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  1. LOL, I was just thinking something along those lines. If I had hair that gorgeous, I wouldn't give a hoot where it hung!
  2. I need bra advice. For years, I've bought Lane Bryant bras, but in recent years they've gone downhill - wires popping out, rough fabric, and elastic stretching prematurely are my main complaints. I tried Torrid and found cheap elastic, as well. So I am on the hunt for a top-quality bra. My requirements: Fits a large bust (40DD), underwire, excellent support, unlined or lightly-lined. Any ideas?
  3. I already bought the double rods, and was leaning toward the off-white sheers. I didn't buy them yet because I wanted to wait and see what advice was offered here. But with definitely warm walls, and creamy undertones, I see I need the ivory sheers.
  4. OK, so this was helpful. The walls are definitely a warm color; even non-artistic me can see that. And now that you've posted these links, it gives me somewhere to start; I like those options and can see that they can work.
  5. I'm so sorry. Dog poo and destruction don't sound like a hoarder, they sound like a person who can't cope because of dementia or being older. I'm not excusing it, but maybe that's why he moved in with his son, because he can't function on his own.
  6. A few things to consider, because I had a lifelong puker that got worse with age. Hairballs will do this until the hairball is tossed up. Kidney failure will also do this, and it can start surprisingly early and it gets worse with age. I assume the vet has looked at her kidney function?
  7. I have no problem with it as a personal belief system, but it isn't science, doesn't meet any of the definitions of science, and shouldn't be taught as science.
  8. OK, so I made a mistake - the carpet has deep red/maroon a background color with hints of blue and off white. Also, I hate super dark colors like dark blue or maroon at the window because I really like a lot of light. What lighter colored curtains could I use that would look OK?
  9. Praying for your recovery!
  10. A dermatologist, honestly. With both my kids, the acne was only under control with a topical antibiotic and prescription face wash; OTC did nothing.
  11. Sounds like Moe's - my daughter worked there and had the same problem and they didn't provide gloves. Finally I provided gloves (we didn't ask, we just bought them and she used them), but water got inside them because they were too short for their sink. Her manager was more receptive though. I finally got industrial, longer gloves. The other manager's don't have much power over another one. Try going up above the manager's head, and then higher and higher, even to the owner if you need to (at my DD's job, the owner was there working occasionally and very receptive to talking to employees
  12. My kid was a middle school nightmare during early puberty. But hang on, because things will get exponentially better by 9th grade. All the emotional bullshit and fighting was gone by 9th grade. 8th grade was a nightmare, and then poof! by the beginning of 9th, it was gone! I'm not sure why, but it did coincide with when he got heavily and seriously into football, and after that things got better and his schoolwork improved, as well. He now spends 2-3 hours a day on vigorous exercise outside of football season and 3 hours per day in football season, and I actually think that was the key f
  13. I’m thinking for decor, mostly. What I would like is a set up with sheers that would let light in that I could also close the heavier drape over to blackout light when I Sleep.
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