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  1. I'm not familiar with World of Chem., however I can vouch for Dicentra's Clover Valley Chemistry online course. She has an honors track chemistry course that is demanding without being AP level difficult. I liked what I saw my 10th grader doing and was pleased with the quick response and copious support and offered by the teacher when questions arose. She also has a regular track chem course that is a solid high school level without being too overwhelming for the average-good student. My own student decided to bump down out of the honors track and, while I think harder work would have won the day, I'm happy to see that my smart-enough, not science enthusiastic student is still having to work a bit, learning, and happier. (Thanks Dicentra!)
  2. I haven’t looked at the 7 sisters curriculum, so this may be a moot reply. However, one of my child development classes in college was structured around categories of development (eg. social, sexual, moral, physical) and focused on one “guru” per area. For example, Erikson for social, Kohlberg for moral, Piaget for cognitive, Freud for sexual, etc. Sorry, I can’t remember texts we used, so not of much help here... But one book I can highly recommend that I originally had to read for courses is Stern’s Interpersonal World of the Infant. I just liked it. So much of the infant studies assume vegetation and reflex on the part of infants (I hope I’m using hyperbole here) and this book was great for continuing to break down those presumptions. Also studies that can be obtained from JSTOR or other databases- you can probably access through your library website- could be used for research papers; all kinds of topics here, such as neonatal memory originating in the prenatal period, social development and attachment of children of depressed mothers, etc. Zero to Three puts out a nice publication that is available at some libraries and is easy to read and informative. One of the most practical yet rich learning experiences she could do would be to administer a normed developmental assessment test to her siblings and to the children you know. It is fascinating to be able to see differences in the way children who are absolutely normal develop; we know this as moms, but to quantify it on a test and write a report to the parent makes it “creditable” and fun for a high schooler. (If you could get your hands on a Bayley Scales of Infant Development, it is a fun test with all the bells and whistles) Maybe a college curriculum library would have tests she could use? Or she could ask a place that offers therapy (speech, OT, PT) if she could observe; there is a lot of learning what is normal by observing how delays work out. Maybe youtube would have videos of administrations of normed tests as well as having other helpful topics in child development. And there are lots of interesting syndromes that affect development. Good research projects here! Genereviews (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/GeneTests/review) is the source med. people look at for this. Again, learning the norm by seeing what is not... : ) I hope she has a great time!
  3. Did you go to bed hungry? And feeling like a superhero?!!! Maybe...let's do some dream analysis here...You felt like a superhero for getting CHEEESE after your family was desperately craving it for 2 entire days....
  4. Susan, I bestowed a trophy upon your astute recognition that the escaping chunks are perfect eating. Not for the plastic knife that ruins all the fun of cutting them.. ?
  5. We're are busy not packing and should be...for a move, not a fun trip. Jean, IS THAT YOUR Mr. Buns? He is so CUTE!
  6. That is a really good thing. (This is an understatement.) I am really happy you have that. Agreed. Except that I enjoyed the first one very much. The other two: No. Maybe when she grows up she will still feed her stuffy. That would not be boring! ?
  7. Blessings, that sounds idyllic. Especially if your laudry is comprised of those beautiful richly colored Amish dresses we saw blowing in the wind as we drove through Lancaster.
  8. Awww, Whitehawk, I didn't know you were a kitten. So sweeeeet!
  9. Good for you! That's the spirit. Give me some, too...or at least discretion as to when to use 'em... You know words substitutions for the little guys just don't cut it. :svengo:
  10. Only starting too panic? Sheesh, my kids think cheese and milk are as essential as oxygen and water. Us, too. And Slave Girl/ Cowslip, and Homer Price, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories, Freddy (the pig series), Betsy and the Snowstorm, and a second vote for Betsy-Tacy series, and Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, Rabbit Hill... That is such a fun age for literature! Bookmom, Squishy sounds cute! Have fun at the park! This is the thread that never ends, It just goes on and on my friends. People started posting not knowing what it was, And they will keep on posting here forever just because... This is the thread that never ends You'd best come join it with your friends 'Cuz it will replace Facebook as the latest web-based craze And everyone will post here instead for the rest of their days This is the thread that's always there They'll cheer you up so don't despair The group is growing well as more people start checking in And we'll keep sucking them in because our cheer is addictive This is the thread that never ends It's better than a Mercedes Benz It helps with coffee withdrawal and other troubles, too Eighteen hundred pages of friends all cheering for you This thread keeps going on and on with record-setting length and fun It started twenty-four months ago from curiosity and all the fun and frolic has shown this is the place to be This is the thread that never ends... And the place where one finds special friends, the kind that have hearts that are strong and true Yes, ITT ladies, I am talking to you! This is the thread that never ends....
  11. Have you made a thread on the main board? We liked Little House (all, esp. Farmer Boy) books and The Mouse and Motorcycle, The Enormous Egg, The Trolley Car Family... amongst others. I'm glad you're on the upswing, Susan. We're all on the downswing...just colds, but we're in the middle of a move, and we're just not sleeping as well as we should. For other families, I like to saute some chicken strips and make cheese quesadillas- a safe bet for most appetites. (For us, bring us Chinese take-out and we'll be happy as larks. Or Chick-fil-A. Or ice-cream.)
  12. Thanks. Boy, I sound smart, don't I? Or lazy. "Fire-thingy" was easy. Sunday's a day of rest, anyway, so there. But that sounds like a great learning experience- the kind homeschoolers are famous for~ Yay, other homeschoolers who do those fun and amazing learning activities! My kids are jealous! Agreed. If you think of something let me know. Really. Sometimes I'm a little peeved that our animal life is so doted upon and yet so unproductive- other than the rat making a teen boy start to coo over it like a mama over her baby. It's actually cute. MAYBE worth it. But I'm not sure. I'm not surprised that your husband takes his beard seriously. Mine does, too. They would get along very well. I like my husband's beard when it's short- like about 1/2 inch all around and it's rather a bone of contention since he really wants to grow his down to his-- well, frankly, to his toes, if it would grow that long. Anyway, he settles for mid-to-short depending on the season and whatever. He IS kind to me. I can understand your dd9 not wanting to be bear fodder. But should I be embarrassed, if I've done the same thing? Camping is like that...at least in my family....oops. SOUND FUN!!! I WANT TO GO CAMPING!!!!
  13. Wow, Prairie, come teach my kids! You make it sound like you have a blacksmithing fire-thingy...??? Critter, you make me appreciate my favorite books even more. It's neat to think you've already got a story to your name, just not polished and published yet. Yet! Susan, your trip looks like sweaty, dirty fun. If my husband had seen the picture of yours, he would have beard envy. Our rat is given gourmet treatment. My son prepares a 4 course dinner. What can a rat do that could earn a 4 course dinner? He really needs to earn his keep. The rat and the son... Besides, who wants a rat? We don't even do maze experiments to test his smarty-pants-ness.
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