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  1. This attitude shocked me since this company actively recruits among students! Weird but unfortunately not unusual I guess. I've passed along all your replies. Thanks so much. His mom really wants him to submit a letter of resignation rather than telling his boss verbally. I feel sorry for him because he's a good kid and a hard worker. He would have been an asset to this company but... their loss!
  2. A friend's son who is attending a local college recently accepted a part-time job. It's just a job with nothing to do with his career plans. The job was billed as having flexible hours for students. The young man was clear about when he could work and his start date. I saw the email he sent to one of the interviewers. The information was clear. Now that he's started, the supervisor is overbearing about his inability to work certain days / hours because of his school schedule. He's been accused of putted his studies ahead of the job. He's looking for advice about how to word his letter
  3. This was so true for me! After I broke my right wrist, It took weeks before I began to feel normal. Thankfully, I had a great boss and co-workers who let me slide a bit at times at work and great daughters at home. I wish my doctor had been more upfront about the fatigue because I did worry about underlying problems, OP, I'm so sorry you broke your leg! Rest as much as you can and don't hestitate to ask for help when you need it. Time will do the rest.
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