted by students who want a copy of the syllabus from a class they attended years ago and didn't save, so the syllabus seems to be the thing most colleges want.
  2. Yes, she can, but we have decided to take the hit and not repeat the class. She has enough credits without it, doesn't need it as a pre-req to stats (she just needed pre-calc I for that pre-req), and despises math.
  3. I've got a 17 year old cat with high-end-of-normal kidney values; he's been in our family since he was 6 months old. He was 12.5 pounds as a prime-aged adult, then dropped to10.5 pounds, then to 8.5 pounds. Vet says if he drops anymore, they want to start a special kidney diet, and then added "most cats don't like the food on that diet." Well, I'll be! Giving a cat who is losing weight food they don't like? I decided I would not do that and that I would let the cat go peacefully when he needed to. In the meantime, I got him kitten food, which he loves, so he has put a 1/2 pound back on. As mine has aged, he also yowls more for attention, just like Storygirl mentioned above.
  4. Prayers for you and your family. I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. How many hours a day do you actually get quality sleep, uninterrupted? If it's less than 7-8 hours, there's your problem, almost surely.
  6. Yup, every word of this. There are absolutely *zero* controlled studies that show breast milk is superior to formula; it's all correlation.
  7. Same here - I always fail at this and have for the past 17 years I've had a semi-long haired cat. Some PetSmart and PetCo have cat groomers on staff; call them and have them refer you to a location that does, or post on your neighborhood NextDoor for cat grooming services.
  8. Next year, plan a day for you out of the house doing something that you enjoy doing. Inform him in advance that he will be watching the kids alone (or hire a sitter if he really is that incompetent); don't ask. I am not buying the "husband can't do anything/doesn't know how". It ain't rocket science and he can learn, and I think that's why you are justifiably upset; husbands who act like this are thoughtless.
  9. I am confused about the ACT, which DD prefers to take over the SAT. Can you take the ACT without writing, or do you automatically site for the entire test, including writing, when you register? If a student doesn't want to take the writing portion, do they have the option of opting out on ACT test day, or are there special test dates without writing?
  10. DD has taken several courses in math, English, and anthropology at the local uni and local community college as a DE student. Her grades are mostly A's, a few B's, and a C this past semester in precalc II (precalc with trig). This is her only C on her transcripts from anywhere. She will have 4 high school math credits on her transcript without this awful "C" class. So my question is this: Shall I not include it on her high school transcript at all and just calculate her GPA without this community college class? Or include it on her high school transcript for credit and take the GPA hit? Or doesn't it matter what I do since the college transcripts will all be sent to each college anyway? I mean, it's going to be seen and she has to own it, I understand that. But I don't know if it's acceptable and a better option to exclude it for high school credit and from the transcript for GPA purposes.
  11. Not trying to be contrary, either, but we had DD at a large 4 year uni in a major US city at 15 and she did not see drug use on campus, foul language in class, or any other behavior you would characterize as "extreme". It may be because she took a night class, but most of her classmates were adults who worked all day and were taking part-time school at night and more interested in learning than partying. At any rate, we knew she was ready when she was able to handle her coursework with minimal guidance from me , and when she could reason out the best course of action in an academic subject, and was willing to interact with the instructor on her won behalf and without my direct assistance.
  12. What type of food do you like? There is a great restaurant near the Chrysler called "The Monastery"; it is moderately expensive, small with a great atmosphere, has delicious food (to die for desserts), and a chef/owner who comes out and circulates and talks to diners. The place isn't suitable to a large, raucous family, but our family of 4 eats there and fits in and loves it. Website: If that's a bit to cozy and quiet for you and if you are looking for something a bit more casual, there are tons of restaurants along Granby Street (where The Monastery is located and within walking distance of the Chrysler. As for a bakery: Naa's Bakery, but you'll need a car to get there from the Chrysler area.
  13. I'll bet good money you have a low water, HE washer. Ditch it and get an old model washer with full water capacity and an agitator and spend cash to refurbish the old model.
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