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  1. Dr. Jay Wile posted this over the past week. It's not new, but it might be the article you're thinking of.
  2. I saw this post earlier in the week on my phone but I don't know my login. We used to experience this. The arguing, rushed mornings, leaving the house late, everyone grumpy, bickering and short tempers in the car. By the time we got to church (an hour away), it was hard to make that transition into being happy. I finally realized satan was having his way with our family. Once we were aware of that, it changed our perspective, and things eased up. It didn't change overnight, but the realization was huge for us to see what was really happening. I would encourage you to consider that, and then use some of the suggestions mentioned above--suggestions that promote togetherness in your family, not punishment or separating people. You all are in this together!
  3. My son was desperately waiting earlier this semester for a test grade that would greatly impact his overall grade. While he was initially confident of his work, the more time passed, the more worried he was that he may have failed the test. Ds was reluctant to ask the prof, feeling he might be graded lower just for asking. On the very last day that ds could withdraw without penalty, he finally went to the prof to ask about his grade. Prof: "If you'd withdraw over this grade, you have unusually high standards. You got a B, it's just not posted yet." It was a relief but frustrating to wait two weeks for something so important at a critical time.
  4. My area code matches, but my prefix is specific to a county in which I no longer live. But I like my cell phone number--we moved 9 years ago; I wouldn't consider changing it! It's not unusual where I live for people to have area codes from out of state. It's not typical, but it's not surprising.
  5. My husband received a package yesterday. He told me he'd ordered his early birthday present. He opened it today, and it is a large jar of expensive cold cream. I can only imagine what the woman who was expecting her cold cream thought when she opened a bottle of men's cologne.
  6. I am sick at the proximity to Columbine and to Arapahoe High School where a student was killed 4-5 years ago. I'm from this neighborhood. So sad for me to even think about. Thank God no one was killed today is about all I can say.
  7. Great thread, and thank you to those who mentioned $20.19! We're going to a grad party this weekend of very casual friends, and I was concerned because I can't afford a $$$ gift. But $20.19 is just so much more fun than $20!
  8. Shorts and a top. Whatever will be comfortable!
  9. Suzanne, where do you live that you can "just drop in" to the DMV? Actually, that reminds me that dd needs to get her named fixed too. When getting her passport, they added a space into her name. Then the DMV had to change how they had it, even though they knew it was wrong. It makes voting a pain, and it also didn't match when she filed her taxes. Crazy.
  10. I'm loving empty nest meals! No more making loads of food, which used to be meat and a couple of sides. Now we seem to eat breakfast for dinner once a week, like pancakes, or Western sandwiches. We go out a little more, since it's a lot cheaper for two. We have salads, and my husband might add bread. Tacos are a favorite, or we bbq still sometimes. We spatchcock and roast chicken, and I'll make chicken salad with the leftovers. We eat a lot of sandwiches. If he makes something I don't want, I get to make homemade soup (that he doesn't like). We'll still have meat for a main course but just one side. I really like this eating!
  11. When I was in high school, I changed the spelling of my first name--pretend example: born Mary, changed spelling to Merri. My birth certificate says Mary, and because I got my Social Security card when I was 16, it says Merri. (They weren't very picky back then. ) I got married, and everything now has my name as Merri. Only my birth cert says Mary. I'm wondering what hassle this will create in getting a Federal ID, especially since I'll have to send away for a certified marriage certificate. Would it be easier to go to Court and have my name changed to Merri Marriedname, or will that instead be an additional layer of paperwork for the ID? Would a Court order satisfy the Federal ID requirements? Thanks for any thoughts!
  12. Earthpaste. I heard about it here on the boards and have used it for over three years. My teeth feel a lot stronger and look better. I've had no cavities. I order on amazon, seems to be the best price. A little goes a long way. I use a flouride rinse, which is nice, because you can make your own decision.
  13. It looks like GMU is waaaay down on your list, between your earlier comment and the other thread, but I thought I would comment anyway. My dd went to GMU, graduating two years ago. It wasn't her first pick of schools, and she applied because it was a "safety" and she somewhat liked it (after we toured at the same time we toured American University). She applied for and was accepted into the Honors College, and at the time, my husband and I basically told her that was the school we were willing to help pay for. The school turned out to be a great fit. She loved the proximity to DC, which also afforded her an amazing internship opportunity. She had outstanding professors, several prominent in U.S. security and government (her major/minor was Criminology/Intel Analysis). The Honors College curriculum paralleled her academic strengths. We appreciated the campus housing options. Dd also enjoyed the diversity of the students, many of whom were foreign. While our parental contact with the school was minimal (financial aid, emergency housing during a flood situation), they were extremely easy to work with. Considering the location, we also found the school to be relatively conservative (although her field of study had an influence). Overall all, she was very pleased with her choice and her time there. It's an excellent school.
  14. I live in a medium size library district, population 200,000. Every branch I've held books at (depending on convenience) has those holds in a public area under alpha order. One branch has them on carts and a few years ago began turning the spines down so you can't easily see what books are on hold. When I lived in Colorado Springs, the main library had a room full of holds, and all books were shelved by the patron's last name. You'd go in and find your own books. When I lived in a small town, holds were kept behind the circulation desk--mainly because there was room to do so. (And yes, if people were slipping notes into my books, I'd begin having the library hold my books behind the counter.)
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