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  1. Start working towards specific certifications. Find a small part time job. If you can't get something in field, look for a volunteer position where you may work on projects related to the field which is your target.
  2. I was here for the switch in 2008. That change was significant. The later (2013) change didn't seem to significant, except I had to figure out my password again. The way the board looked didn't seem different.
  3. When you are sick, stressed, moving, etc edutainment (eg magic School bus) counts as school. Take time to care for yourself, even if it seems like you are taking time away from family. You will be better at being present for your family when you take care of yourself.
  4. They are treating the roads. I'm still expecting significant black ice. Even with treating, there is often significant freezing. I have to be at work before 6 am and I'm expecting a not great drive.
  5. Again read the rest of the post. I have many more examples. But the thread isn't about problems with girl scouts. So I'm not going to there with their bureaucracy. I'm just saying the idea that you can avoid levels of bureaucracy in girl scouts is silly.
  6. This is ridiculous. I love snow, but I think winter had its chance. I don't want to shovel. I don't want to be home. Whine, whine, whine.
  7. DD did not. But I wish she had. It would have given her some more wiggle room.
  8. We get a little of spoofing. I just don't answer.
  9. One example of stupid decisions. And think about it how long do you wait to find a buddy? And once you've blown it with a kid do you make the same mistake again a couple days later because humiliation is fun for 8 year olds. I'm not going to go through the list from 6 years of gs. Both my boys were/are in boy scouts. I don't have a similar list from their experiences. My DD did have a nice leader, who was also heavily involved in boy scouts. She had a venture crew that was just older girls from the girl scout troop. They started doing everything under the auspices of venture crew. Too much red tape to do stuff as girl scouts.
  10. You think girl scouts is less bureaucratic? Not my experience at all. DD did brownies through finishing her bronze award and then dropped it to focus solely on 4H. Her years of girl scout participation were definitely filled with bureaucracy and rigid rule following that made no sense. One example was counselors at gs camp not allowing DD to go to the latrine alone, but not getting her a partner to go. How do you let a 8 year old wet her pants twice in one week because you have a procedure. DD never went to go camp again. She did go camping with her troop and she did go to other overnight camps. DD encountered similar inflexible adherence to procedure throughout her time in girl scouts.
  11. I always started calling a few days before the event. No one knows that RSVP means you are supposed to respond anymore.
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