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  1. I wonder if this is a renewable grant that will allow this to be available for future years too?
  2. I have got so much homeschooling curriculum I need to sell, and was thinking of taking it up to the HEAV convention in Richmond this June. I have never sold anything there before, and was wondering if there were any Virginians here who have sold items at that convention? What was your experience there as a seller? Do things that are up-to-date and in good condition actually sell? I am trying to figure out if it's worth the effort for me to lug so many boxes of books up there.
  3. So, it turns out I have the entire K12 Human Odyssey series buried on my shelf! So it makes sense to use that, but before I decide, what are the differences between Spielvogel and K12 Human Odyssey?
  4. I have huge, wide feet and I find New Balance fits wide feet very well. I shop online with Zappos, because finding shoes to fit me is so time-consuming otherwise (if I can even find anything).
  5. I’ve awarded credit in the year the course was completed, and I have carried a course over 2 years, for various reasons.
  6. I'm looking for recommendations for high school world history. Something comprehensive, and teacher supports would be a bonus. We did the four year world history cycle for middle school, but DS is too time-pressed in high school to go that route again. We are looking for a 1-credit-worthy course.
  7. I don't think you made fatal error, but in the future, I would just stick to the standard formal cover letter and let humor come across as anecdotes or examples in the interview. Humor and tone come across better in person.
  8. East side in the 50s and 60s is nice - walking distance to GCT and a quiet, safe, walkable neighborhood with reasonably -priced (for Manhatten) hotels. We stay at the San Carlos Hotel when we go to NYC. I think the Marriott in Times Square is nice for holidays, but otherwise, a cheaper hotel is more desirable imo. Whatever you do, be sure and hop the train to Little Italy for dinner!
  9. DD applied to and was accepted at all 7 colleges to which she applied. She received Presidential or Trustee scholarships at all of those colleges, as well. We are enormously proud of her.
  10. One thing about this article that bothers me is the regular denigration of those who (usually stay-at-home mothers) choose to make the home and children their work choice. The author repeatedly refers to being "stuck at home", "relegated to the kitchen", etc... But never mentions being "caught in the trap of breadwinner" or "tied to a paycheck". He's part of the problem when he devalues building a community of people to take care of kids and the elderly.
  11. I'm sorry for your hard times, Margaret. As to the bolded: Lots of people don't realize that older people suffer workplace discrimination, and on top of that, don't have the financial recovery time that younger people do before they are forced to recover due to illness or infirmity.
  12. To the bolded: I agree with you completely here. This isn't far to the left, really; it describes conservatives quite well. COnservatives beleive in taking care of their family and friends.
  13. I used Zumdahl with DD and will be using it for DS next year. It is fabulous - comprehensive, has test forms, worksheet forms, a teacher manual, and answer keys for teh whoel nine yards. Was reasonably priced on Amazon, too.
  14. Second option - to community college. Life is too short to persist where he is unhappy and not doing well.
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