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  1. When our theater went to this, they installed kiosks for printing out the tickets without going to the counter. We just scan a qr code and they print.
  2. I agree that you need to try to use these threats to get him evaluated ASAP. Sending you so many hugs and praying that the boy you knew will come back out as the man you know he can be. He’s in there somewhere crying out to be found and brought into the light.
  3. Were they offering an extended warranty for an additional fee?
  4. While I am grateful that the two young men in the most recent shootings acted to save lives, it sickens and saddens me to realize that we are asking our children to sacrifice their lives so we don’t have to fix the very obvious problems in our society.
  5. This!! Re-engagement with our families and local communities is where most of our energy should go.
  6. Glad you went in. I hope you get answers and there's a simple and easily treated explanation.
  7. I agree! I don't understand YA as a genre really. I went straight to adult fiction as well. I don't really recall YA as a large share of the market when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth. I'm dating myself but the only specifically targeted YA stuff I remember was Judy Blume. I thoroughly enjoyed reading adult fiction in my English classes as a high school student. I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy.
  8. I think that speaks to our times. In times where things feel bleak, the literature tends to reflect that. There has always been dystopian fiction around, but I remember wondering about it becoming such a popular YA genre a few years ago. I kept thinking that either the young people were terrified and prepping themselves for the future, or their lives were so cushy as to not feel threatened by the possibility that the books they were reading could be prophetic.
  9. I agree that there have always been books with this in it. There just used to be more that were quality reads without it. I think that's what we're noticing.
  10. There was a TedX talk by James O'Keefe called "Run for your life. At a comfortable pace and not too far." It addresses overuse of the heart (he's a cardiologist.) It was really interesting. I think the same can be applied to overuse of muscles, bones and joints, as well. Personally, everything I've read and watched has caused me to conclude that moderate cardio every day, stretching of some kind every day and strength training a few times per week are the key ingredients to physical well-being. That and a diet that is based on real, whole foods, mostly plants. It seems our culture never ceases to create new idols for itself and right now, one of the ones I see is worship of the body and being "in shape", regardless of whether what one is doing to stay in shape is part of a balanced life or not.
  11. I've noticed the same trend. Every year when I look at the Newbery Award list these days, it's either tragedy or coming of age with some major life problems. A few years ago our library cleaned out many good and great titles to make room for books like this, fantasy series or animal series. I have purchased many titles that my older kids read from the library that I can no longer get there.
  12. This. Especially the fine print. And I totally think that should be a word.
  13. I wouldn’t drop it from your diet if it’s not causing you a problem. People who go gluten free who do not have celiac are sometimes actually sensitive to fructans not gluten. Here is an article. If neither is bothering enjoy!
  14. Can you see about doing it at an outpatient surgery center? They generally have lower fees. Check if your dentist/oral surgeon has privileges at one of those.
  15. Do you have any pasta? I often make a cream or cheese sauce for it and then put ham and a vegetable like peas or broccoli.
  16. We'll be here if it does. I'm so sorry for all you've been through and are still going through. You have been given very heavy burdens. Praying all goes your way for this program.
  17. Will they give you a temporary script to hold you over? I’ve had docs do that before.
  18. I have done that! They laugh along with me.
  19. Kids that age can still be very self-focused and not really thinking about you and your feelings. Please don’t take it personally.
  20. That is wonderful! So happy for you!
  21. Please tell me you reported this!! 😡 on your behalf!!
  22. Is there any way your family could relocate to somewhere with better supports for your family’s needs? Moving is hard, but this is unsustainable for all of you. You, your dh and your marriage are being sacrificed on the altar of your location. If at all possible, please research places your dh could be employed and your precious sons and your whole family could get the support you need.
  23. Praying. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.
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