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  1. Congratulations!! Is MIL excited to have the info? We recently found out we have 2 more cousins in my generation than we knew about. It’s so interesting.
  2. Are you on Mac or PC? Banktivity is for Mac and will do that. Similar to Quicken, but I like it better than Quicken
  3. I’m so sorry. You guys just can’t catch a break! I pray you find something soon.
  4. We try to enter everything, but we don’t always get around to entering bills we pay electronically or automatic payments. Those get pulled in. It’s a good doublecheck for us. I also use another financial software that has more functionality for investment accounts, so we’re actually keeping up two programs. And I do balance all our statements, too!
  5. For the most part, syncing works for us. The banks have been tightening up and every once in a while we have to re-enter our credentials. I'm actually glad, even though it's a pain. Other than that syncing is helpful. My dh and I try for a weekly budget meeting and it doesn't always happen. The more we do it, the better the finances are.
  6. Congratulations! He's so adorable!
  7. Our library lets you use any name you want for confidentiality, and will not let anyone other than the person it’s being held for check it out. Every item, not just the title, in our library has a unique barcode and that specific barcode is scanned to the hold for the patron. No-one else can check it out.
  8. Many wishes for continued to success in the process!
  9. I am so sorry this has happened. You are such a good daughter to figure this out and advocate for her so well. Prayers for all of you as you move forward through this together.
  10. Wow!! So impressive! That is a major accomplishment!
  11. That is A LOT of drama for such a short time. Good wishes for your sister's recovery and CPS stuff. I'm sure they'll realize that it's a false report quickly.
  12. We’ve had that happen to us. Even had in-laws discuss with each other what our childcare arrangements should be without our input. Those involved my divorced sister,who had kids of her own and dogs, to travel 750 miles to watch my kids for a week. All without even checking with us. Then putting us on the spot and basically guilting us when I had to explain all the ways that wouldn’t work. No fun.
  13. What the what??? Oh my word!! There is a whole lot out there I had no idea about!! I cannot imagine attending some place that has anything like this.
  14. If you’ve let them sleep there while you were married, it’s unlikely you could get that put into the custody agreement.
  15. We also, as some others have done, just explained that we wanted to be in our own home for Christmas. Also, we collectively realized that visiting at a holiday was just too intense for everyone and we didn’t really get to visit. When we arrived, there was still prepping for the holiday. Then there was the actual holiday itself which was exhausting in its own way. Then we might have a day or two to visit before we had to head home. We started visiting at other times of the year when we could focus on each other and not the holiday. You could also remind them of all the people who had to leave family for a better life 150 years ago and sometimes never saw each other in person again, maybe only got letters. At least now we get to text, talk and video chat with our far-flung family members.
  16. In the religious area, I hope you know you won’t lose your ability to receive communion simply for being divorced. That happens if you remarry without an annulment. From what you’ve posted in the past, I would be surprised if a declaration of nullity was not declared. It is a process and it is difficult, but those I’ve known who’ve gone through it say it has been very healing and helpful in moving forward. I’m sorry you are going through this and even have to think about it.
  17. With all those regrets, wouldn't you stop to think, "Hey, maybe I'll regret publishing this someday!"? I mean I think if I were learning to be more self-reflective, I'd probably be questioning my own judgment about publishing it.
  18. Reporting always comes with the bias of the reporter, no matter what the fairness doctrine says. I can present both sides of an argument but use vocabulary about one side that slants the coverage and makes one side appear to be the only right choice. Critical thinking skills are crucial in this area. Also, presuming good will is necessary. Many in the media present and treat someone who holds an opposing view as stupid or inhuman on both sides. Once they do that, I'm done. Unless and until all views are represented in any given newsroom, I don't think we'll get to any level of fairness. Newsrooms are heavily tilted to the left, a survey is done every so often and it's not looking great. Source. Until the people in the newsroom burst their own bubble, I don't think we will get there. FWIW, I only listen to NPR. I read my local paper, The Atlantic, the NY Times, Washington Post and BBC. I bear in mind that all of those entities exist to generate $$, even NPR. Without money, they go away, so it behooves them to present a certain view, the view of their donors and the people being advertised to.
  19. If you figure it out, let me a friend.
  20. You don’t have to answer, but are you on any medications for mental health? That sounds similar to some of the withdrawal effects of some of them.
  21. My grandparent who passed away was 2 weeks shy of 102.
  22. My oldest grandparent passed away last year at the age of 101. Born in 1916.
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