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  1. I bought headscarves/wraps from Natural Life. I've seen their ads for months, such cute stuff, and I thought my daughter would appreciate that she can also use them as a face/mask covering. She received them today and loves them. I also have considered the Calamity Ware dishes ads and finally bought a pack of bandanas this week in case our governor begins requiring masks. Today I saw a SAK Hobo bag for $90 off. I hemmed and hawed quite a bit over it, dh was encouraging me to buy it, but I decided I didn't like any of the colors for a summer purse and finally walked away! Please
  2. No, he really doesn't. Just really condescending of you though and pretty out of character for you. I think that was a sweet and kind suggestion for you to make, Quill. 🥰 People are pretty done where I live, and that's all I'm going to say about that.
  3. I find myself far more sympathetic right now that in my normal life. Who knows what else was/is going on in his life. This may be the tipping point. I have a personal friend whose depression has returned full force. Plenty of people are struggling. Massive restrictions have massive repercussions.
  4. That looks like a bra cup! It's so pretty!
  5. This is interesting. My office typically has a on-site employee health clinic staffed with a PA and nurse. When this began, that office was shuttered, and they are either seeing any sick employees in an off-site location or possibly via video (I don't remember which one). This was to prevent anyone bringing/keeping any contagion into the office--although it's operated on-site for at least a decade.
  6. I'd definitely update. You might find yourself in a position where you have to replace another appliance sooner than intended. If you sell your house in 1-2 years, the buyers will appreciate having at least one updated appliance--and may find themselves replacing others due to age.
  7. I would call, and if no one answers, leave a message. Our county elections office is closed--as in closed to the public, but people are still working, and people surely will be working in your office on some level. The office is not abandoned.
  8. This will not be successful if you are in the U.S. You would not be under a court order but some sort of government rule (state or local) under a state of emergency. The court didn't make the law, the court doesn't get to grant exceptions. I doubt your governor or local body has made any exclusion for claustrophobia, but I would definitely look at the actual mandate for the specific wording.
  9. This light cole slaw has been our favorite lately. With green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, whatever seeds (or nuts) you have on hand, in a light homemade lemony viniagrette, it's also inexpensive. https://cookieandkate.com/simple-healthy-coleslaw-recipe/
  10. My macaroni and cheese last night was a Chef John recipe! I like a lot of his stuff. Off to look at the Julcy Lucy burgers!
  11. A friend is really struggling at this point, just overwhelmed and discouraged. I don't know her well, so I don't know her likes/dislikes. We are friends from church. She's a homeschool mom with 5 kids, ages 2 - 13. She gets out of the house hiking and bike riding with family, and her husband is very hands on. My husband and I will do a drive by/drop off tomorrow. I'm thinking balloons and all of the things for an ice cream sundae bar--how does that sound? But I would love suggestions, I'm terrible with gift ideas.
  12. BBQ pork butt that's been in the crockpot since last night; homemade NC BBQ sauce (the hot vinegar stuff); and fancy macaroni and cheese. If anyone wants healthy, they can make a salad, but I'm good without!
  13. Scrambled eggs with cream cheese and leftover deli Black Forest ham; and an avocado.
  14. Smaller metro area in Virginia. I was out three different days this week. Definitely a higher percentage of masks, maybe around 25-30%, noticeably more than previous weeks. Other things that were noticeably different: many more people out on the roads. The first few weeks was like a ghost town; traffic seems more like usual on the weekends. The atmosphere of the groceries stores has changed. Many more couples shopping together again. For the past few weeks, the govt has asked that just one person per household shop, and people were complying. While people are still keeping their distance, shop
  15. My son was offered a full tuition scholarship at a medium sized VA public university. I don't think it's that unusual, at least in Virginia. But ultimately we decided it was not the best option for him at the time, and he ended up going to CC for two years. At the start of CC, he took pre-nursing classes, was accepted into the nursing program, and then decided against it. He scrambled that second year for the requirements to graduate with an AAS, and then transferred to a four year uni. Janeway, it can be hard. There is so much pressure to make the "right choice," when in reality, th
  16. I follow the roommate wanted/sublets, etc. FB pages for the city where my son goes to school. Considering there is minimal on campus housing, and assuming that thousands of students returned home last month, there's been surprising few posts offering sublets. I am waiting for the final paperwork to go through with the person who is taking over my son's lease, but I never even advertised it, I just responded to someone who was looking. Last year, it took a few weeks, and I negotiated with half a dozen or so people until we found someone. It almost seems easier this year--plus we are releas
  17. My adult child, who filed 2018 and 2019, received hers on Saturday. My husband and I, who just filed 2019 last week, received ours today. My 21 year old college student of course didn't receive anything. He is not bitter (as some above in similar situations). But it seems odd to omit those 18+ year old dependents, if for nothing else, potential political consideration. It's a pretty egregious omission, surely not an oversight.
  18. My office handles unclaimed bodies in our county. If he has pre-paid burial arrangements, that is good. Do you know the funeral home he worked with? Contact them, and they will work with the hospital. The vast majority of our deceased do not have bank accounts. I would definitely use a translator to communicate with the GF and do everything possible to stay on her good side. (That sounds awful, it's just such a sensitive time for all involved.) I would imagine the laws vary by state. If a person dies intestate here, someone MUST appear in person at the clerk's office. But this does not ha
  19. We had a countertop lazy Susan that was made of our countertop material that we keep a fruit bowl on top of. Several years ago, water or fruit juice got under there, and the stench was horrendous . .
  20. Wouldn't chilling the greens kill any virus? If they were loose, I'd rinse as usual. If they were bagged, I'd use as usual. I wash my vegetables/fruit like usual too. Nothing different. I'd ike to say that I use some sort of fancy wash on them, but I haven't done that in years.
  21. My son lives off campus in private housing that is similar to apartment style dorms--he has two roommates from last year, everyone has their own bedroom/bath, and they share the common living quarters, living room, dining room, kitchen. My son came home from spring break at the beginning of March and never returned. He is at home, taking classes online. He graduates next month (ceremony canceled). His roommates both remain in the apartment, both have on campus jobs in the medical school, I think. My son went up a week or so ago and moved everything out of his room. His lease is signed thr
  22. This is similar to my Walmart. Hearing that they would limit people caused a rush last Saturday which created a line, but other than that, no lines. Far less have been masked in my area, but more are masked this week (maybe 25%? can't remember). People are cautious but for the most part are not scared; I am not scared. That is different than not caring. I try to be mindful of getting too close to people, but I will walk past them, just as I don't expect them to wait for me to pass or turn around in an aisle. It seems that most are waiting, for example, if someone is getting eggs, I will wait u
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