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  1. Phew. I feel better about it now. Thanks! :)
  2. I tend to be an overprotective mother so I'm not sure how to handle this. Would you leave a well-behaved 10 year old alone at a restaurant table while you went to the restroom? My younger child can't go by himself and my 10yo has stated she'd prefer to stay at the table while I took her brother to the bathroom. I've had her stand outside the stall or even the bathroom, but have never left her alone at the table. She knows not to leave with strangers, etc, but the idea of it still makes me nervous. Again, I fully admit I'm a bit overprotective, but I also know at some point I'm going to have to
  3. At my 7y/o's last dentist appointment, I was told the enamel didn't form on one of his permanent molars. The dentist said she recommends pulling it and when his wisdom tooth comes in, it will just move into the spot where the molar was. I really don't want to pull a tooth if we don't have to. The dentist said filling it like a cavity won't help, but I don't exactly know why. I'm wondering if anyone has ever gone through anything like this and what you did to fix it. I've been Googling, but I'm not really getting any suggestions on the issue.
  4. I don't know their official titles, but they were all people I was told to go through. I'll definitely try finding a neuropsychologist. Thanks!
  5. My DS is 5 and is speech delayed. I think there's more going on, but so far, no one has been able to tell me what. He started receiving speech services at 2.5. When he was evaluated, speech was the only thing he was delayed in. Four people evaluated him and even though I know they weren't qualified, I asked them if they thought he was autistic and in unison they responded 'absolutely not.' At 3, he was evaluated again and this time, they tested him for autism. I was told he tested no where near the spectrum, but could possibly be diagnosed with it in the future. In the meantime, his speech
  6. Yes! Thank you! I knew I'd feel silly as soon as someone said it. :) I don't know if there are any other names for it, but dramatic is what I was looking for! Thanks! :)
  7. My brain is apparently not working right now. What's it called when someone reacts like this: "I'm just the worst person in the world! I'm just going to go live on an island so I don't bother anyone ever again! I can't do anything right!" And this is after something small like reminding them they left the cap off the toothpaste or something. And their response isn't sarcasm, they genuinely get hurt feelings over any tiny criticism said to them.
  8. We were invited to a New Year's Eve party and accepted. There will be some of my kids' homeschooling friends there. We've been to two other parties at the host's house and both times, there was a kid there (not a homeschooler and not friends with any of the kids there besides the host's children) who was very mean. I mean, we almost left the last party because of this kid and the way he was bullying the other kids (the bully's mom never once corrected him, even though she witnessed most of it). My daughter (7) just came to me and reluctantly told me she didn't want to go to the party becau
  9. My DD wants to learn how to ice skate. Our local ice skating rink offers lessons and they said they have hockey skates to rent. I don't want to invest in any skates until I know my DD is going to stick with it. My DH grew up using figure skates and wants our DD to use those. I don't ice skate so I don't know which is better. What do you suggest?
  10. Has anyone ever done it and replaced them with the composite fillings? I have no reason to do it other than I just hate the way they look. They're on my back teeth and you would only see them if you're really looking, but I've always been self-conscious about them. I've had them since I was a kid (I'm in my 40s now) and have been told a few times that they'll "eventually" need replacing because they don't hold up well, but these suckers are about 30 years old and in perfect condition! My DH doesn't think it's a good idea as he thinks once I start messing with my teeth (which are in great
  11. We started when she was young (because she always seemed advanced) with various flash cards, then moved up to workbooks. I used them for a couple of years just because she loved them so much and really seemed to be understanding everything (like I said, if you break it down, she doesn't seem like she has a problem until she actually has to read). About halfway through "K" I bought level 1 of AAR and AAS. She didn't really like them and just wanted to do workbooks so after fighting with her on it, we went back to them because I figured it was fine for K. For 1st grade, we went back to AAR/AAS a
  12. My DD is almost 8 and in "2nd" grade. She has struggled with her reading from the start, which I was ok with because she's strong in other areas. Her reading, though, just doesn't seem to be progressing. While her friends are reading books like Harry Potter, she can't even read those little beginner reader 8 page long books without difficulty. She knows her letter sounds and we've gone over rules a million times, but when she goes to apply everything, it's like.... I don't even know what. For example, today she was sounding out the word 'large.' By the time she was done, it came out as 'g
  13. What kind of tests have you had done to determine what your issues are? I've had back and neck problems for about 15 years. At first, chiropractic adjustments took the pain away. Over the years, it seemed to help less and less and the pain got worse and worse. All my chiropractors (I've seen quite a few) have said was that I needed to see them more often. I would and the pain just got worse. I had Xrays about 10 years ago and all the chiro told me was that my neck curved the opposite way that it was suppose to and again, the only treatment was chiropractic care. It wasn't until I was i
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