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  1. How exciting! We considered the flex bow, but we went with their cabin tent with the awning and walls (6 people, 4 tiny but growing fast!). We were able to cook under the awning while it was raining and it worked out nicely. But either way, the canvas kept the temperature much more constant and felt much softer to just be in. Very refreshing.
  2. Check out for using c-rods or other base ten blocks.
  3. With only 2 inches left, I'd go for a booster.
  4. Pic of the fork clip things. I'm not good with names...
  5. For our full size bikes, DH put fork bracket things onto a 2x4, which he secured to the front railing of the trailer (next to the spare tire) with an adjustable plumbers ring thing. He let's out some air from the back tire so it can grip more securely, then he ties them down to the trailer with tie-downs. For the kids bikes, he stands them up, releases some air from the tires, then ties them down. Also, we have wood planks for our flooring, so DH screwed some extra hook things into the floor for the tie-downs to hook onto. Sounds odd, but we've done it for years. This is also how we pack for camping.
  6. We've been tent camping for 7 years. We started at Disney with plenty of family support (camping with young children!). But last year we took our first extended trip by ourselves. We went for two weeks to North Georgia, Pisgah National Forest, and Smokey Mountain National Park. And now we're planning one for this fall to include Niagara Falls and Acadia National Park. Our extended family (DH camped with his family growing up) keeps wondering when we're going to get a camper... but we have to haul too many people and too much equipment as it is! Maybe my tune will change as I get older, but for now we prefer the tent. In fact, we just purchased our first canvas tent. We used it in N GA over spring break and it works well so far! The more common plastic tents are SO HOT in the South. When we camp, we camp to camp - we don't do too much sight-seeing or day trips. It takes a bit of effort to get all 6 of us fed throughout the day, cleaned up, etc... plus my kids are young enough that just exploring the woods and trails nearby are enough for them. My DH LOVES to camp, but for me it's an aquired taste - I never call it a vacation since I'm still doing so many household duties, but it is a nice change of pace and a lot more peaceful and calm (as long as it isn't raining!)
  7. This is what we've done for years - Live of lasts month's pay.
  8. Ecclesiastical here. We're Catholic, so my kids will be hearing and speaking Latin at church (sporadically, we don't have Latin Mass here). I'd like for them (and me) to only worry about one type of pronunciation for the time being. I don't imagine it will be difficult to adjust to classical if/when the time comes.
  9. It looks like you're looking for Pre-Alegbra? Math Mammoth 7 is basically Pre-A, though I haven't used it myself (yet). It's in one self-contained workbook/textbook, so the teaching "boxes" are interspersed with the exercises.
  10. I used cuisinaire rods in conjunction with MM1. Any base 10 block would help.
  11. Our metal framed Kelty carrier says 5 years old, but I'm sure that would depend on the weight of the kid. It also says as young as 1 yo, but IMO it's WAY to big for a 1 yo. For my mei tei, I haven't used it since my new 3 yo was a new 2 yo. It would probably be okay for a 3 yo if you got the balance right and everyone stays COMFORTABLE the whole time.
  12. There has been discussion recently on the MP boards about the 9th grade placement of PS. There are several homeschoolers who agree that PS is firmly a middle school course, not high school.
  13. My dad would sometimes get on my mom about needing to workout. She would retort that she lifts weights every time she digs around the pots and pans cabinet to make dinner. 😉
  14. Yes, my first thought when I read the OP was that I would be a nun. But, I'd have to have memories of my current life to understand why I'd do that as opposed to being a wife and mother.
  15. My doc said 600-800mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours. Definitely up the dose. He even gave me a script for something stronger, though I didn't need it.
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