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  1. A dermatologist, honestly. With both my kids, the acne was only under control with a topical antibiotic and prescription face wash; OTC did nothing.
  2. Sounds like Moe's - my daughter worked there and had the same problem and they didn't provide gloves. Finally I provided gloves (we didn't ask, we just bought them and she used them), but water got inside them because they were too short for their sink. Her manager was more receptive though. I finally got industrial, longer gloves. The other manager's don't have much power over another one. Try going up above the manager's head, and then higher and higher, even to the owner if you need to (at my DD's job, the owner was there working occasionally and very receptive to talking to employees
  3. My kid was a middle school nightmare during early puberty. But hang on, because things will get exponentially better by 9th grade. All the emotional bullshit and fighting was gone by 9th grade. 8th grade was a nightmare, and then poof! by the beginning of 9th, it was gone! I'm not sure why, but it did coincide with when he got heavily and seriously into football, and after that things got better and his schoolwork improved, as well. He now spends 2-3 hours a day on vigorous exercise outside of football season and 3 hours per day in football season, and I actually think that was the key f
  4. I’m thinking for decor, mostly. What I would like is a set up with sheers that would let light in that I could also close the heavier drape over to blackout light when I Sleep.
  5. We are redoing our bedroom and I need some window treatment ideas. We have a sliding glass door to our balcony. What would you use for an updated window treatment on this door? We’re painting a neutral, warm sand color, and I am absolutely bad with color schemes. Floor will be light oak, rug is patterned with blue background/main color.
  6. I did not grade homework at all; I considered it practice work.
  7. LL Bean has quality sheets that are comfy and hold up tor epeated washings.
  8. Nioxin worked wonders for me. If you have a wad of money to spend on shampoo, Zenagen is a higher quality shampoo with the same results, but leaves a nicer texture on the hair. Be forewarned that these shampoos won't work for about 1/3 of the people who try them, but the change was dramatic for me; it took 2-3 months to see notable progress.
  9. I have been teaching for almost 20 years at the college level, and I have seen a huge degradation over that time span. From year to year, it's only a small amount, but from 10 years ago, 20 years ago, it's huge.
  10. One child used History Odyssey's Ancient History Level 3 and the second child used SWB's History of the Ancient World. We were very happy with both, although the HO history is very in-depth, requires more than a credit's worth of work, and can be difficult to schedule because one day is a slight amount of work and the next day is an essay.
  11. I mark the wrong answers, grade accordingly, and make him/her fix them for no points. If the student does not understand the wrong answers, we review then together. If there is a major not understanding issue, we re-do the unit and re-do the test. I do this whether the student got an "A" or not; we always review incorrect asnwers.
  12. I kept the middle school work because when DD was in middle school and was not sure if she would homeschool high school, a few private schools told me they could give her credit for her high school courses done on middle school with evidence and test scores. So I hung onto them once DD had her diploma in hand. The chance we would need them was astronomically small, but hey, if that asteroid hit us, we were prepared!
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