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  1. I was active here for a long time, then my family experienced an unexpected trauma last fall. I enrolled all of my kids, save the oldest, in school last August. My current 8th grader has covered very little school this year (other things took priority. Thankfully, the local prosecutor, her lawyer and therapists were all on board). We are moving over the summer and she'll be in a large Public School this fall (homeschooling won't be an option. This really is our best choice, individually and as a family). We essentially lost most of this year as school was not the priority (yay for the freedom to homeschool!) Here's where I need a little bit of help: we NEED to cover some topics before she hits high school. She's well read, but can't write well. Or rather, doesn't understand the rules to writing. I have three months to cover the most important aspects. So, what are those? I know we need to cover plagiarism and correctly using, citing sources. What else? What must we cover before she enters high school (Only looking for English/Reading/Writing topics. I have everything else covered.)
  2. They are really great. I am super thankful-they are doing that for me, not for him. Long term, I don't know if we'll stay here. It's very rural. Everyone knows. Everyone. It's too small a community for people to not know. We will likely move to the city (4 hours away) at the end of the year to live with my sister. But then what? I can find a job. But how do you decide what you want to do? I CAN and WILL do whatever is necessary to take care of my kids.... but if given the option, I'd like to do something I enjoy, and something that will provide enough to enjoy life, not just survive. How do you find THAT type of job? (I know it's different for different people). I love where I work now. I'm by myself. I have flexibility to do what I want, when I want. I make the hours. It's great. I get to do things I love (But this is a part time job with no possibility for more. Certainly not enough to support us) And I can't duplicate it in a city-it IS a small town position.
  3. I will need a full time job. But no idea how, or what, or where. No idea how to do THIS. What do I want to do? How do I make that possible? AND raise 5 kids. I'm exhausted now with appointments and my meager part time job I *think* we'll be okay for the next 2 or 3 months. His job is being SUPER and they've talked with me a couple times. They are worried about us and are continuing his paycheck for the next two months so that the kids and I have insurance and money. I've pretty much told them he did this and will be spending the next couple decades in jail (which is reasonable....)
  4. Thanks everyone. I had attorneys contacted the day I reported him-I have one for me, all of the kids, and the one abused child has her own additional lawyer. He has no access to anything, and bail is so high there's no way he'll be able to get out. That part IS taken care of. On a similar note... let your kids read books on hard topics, even if you think they shouldn't.... and TALK to them about what they read. They may NEED you to ask. I am so thankful a book gave her courage to speak. Off to check out that thread...
  5. Hello! I haven't been here much at all since the new format took hold. But I pop in occasionally and browse. Over the past couple weeks I made a horrendous discovery, and while this isn't the place to discuss it, I'm hoping some of you might know where I need to go.... Here's the short details, as I think they are pertinent. My husband has been arrested for a sex crime, against a child, that I turned him in for. I have filed for divorce. Kids are no longer in a homeschool setting. But are still with me, as I retain sole legal custody. I have needed to increase my part time hours, but will need to look towards long term- full time employment (and really don't know what I want that to look like) All the articles I can find talk about either divorce (whether amicable or otherwise) or staying/being with a sex offender. That is not what is happening. I'd like to be able to talk about things and read about what is helpful when divorce is the result of a criminal case (and the subsequent life changes) Ugh.
  6. Our bus schedule is 630 in the morning to 5 in the evening. 5 days a week. I'm in a border state. In a rural location. We have one going to PS in the fall, this is a huge thorn. I hate it, butI can't fix it.
  7. honestly, this is my concern. We have a couple items that even used are easily worth 100, 150. And I'm quite certain that if we listed them on Facebook marketplace we would easily get that. but we would prefer to have it at the sale. For couple reasons, one to help drive people to the sales. and for another those of us who are storing items live quite a distance from town . I like the idea of a general store and a boutique.
  8. Next weekend I am hosting a benefit garage sale. We have tons and tons of items . Some aren't worth very much, others are worth quite a bit . if you posted a sale before, how do you price things ? I've heard that some places they don't price anything their sales are much much higher . Because people donate more . If they mark them people pay exactly what items are marked. I'm apprehensive about not putting prices on anything, Particularly the items that are worth more. If you posted a benefit sale, can you talk to me about this?
  9. This. I'll leave my 6 year old alone at a table. We are in a rural area, and I routinely send my 10yo into the store next to our grocer while I go into a different store t get food.
  10. Hmm. I'd absolutely play it with only adults. Dh and played tonight after kids were in bed. But I'm not sure it buy it for my collection if I was only ever playing with adults. But I might. I really liked it. I just think there are likely similar games in adult packaging...
  11. We learned Battle Sheep yesterday. LOVED it. This is a logic puzzle dressed up for kids. It says 7+ but my 4yo could play. I went through on easy a couple games with him so he could understand, but now he's got it. Or at least the basics. With my dd12, it's no holds barred! In this game you have a stack of 16 sheep that want to take over the pasture. At the beginning of the game you, and every player take 4 "field pieces" (each piece hold 4 sheep) and build the playing field. The spaces are hexagons, and your sheep move in a straight line. On your turn you split your stack of sheep into two, and move one stack as far as you can in a straight line, stopping when you run into another sheep or the edge of the field. Play continues until no one can continue. The person who gets most of their sheep into pasture wins. This is my kind of game. I love logic games. The tiles are heavy and the art is hilariously adorable. It plays quickly. So even if you lose, you can try again quickly. It's an easy game to scale. Id play with little kids and adults. I
  12. We do game night once a month. It's awesome. It's drop off, or stay. But there is an age limit. No little siblings. None. And I know it's hard. Im organizing ours, and I have three. It IS hard. But my older kids need and deserve time without littles running around. I don't mind watching teens, and I haven't had any problems.usually a couple parents are driving as far as I am and choose to stay, so I've never been the only adult. It's been good.
  13. Pizza, quiche, chocolate and apple. All yum
  14. Ugh. I really want this. I keep looking at the page. It might happen. That's more than I normally spend on games. Is it worth it? It will mostly just be dd12 and I playing. Is it worth it?
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