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  1. Rugrats in Paris because his little sister was our "chaperone." Haha
  2. We are seriously considering public school for next year, seventh grade, not because we nolonger want to homeschool, but because I will have to work. I have some of the same concerns as you. My daughter knows many girls at her future school through dance and church so that is helping. It is a good school. Public school was just never in our plans.
  3. We own The Historical Atlas of the Viking World. My husband says that the religion didn't completely die out and that there are still people worshipping Thor. He says that you need to read The Prose Edda. It is one of thr most comprehensive written collections of religious stories of Asatru, the Old Norse religion. He jokes that our boys are part Viking.
  4. Probably a public library or university library. I'm not sure. Libraries are my happy place so part of me thinks I would love the job, and another part of me thinks I should be a paralegal so the library can stay a place of refuge.
  5. I requested information from colleges and already have two appointments on Monday. One has a progran on site in my city and the other is an online college. Both offer Associates degrees for paralegal. I'm still in "do I really want to do this and how will I" research mode and those colleges contacted me very quickly.
  6. My degree is in education. I hope to do anything other than education. I've been looking into other things, perhaps library science or becoming a paralegal. In theory, I "could" get a master's in education. But I do not want to have a job in any field relating to education. At all.
  7. I have a degree in a field that I absolutely absolutely hate. Long story. How does going back to school work? Does getting another bachelor degree mean another four years of school? I'm willing to go back to school if it means getting out of our crappy situation in the long run. I've been a stay at home mom for years now, something I love and find very rewarding. But my husband doesn't have a degree, isn't willing to get one, and is having a very hard time finding a good job. But that is another post that I may or may not ever write.
  8. I'm not sure why you'd go through two different phonics programs, unless I'm missing something. Does OPG have things that 100EZ doesnt?
  9. Do you think we'll know by now if it was the worse strain? This is day 3 and he doesn't seem to be in any pain. Eating fine. The rash is worse around his mouth and diaper area, but mild everywhere else. He has it on the soles of his feet even!
  10. That sounds terrible. Poor baby has no fever and no sores though so I'm wondering if it is what he has. My sister said that the sores could show up in his mouth later though. He is also getting over the double ear infection that he had last week. We can't catch a break.
  11. Any experience? My two year old has it, according to his doctor. He is absolutely miserable, has the rash, but no sores in his mouth or a fever. I've been trying to keep him comfortable with oatmeal baths and children's advil if needed. Just waiting for it to run its course.
  12. We are. I had bought it too early and shelved it for nearly a year. It is the bulk of our special morning basket time when my daughter is doing independent work.
  13. She put it aside, for now. She is interested in reading The Help but hasn't started yet. We put the DVD on hold at the library. She grabbed There Eyes Were Watching God from my shelf and put it aside after a few chapters after she realized it was a love story and said "I have no interest in love stories right now."
  14. She came to me in tears after chapter 5 and does not want to finish the book. I'm torn between gently convincing her to finish reading it and telling her that she can stop. I assigned it because she needs to know that things like this happened (happen?) and that things like this should not happen. She is taking the mistreatment of the children because of their race very hard.
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