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  1. Ours came direct deposit today (15th). Our 2020 return was processed in March.
  2. carriede


    I wasn't too happy with it. It answered questions, I guess. But it felt anticlimatic to me - maybe that's before I knew there'd be a Season 2 (stamped on a file in the credits). Definitely setting up for the new bad guy(s). I'm very curious as to what Miss Minutes gave Renslayer to read that made her leave. I do find it interesting that you have so much character development in Loki, but Sylvie confirms that most Lokis don't experience that.
  3. Same here for my just-turned 12 yo! His arm hurt Friday evening and a little again on Saturday. Never hurt enough to take a pain killer.
  4. There's a chance DS will be attending public school in 8th grade, so I'm trying to create 7th writing sequence that will be helpful if he goes next year. We use mostly Memoria Press, so he's completed the first 3 levels of Classical Composition. CC does NOT follow any semblance of a public school writing curriculum, so I fear there could be some unknown "lingo", procedures, etc that he would just be expected to know. CC is great for logical thinking, but has little to no practice in writing to a prompt or particular sentence or paragraph composition. So, I would like to choose a workbook type program that is not intensive that will introduce him to all those things I fear he's lacking. He also has the tendency to complete an assignment in as few words as possible, so I'd like to work on diction and description. This would be in addition to "writing across the curriculum" as topics present themselves. Between his literature studies and American history, I don't think we'll be lacking for material. I'm looking specifically at Jump In or Killgallon's Sentence Composing and/or Paragraphs for Middle School. Can anyone speak to either of those books or some other option I should consider? Thank you!
  5. carriede


    LOVED IT! I had to twist my head around to remember that we're watching 2012 Loki and not post-Ragnkrok Loki. Definitely setting up for the Dr. Strange movie.
  6. I love my Lunette! I have a very heavy flow thr first two days (and nights), and the cup makes life livable.
  7. An engineering/programing idea that gives an opportunity to be creative: https://www.turingtumble.com/
  8. I had a sore arm for 3 days after the first shot, only sore for 1 day after the second. DH, though, he had a sore arm after the first shot, but the second shot knocked him out for about 24 hours. Tired and achy all over with a fever. No sore arm though. He took one day off work. But then he had night sweats the night his fever broke and again 2 nights later.
  9. You can put a layer of polyurethane on a wood table top to seal it from water.
  10. Bible: I use a lot of Memoria Press curricula, and I use their Bible history as well known as Christian Studies. It's a historical, facutal study with no added theology. It's once, maybe twice a week with daily flashcard review if desired. Catechism: Faith and Life. One chapter a week, read then discuss with just the text book. Some years I have them memorize the questions and answers depending on the other coursework load. This is in addition to our parish's RE program. Saints: I've been loosely following Mater Amabilis' sequence and that has worked well for us. My middle schooler is doing the Vision series with whatever Saints fit his history time period. So it's mostly independent reading a few times a week, or a read aloud with the youngers. You can add a written narration if you want, but I just let them read for exposure. Hope that helps!
  11. In the small coat closet in by the front door. It hangs on a pushpin on the wall the closet door is on, so it doesn't touch anything but the wall and you dont even see it if you don't know it's there.
  12. We're going to continue with Memoria Press for most things. Latin: Second Form Latin Math: Math Mammoth 7 Literature/Reading: MP 7 Writing: CC Confirmation and Refutation Grammar: English Grammar Recitation III Spelling: Spelling Workout book F, maybe? History: MP 7 includes • Famous Men of Greece with the Greek Alphabet • American History • continue Book of Centuries Science: Novare's Physical Science Religion • Bible: Christian Studies IV • Catechism: Faith and Life book 7 • Saints: Vision Books series He'll also continue Scouts BSA and tennis camps from time to time.
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