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  1. This is so clichéd...I bought a broom from the Fuller brush man! Yes, they are excellent brooms, as it turns out.
  2. Yes, they work. After several days of using them, your teeth can feel sensitive upon brushing. In that case, I just skip the rest (since the majority of the whitening happens in the first 3-4 days anyway). What white strips you buy depends on how long you leave them on - the extra strength ones typically require 30 minutes per day for a few weeks. I always use Crest extra-strength ones. I don't know if they can hurt your health long term, but short term they are OK.
  3. This book, right here: Someone recommended it to me for a student who had not been taught math and needed a quick catch-up. It's perfect for this - clear, concise, starts at the beginning and moves quickly through to college algebra, and has answers for self-check. I like it for adults because no matter where you are, you can self-test out of a chapter and move quickly to where you need help/
  4. I have finally begun my Counselor section of the Common App, and of course, I am already hung up. Under "School Profile" it asks me how many AP/IB/Honors courses are offered. DD has 24 credits of dual enrollment, but there is no option to check for DE courses. I offered her 2 honors courses (non-college level), but she has 24 DE credits. Where do I indicate DE options? Do they get included with honors? The article below says it is important to "List DE (dual enrollment) classes and university classes as Honors if you have done so on the transcript. Make sure this list matches the transcript!". However, I did not designate DE credits as honors on the transcript; I designated them "Dual Enrollment". What do I do here?
  5. I just finished this this evening on your advice. I feel good that this one major thing is now crossed off my to-do list!
  6. This is so stressful. I am normally a very chilled-out person, but I am paralyzed that I am going to screw something up for DD. Anyway, here is our progress: First deadline - December 15 Common App Profile - Not started Common App Education - Done Common App Testing - Done Common App Activities - Done Common App Courses/Grades - Done LOR - sent off 3 (1 is completed) Counselor Letter - Not even started (Aaaackk!) School profile - Not even started (Double Aaaackkkk!) Transcript - Done Course descriptions - Done Common App Essay - Not started Supplement Essay #1 - Not started Supplement Essay #2 (if applicable) - Not started FAFSA - Done
  7. I am starting to think it's just easier to fill out applications individually for the schools the kid wants to attend. DD has those done already. The CA is ridiculous and I will re-think using it for DS if colleges offer another option.
  8. You're ahead of me. I'm paralyzed by stress, which is weird for me.
  9. There is a place on the CA for us to enter DD's class rank. Should I put "1 of 1", or leave it as "not ranked"? where/how do we invite a counselor to upload their recommendations and school profile? Does the transcript get uploaded by their guidance counselor under their section, or elsewhere? Do outside dual enrollment transcripts get directly sent from the colleges, or do they somehow get uploaded onto the common app?
  10. Memoria Press Forms series for Latin and Saxon math.
  11. If you are up in the Adirondacks: Whiteface Mountain (especially for winter skiing), Lake George, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort William Henry, Lake Champlain, fishing in the Ausable River, High Falls Gorge.
  12. I did this program last year with DD and I am doing it this year with DS and I absolutely love, love, love this program and think that it is one of the best programs out there for mastery of physics! I have been looking for something similar to this for biology. I know that Novare has a biology book in development, but I am still thinking about it since it doesn’t seem to treat evolution at all and avoids the topic entirely. Also, I supplemented the labs with additional labs of my own, since I thought the program was light on labs.
  13. Very helpful! So I see they do have a separate column for before 9th grade.
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