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  1. Middle Ages lit for 6th could include Adam of the Road, the Door in the Wall, Robin Hood, and King Arthur.
  2. We'll be tent camping 2-3 times this year. Our main event is a trip to the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone. The last time DH was talking with his boss, his boss said he'd make a note that we camped before it was cool. 😎
  3. It went into our budget, which is the only budget. I have never earned an income while married and all the money DH earns is our money. We spent it on furniture and charitable donations.
  4. I posted this on Facebook too, in case you see it twice. Help with 6th grader, please! We've used MM for his entire math career and he's done well with it in the past - not always stellar, but decent. He just took the 6th grade final test and scored 73% (passing is 80%). There are of course some sections he did better in, but there are still only 2 sections he scored 90%+. So he failed 6 topics on the test. My plan was to finish out the school year with 7a, then next school year do VideoText which has a pre-algebra element as it's first module, so he would double up on some topi
  5. Take everything you just said, write it in a beautiful card, and send it to her.
  6. We've never discussed it, but now DH helps the kids wrap the presents that are from them, including for my and my son's December birthdays. Then I'm mostly in charge of gifts from DH and me to the kids and extended family. We usually have a "wrapping party" together the last few days before Christmas to do the Santa gifts.
  7. I've listened to different ones at different times including Scole Sisters, the Mason Jar, Pam Barnhill's stuff, Ask Andrew from CIRCE, and Memoria Press has one that just started but I haven't listened at all.
  8. Thank you all again for your help! Mom is doing well and resting. For better for worse, I'm allowed to come and go freely so I was able to wait in my car during the surgery and recovery instead of in the waiting room (the weather here is perfect for waiting outside, sorry not sorry). There's a cafeteria with limited hours and all vending is closed, so I'm glad I can go out to get food or coffee when I want to.
  9. The Tending List is a wonderful habit to lay out your goals into manageable steps and is easily DIY. Another major part of the planner is the Prep Work in the whole front section of the book. It has guided questions, journal prompts, and reflections to help you figure what really matters to you and what legacy you want to leave - which will help with goal creation and motivation. So if you're pretty solid on your goals, you maybe don't need the Prep Work. I do/did find it valuable to me. I did my first set of Prep Work in July 2020 and, despite all the new year excitement , I do not
  10. Thank you all for your help! I'm definitely adding some more to my list.
  11. Hello, all! I'm coming out of lurkdom with a question. My mom is having surgery next week and I will be taking "charge" of her. It's neck surgery and she'll be in the hospital for 1-2 nights assuming all goes well. The hospital requested that I stay in the room with her so my question is... what do I bring for myself, for her, and in light of COVID? I've only stayed in a hospital postpartum and have never been there as the "helper" person. I normally use a cloth, reusable mask, but I'm gonna try to pick up some N95s to wear while at the hospital. So far I have a change of clothes or
  12. Is Germany off the Mad Cow disease list? I was born and lived there for 2 years as an American citizen in the 80s, but I just looked through the Red Cross list and it doesn't say anything about Germany anymore.
  13. Maybe 1 box a month, on average? We keep a box in each of our two bathrooms, and one in each of our two cars - but those are rarely used. I also have a stash of lotion tissues for when someone is sick and using a bunch in a day.
  14. I love my Pocket Camp. I play it way too much. We have wifi at our house so I can play it easily. I can play it on data too, but I rarely do that. And it's free.
  15. I've heard of Andrew Pudewa's lecture on Teaching Boys Who Would Rather Be Building Forts and wanted to listen to it. So I searched for it and there are audios and podcasts and books and videos and and. So, which one of these is the "real" one? Or the original one? Or your favorite one?
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