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  1. It makes sense to me, insofar as mental illness can be genetic and could be a major cause behind both children being given up for adoption and divorce. Not to mention long-term damage done in utero from the abuse of things like alcohol, drugs, etc. The effects of that abuse could lead both biological parent and child to divorce.
  2. I want a day off, without needing to be the one to do all the work to make it happen. I want DH to find a sitter for a day, pay them (or call a friend or family member who will do it as a favour), and let me be shocked and surprised that I get a day to do whatever the heck I want with no one hanging off of me, asking me for more milk, telling me I marked their exam wrong, asking me for more milk, complaining that they have to dissect something for biology (yes, AGAIN, it's biology), whining about having to actually practice piano, asking me for more milk, begging for more time in front of the
  3. Not particularly. This is the banking district, with shopping and high-value high-rises interspersed among the business buildings and parks. There's a fairly strong multicultural presence here, but in my experience this part of downtown generally tends more towards Indian & Asian cultural influences than Muslim. (There are large Muslim communities in some surrounding Toronto suburbs, though, including the one in which the suspect lives; Richmond Hill is firmly upper middle class suburbia.) The attack is only a mile or so away from the Jane & Finch area, however, which is the center of
  4. Just posting to keep this on the first page! Thanks, Tsuga, you saved me a lot of frustration last night.
  5. Didn't the shooter target the freshman (or maybe it was sophomore) building? Nine of the kids killed were 14 or 15. How many of them were taken to a hospital 30 miles away? I can only imagine what their parents must be feeling when they hear this.
  6. Our family needs a bigger vehicle, 9 passengers minimum. A 10-12 passenger would leave us a bit more wiggle room, but 9 would work. I hate parking a minivan as it is, so I'm a bit leery of overly large vehicles. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Things to avoid, things that you liked, specific vehicle recommendations, etc? We really have no preference as to vehicle brand, etc, we just want something that can fit us all and get us from Point A to Point B.
  7. Calgary is a LOT colder in winter than you be prepared for, lol. That being said, there are a lot of smaller cities in Southern Ontario that have lower COL and a climate that's quite similar to the East Coast. (Quebec has this as well, but depending on where you move you may find that the culture is not overly welcoming to Anglophones.) The East Coast provinces have a MUCH lower COL, but also much fewer resources, lower pay, high unemployment, etc. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/07/12/best-cities-jobs-affordable-homes_n_10740892.html (Fair warning that anywhere within an hour of Toronto h
  8. On a case by case basis, I don't think it's rude for each person as individuals to ask about someone's heritage in the context of genuinely wanting to get to know someone better. It's not a question of it being racist or aggressive. BUT When I'm trying to get to know someone who's the same race as I am, I ask about what they do, what they enjoy, what their kids are like (if they have them), etc. I try to get to know who they are as people, and I enjoy the back and forth of a conversation about those sorts of things. If a person is a non-majority race and keeps getting questions like, "where
  9. My baby girl just turned 3, and she understands that Mother Gothel is bad, but not Hans. She understands that he hurts Anna's feelings at the end, but every time she watches "Love is An Open Door" she likes him again. The motivations there are too obscure for her to understand yet.
  10. I've given up. We have no shopping days or schedules anymore. Our life is just a mess of, "We're out of this, can you pick it up on your way home from work?" almost every day.
  11. It's not really fair to the siblings either for him to wait until tonight to bring it up; he knows they're assuming you guys will take them, and he's giving them all as limited time as possible to rearrange their own schedules if they DO want to take her. If one of the siblings DOES want to take her, they may need to talk to their boss or make other arrangements today. It's not really fair of him to toss that in their laps at the last minute. They SHOULDN'T be assuming that you guys will handle it, but you both know that they are. He should at least give them proper opportunity to help if they
  12. How would she react if you told her, "There was a misunderstanding, the service is next week. We'll be going with you!" And if she remembers or keeps asking about this one, just say, "Oh, that was a mistake, that's just her children getting together. The service is next week." And I would tear in to BIL for doing this to her.
  13. I hope things went well last night once he got home. I'm not quite sure what "going well" would look like at this point, but I hope any conversation with him has reassured you, either in that he agreed to go the priest or that you're more sure of the next steps you need to take. You have so many huge decisions coming up, and I know there's probably a big temptation to just bury your head in the sand and continue as if nothing had changed, but you're doing the right things by dealing with the issue, even though it's so difficult.
  14. From those first contractions where you go from mildly uncomfortable to "I think this might be it," my longest was 50 hours, my shortest 3 or 4 (I'm not quite sure at what point "real" labour started with that one, lol). The first four got increasingly shorter and shorter, with #4 landing at around 4-ish hours. I was worried about how fast #5 would be, but he also ended up taking about 4 hours, so maybe my body has finally figured this out.
  15. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this payment will only be given on condition of them signing a document saying they will not speak to the press about the incident nor testify in any court of law.
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