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  1. Reefgazer

    Asking for exceptions

    If it doesn't put the other person out too much, I don't see asking for an exception as a big deal.
  2. Reefgazer

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Yes, his grandmother was instrumental. It was most notable that what he *didn't* have in his ear was some official telling him that he was a victim and couldn't count on his own ingenuity and hard work to get him out. I think that is true for many; it was true for me.
  3. Reefgazer

    Need Recommendations For A New DIshwasher

    I am afraid of buying a new dishwasher because of what happened when we had to replace our old washing machine. We bought a recommended HE top loader and before two years had passed, it started to leak. This, after I spent the time we did have it cursing it for leaving my clothes dingy and not being able to get an adequate amount of actual hot water into the tub. I finally replaced it with a Speed Queen and all is well now, but our money was wasted on that useless HE machine. We have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher now that is noisy and I think is now dead (DH will have to check it out for sure), but when I replace it, I don't want to blow money on something that was recommended yet doesn't have the features I really want (real hot water, drying feature, etc...).
  4. Reefgazer

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I agree with your previous post entirely, but I took something entirely different away from Hillbilly Elegy. I thought the author was pointing out how good choices could often overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.
  5. Look into the private school job. You don't have to accept it, but it will be good to have that as an option.
  6. Reefgazer

    Gymboree is closing

    I also used to buy most of my kids' clothing there when they were really little. I saw the quality fall about 15 years ago, and then it slipped badly again not too long after that. I stopped buying it because at that point it just became another cheaply made clothing line with crappy quality. I thought back then that they wouldn't last because they were charging high prices for stuff that was garbage.
  7. Reefgazer

    Gymboree is closing

    That sweater/sweatshirt thing is hideous.
  8. Our dishwasher died, and I am in need of recommendations for a new one. I am not interested in the energy-saving ones that don't get dishes clean, don't have a drying cycle, and don't have an option for a truly hot-water wash. Energy-saving is great, as long as my dishes get cleaned, sanitized, and dried. Price is not a huge concern. I think I am looking for the dishwasher version of a Speed Queen washer, LOL.
  9. I agree with the judge. A person who improves her score and is automatically accused of cheating, without other evidence, is not acceptable. Now if there is additional evidence, that's another story, but a score increase is not enough to suspect cheating, IOMO.
  10. We did not do this, because DD's barn work in addition to riding was extensive, but there is a great horse anatomy coloring book available, and you can buy a small model of a horse for her to put together for some lab science experience.
  11. Reefgazer

    Type 2 diabetes

    We have a Proform (which I have to waddle upstairs and use *right now*) and we love it!
  12. Reefgazer

    Type 2 diabetes

    I'm a night-time eater, as well. You know what works for me to stop that? Going to bed earlier, before I start craving crap. Sounds so simple, but it's hard for me to develop the self-discipline to go to bed early.
  13. Reefgazer

    Type 2 diabetes

    Whoops - nevermind! I see you answered my question down the page!
  14. My DD did Equine Science in middle school and also in high school (9th grade). In high school, she also used the Parker book, with her barn experience counting as lab work. The Parker book has a full credit's worth of science, IMO, and if your DD does substantial work besides riding at the barn, I think you are justified in calling it a full lab science credit. For example, my DD not only rides, but during the year she took the class she helped with dosing of vaccines and meds, feeding, grooming, and saw and dealt with a variety of horse health issues (colic, founder, abcess, etc). So, my own DD has a full credit of lab science in biology, chemistry, and physics, and half a lab science credit in marine biology and the biology if leafcutter ants in Costa Rica (which involved a specialized trip to CR). I will probably use her equine science as an elective because she has enough science credits, but I may also swing it the other way when all is said and done on the transcript, because I feel it was lab-credit-worthy. If your class hasn't got a substantial amount of non-riding barn work, though, I still think it is more than worthy of a full non-lab science credit. There is a lot of science in that book - mostly equine anatomy and physiology.
  15. Did she take the placement test and actually place into Algebra I? If not, she may be missing pre-requisites. IF so, she just may not click with Saxon and I would try another program.
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