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  1. Thank you so much for your kind and helpful responses. You've given me a few things to consider and lessened my uncertainty. It's not a Catholic wedding but sounds like it will be pretty traditional. My husband is going with me, and we're staying in a fancy $$$ hotel downtown (something we never have done!). We'll have several aunts and cousins to hang out with. I haven't visited in about 5 yrs. No one is getting any younger, so this will be especially sweet. And I want to look fantastic!
  2. I'm a guest next month at a wedding that begins at 2pm, cocktails at 5pm, reception at 6pm. It is a church wedding and a country club for cocktails, dinner/ dancing. Can I wear the same dress? What do you think most guests might do? My sister suggested she may wear two different dresses, but I'm coming from out of town and prefer to not change. We'll have downtime between wedding and cocktails, but as the location is about 1/2 hour from our hotel, we're planning to stay close to the reception location (probably in another bar, haha). I'm super excited about going, but the time delay is new for me and I am not quite sure what to expect.
  3. It sounds like your dd already knows her roommates, so perhaps they can discuss the kitchen situation, if they will share dishes/bakeware/utensils, etc or if everyone will have what suits them. My son goes to a very large urban university and wasn't eligible for on campus housing, as he transferred in as a junior after CC. (Chris, we talked about our kids' schools last year, I think I remember where your dd goes.) In my son's case, there are several off campus options owned by private companies but run like dorms--roommate matching, individual leases, etc. He shares a 4bed/4ba with three other guys. It is a bit more expensive than living in school housing, mostly because they have their own bathrooms and a washer/dryer in the apt, and they have very cool amenities (that really no one uses). I would not pay for a meal plan--we bring him frozen food frequently, and he's two blocks from a large chain grocery store, so it's easy for him to prepare his own food. We pieced together what he would need, dishes, glassware, pots/pans, silverware, baking things, coffeemaker, crockpot, from Goodwill, Walmart, and extras we had at home. Like on campus housing, his rent includes bedroom/dining & living room furnishings, all utilities, high speed internet, cable tv, security guard, plus it has all of the key card precautions to enter the building and elevator. It is really a swanky place, and we've told him he can expect to not live in such a nice place again for a long time! He has already signed a lease in the same building with two of his three roommates to live together next year (fourth roommate is graduating). He does not have a car; his building is on the edge of the campus, and he walks about 10 mins to most of his classes. (Cars on campus or in big cities mean paying $$$ for parking, so it wasn't even an option really.) My daughter went to a different school and lived on campus all four years. For the last three years, she lived in apartment style housing on campus, with a full kitchen/living/dining plus individual bedrooms and bathrooms shared by 2 or 4 girls. It was several thousand dollars more than her freshman dorms BUT she was no longer on a meal plan, so we saved $4000 a year by skipping that and instead brought up much prepared food for her and she cooked her own meals. (The meal plan had been a terrible fit for her.) She had all of her own kitchen items (as did everyone else). She never had the same roommates, preferring each year to pair up with a random person and find two other people.
  4. Omeprazole can be bought over the counter, so he could take a higher dose than his script. I don't know all of your dh's specific issues If this is what's causing the kidney damage though, sometimes it comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils, even if one of those may eventually kill you. (I hope I am not sounding flippant; my dh had dealt with his own health problems. He/we have made decisions based on what he can/can't live with now, rather than what may eventually be damaging.)
  5. Check out website. It will give you current addresses, and while it may not be entirely accurate, it's a great start, far better than spokeo. Long before FB, I was on a large hs email list. One member was sure she was anonymous even though she had an unusual first name. I quickly found her last name, address, and maiden name to show her she wasn't hard to find. She almost left the group, she was so freaked out. Of course now she's on FB with everyone else, maiden names and all. Through my job, we often request the police to locate people. After 3 weeks, the PD reported they'd been unable to locate someone. I began searching on the internet and found specific locate info within 10 mins. (including FB). Sure enough the PD contacted him, and it was the person we needed. The officer told me he uses various official locate programs but not FB.
  6. The new med was definitely topical. I'm not sure what the old one was. It was something specifically potent though.
  7. What I'm watching on Netflix right now: Madmen, with my son when he's home from school. Actually, I've watched it before, and when ds suggested it, I said YES! Life Below Zero. I was expecting more of a documentary, but I'm hooked! Great British Baking. They have one or more seasons now from the earlier years.
  8. Thank you all so much. Emerald, your comment was perfect, haha, and his second all time favorite book is The Iliad. 🙂 Looking at several of the Walcott titles, his writing style would be very appealing to my son. I'm passing this whole list on to him. I truly appreciate all of the suggestions!
  9. Definitely go to the dean. The prof's answer is unacceptable.
  10. We had a horrible flea infestation two summers ago. My daughter's cat began having mini-convulsions. DD thought her cat was dying and finally figured out that it was the flea medication--and then my dh didn't believe her. Dd and I insisted that he use different medicine on her, and the convulsions stopped. Unfortunately, I'm not able to remember which medicine gave the negative effect. I was the one who chose the replacement med, and I did it based on active ingredients. If we need it again this summer, I'm sure dh or dd will remember. It was really awful seeing the cat convulse like that at random times.
  11. My college son asked me for a recommendation on a book to choose to read and write about for this class. He was thinking that I might have ideas, between reading and teaching all these years. :) So can anyone make any suggestions for Caribbean literature?
  12. GREAT idea! I have added birthdays of a few friends' deceased loved ones to my yearly calendar specifically so I can send some sort of note on that day. It might be a longer email, or a short "thinking of you," or occasionally a card.
  13. Butternut Squash Soup! This is a favorite of mine, I even had it for lunch today! I add in carrots and use just one brick of cream cheese. This time, I froze half the batch, and while the texture looked awful, it was just fine after it had been heated in the microwave.
  14. So glad to hear that it went well. I can't imagine your relief. I don't know the laws across every state, but here, you can file a request for the name of the person who reported. A friend was reported, and she knew it could have been just a small number of people. She petitioned the court (just a form that she mailed, I think). The reporter was notified--and requested the automatic option to have her name withheld for an additional 30? 60? days. After that time passed, the reporter's name and allegations were forwarded to my friend. Sure enough, it was a person close to her who was stupid enough to give her name and address. (While my friend is an unconventional parent, the CPS call was unwarranted and unfounded. But it was terribly stressful, as you know.)
  15. (Original post deleted!) No wonder why I hate FAFSA and always put it off until the end!
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