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  1. I bought headscarves/wraps from Natural Life. I've seen their ads for months, such cute stuff, and I thought my daughter would appreciate that she can also use them as a face/mask covering. She received them today and loves them. I also have considered the Calamity Ware dishes ads and finally bought a pack of bandanas this week in case our governor begins requiring masks. Today I saw a SAK Hobo bag for $90 off. I hemmed and hawed quite a bit over it, dh was encouraging me to buy it, but I decided I didn't like any of the colors for a summer purse and finally walked away! Please
  2. No, he really doesn't. Just really condescending of you though and pretty out of character for you. I think that was a sweet and kind suggestion for you to make, Quill. 🥰 People are pretty done where I live, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
  3. I find myself far more sympathetic right now that in my normal life. Who knows what else was/is going on in his life. This may be the tipping point. I have a personal friend whose depression has returned full force. Plenty of people are struggling. Massive restrictions have massive repercussions.
  4. That looks like a bra cup! It's so pretty!
  5. This is interesting. My office typically has a on-site employee health clinic staffed with a PA and nurse. When this began, that office was shuttered, and they are either seeing any sick employees in an off-site location or possibly via video (I don't remember which one). This was to prevent anyone bringing/keeping any contagion into the office--although it's operated on-site for at least a decade.
  6. I'd definitely update. You might find yourself in a position where you have to replace another appliance sooner than intended. If you sell your house in 1-2 years, the buyers will appreciate having at least one updated appliance--and may find themselves replacing others due to age.
  7. I would call, and if no one answers, leave a message. Our county elections office is closed--as in closed to the public, but people are still working, and people surely will be working in your office on some level. The office is not abandoned.
  8. This will not be successful if you are in the U.S. You would not be under a court order but some sort of government rule (state or local) under a state of emergency. The court didn't make the law, the court doesn't get to grant exceptions. I doubt your governor or local body has made any exclusion for claustrophobia, but I would definitely look at the actual mandate for the specific wording.
  9. This light cole slaw has been our favorite lately. With green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, whatever seeds (or nuts) you have on hand, in a light homemade lemony viniagrette, it's also inexpensive. https://cookieandkate.com/simple-healthy-coleslaw-recipe/
  10. My macaroni and cheese last night was a Chef John recipe! I like a lot of his stuff. Off to look at the Julcy Lucy burgers!
  11. A friend is really struggling at this point, just overwhelmed and discouraged. I don't know her well, so I don't know her likes/dislikes. We are friends from church. She's a homeschool mom with 5 kids, ages 2 - 13. She gets out of the house hiking and bike riding with family, and her husband is very hands on. My husband and I will do a drive by/drop off tomorrow. I'm thinking balloons and all of the things for an ice cream sundae bar--how does that sound? But I would love suggestions, I'm terrible with gift ideas.
  12. BBQ pork butt that's been in the crockpot since last night; homemade NC BBQ sauce (the hot vinegar stuff); and fancy macaroni and cheese. If anyone wants healthy, they can make a salad, but I'm good without!
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