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  1. So beautiful!! Congratulations to all.
  2. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this still. Praying that the clinic can help you. I don’t remember what all they’ve done for you, but a long haul friend had really good success with a course of steroids.
  3. She’s your baby and your heart. I’m definitely praying for her, in particular. Any time I see this request I also pray for all the rest, as well.
  4. Praying for her and all health care workers right now. It’s heartbreaking what this is doing to them.
  5. Can you provide a link to this? I had read it was only that the follow-up colonoscopy would be considered diagnostic, not preventive. That would be the only one you'd pay for that way, until the interval had passed for preventive screening on your plan.
  6. I would definitely call it good. This stuff is maddening, but I would trust the science. If it would ease your mind, use home rapid tests for a few days. They can tell you if you’re contagious. With a negative PCR at that point, your chances of actually having Covid are approaching zero. The home tests would be an inexpensive way to ease your mind each day until day 10.
  7. Praying for your mom and for you as you navigate all of this during these times. It’s hard in the best of times, but now it’s a nightmare.
  8. Would they be open to family counseling? There are some unhealthy dynamics here that need to be addressed.
  9. If I had that option, I would make sure I had my annual deductible in the main acount and invest the rest.
  10. What about unvaccinated people carrying illness, which is much more common? Is that not a problem?
  11. What Katy said about no longer covering 100%. You have to pay deductibles and copays now. I don’t think that it is headed the way of not covering it at all if you’re not vaccinated. They don’t do that for flu or shingles and there are vaccines for those.
  12. I’m so sorry that’s how it played out for you. That sounds really rough. There would be nothing wrong with taking the day off for the second half.
  13. I’d probably go with the preschool simply because of the schedule and it not being retail. Pharmacy can get really hectic and stressful. You have to deal with unhappy customers a lot. Personally, I have a lot more patience with a fussy infant than someone ticked off about the cost of a prescription.
  14. I grew up on Long Island and we knew how to prep for hurricanes. I think they hit the region frequently enough that most people do.
  15. I can commiserate. We live not very far from a small airport, mostly corporate jets and small planes, so not usually noisy. Until air show time, the two air shows near us use that as the practice base. You just reminded me that any day now they will start practicing for the Labor Day show. Maybe a Xanax?
  16. But the vaccine reduces transmission, symptoms, severe disease, hospitalization and death. Being unvaccinated does none of the above, and increases the chance of transmission and mutation which in turn leads to vaccine resistant variants and more sick, long term harmed and dead people. So, yeah, there are breakthrough infections and it is possible to transmit it, but being unvaccinated is by far the more dangerous position for both the individual and the rest of the world.
  17. Except there are no beds for people with other reasons. My elderly mother has been in an ER for over 24 hours waiting for a bed to open up. I have to admit to a little bit of anger that there are a whole lot of people in those beds who chose not to vaccinate and are now taking up the bed she needs. This did not need to be this way. Delta has spread because people didn’t vaccinate in large enough numbers. If they had, the virus would have hit a wall that it couldn’t get through and we wouldn’t be right back in this situation. That’s how public health works. We vaccinate to build a wall to protect the whole, not the individual. That we don’t get sick ourselves is the bonus. ETA: she is there for other reasons
  18. I am so sorry for all you are going through with this.
  19. Motherhood is so bittersweet. Congratulations on successful kids! Way to go Mom!
  20. Finishing summer with a couple of fun weeks when youngest returns from camp. Starting school. Bible Study starting back up.
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