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  1. DD would like to use her DE credits for both high school and college credit, but I have heard that some schools make the student choose one or the other. How do I find out which schools allow a student to use them for both? The colleges DD visited (we haven't applied yet) haven't responded to my direct request about this. Is there a website that complies this info? FWIW, these are state universities in NY that we are looking at.
  2. I am currently writing course descriptions for DD for her math courses. She has used Saxon math all through high school, so the geometry is worth 1 credit and was integrated into Algebra I, Algebra II, and the Advanced Mathematics books. When I list the textbooks used for geometry, what do I list? Just the Advanced Mathematics book, which is when she completed geometry (even though part of the geometry was scattered throughout the previous books)? Or shall I list all three textbooks under "Geometry", since there was geometry in all books.
  3. Certain specialty cheeses I find hard to locate elsewhere. I am a cheese-a-holic.
  4. My DS wears a size 16 shoe, so I feel your pain. We can find even those at Zappos; they have nearly everything shoe-related. However, you won't get off cheap with a DS with big feet. I've had some luck with large and wide shoes at Shoe Dept. , if you have one of those in a mall near you., and have found soccer cleats in this size at Amazon.
  5. For myself, I know that I grab unhealthy fast food when I am tired, rushed, or both. I think our fast-paced lifestyle contributes to grabbing unhealthy food for many reasons, and to fix this, we will need to dial back our lives and slow down. I think dialing back our lives, slowing down, spending real time with our families, making time for leisure, etc...would actually help us eat better. I do not see this happening on a large scale, but certainly, individual families can re-set their lives to do this.
  6. Well, assigning one credit for both semesters of pre-calculus makes sense to me. I just don’t know how to word that on the transcript because everything else is one semester equals one credit and I have a note that I follow public school protocol. Do I have to note that this is an exception? Also, DD received different grades for the two semesters. How would I list that on my high school transcript when the college transcript says differently?
  7. I have yet another assigning credits question (well, two questions), this time regarding math and science. Can you tell I am deep in the transcript weeds? 1. Our local high school assigns 1 high school credit for each DE semester class at the local college; I am following their credit designations in counting DE credits. Pre-calculus in high school is one credit, but my DD took Pre-calculus at the local college over 2 semesters ("Pre-calculus" I and "Pre-calculus II with Trigonometry"). Should I assign 1 high school credit for each of these semester courses (for a total of 2 Pre-calculus credits) or just 0.5 credit for both courses (for a total of 1 Pre-calculus credit)? 2 Credits seems a lot for Pre-calculus. OTOH, if I am consistent and following our local high school, it would be worth 2 credits. When I was in high school, Trigonometry was 1 year/1 credit and Pre-calculus was another year and also 1 credit. FWIW, DD will have 4 high school math credits if I count each semester as 0.5 credit and 5 high school math credits if I count each as 1 credit. 2. About assigning science credits: DD will graduate with 4 credits of lab science. She completed an Equine Science course with a college-level text and spent 3 hours per week working at a barn, where she was able to put much of what she learned in the text to use. Should this course be an elective or a science course?
  8. So very sorry for the loss of your mom. People grieve in different ways, and if your mom was sick and you witnessed her decline, you were intimately tied up in the process. My cousins, who are older than me and who have seen husbands and parents pass, have *all* told me that I would be unbearably tired for the year after my dad's death. Holy Moses, they were not kidding! I woke up and immediately tried to arrange my day in order to catch a nap, I tried to lay down whenever I could during the day, and I went to work at night telling myself that in only 5 hours, I could go to bed for the night. It was a sleep year, no doubt about it. I am not sure if it was depression, or exhaustion from caring for dad and his business, or just stress from dealing with the estate issues, but I was like flippin' Rip van Winkle for nearly a year.
  9. I dunno what others do, but in our household, phones go into airplane mode at bedtime, including my own. Exception: My phone was on when my dad was sick in the hospital and dying.
  10. I probably wouldn't say anything if I was only there one night, but in the event you return there, I would bring it up by saying that seeing it loaded and on the kids nightstand is *your* hang-up and would they mind locking it away just because you are a bit squirrely about it. IOW, put it on you, and broach it as your problem. I'm with you, though, on most cultural topics, but this would also make me uncomfortable, because they are minors, and by definition, have immature cerebral cortexes and poor impulse control.
  11. I do believe that an appropriate use of prison is reform, rehabilitation, and punishment. Sometimes, just outright punishment and nothing else, and that is acceptable for something this horrendous.
  12. Yes, this is what Imeant - I do not think they are re-habilitatable. I know that's not an actual word...
  13. At my school, absolutely nothing of consequence; I gave him an "F" for the exam. It is very hard to get a "conviction" for cheating; there has to be almost no other explanation for the behavior in question and directly observed. Even then, a first offense is on the academic record, but no instructor is allowed to know a cheater's history, so if you catch them cheating and have a range of options, your instruct isn't to stick it to them good because you assume it's a first offense. (well, at least I do)
  14. Ah, DD took the ACT today and when I read through the rules, I wondered about that restriction!
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