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  1. Yes, blackmail is the right way to go in any situation.
  2. I just can't get over the fact that anyone would be seeing remodeling or car buying stories as bragging. Both are huge pain and a lot of hassle.
  3. Yes, my husband did, YEARS ago, 30 yrs ago. But when he tried doing the same thing when we were in a car accident and I was 8 months pregnant, it was an entirely different situation. We had to get a lawyer.
  4. While that might be true, this case has nothing to do with the govt! It has everything to do with insurance company. @ScarlettThis is too complicated of a case to do without a lawyer. But my uneducated guess is that they will cover up to the limit of the insured. You need to find out if your parents can sue for punitive damages (which are taxable, btw)
  5. Notting Hill. When Harry met Sally, Oscar
  6. I didn't read Ordinary Grace. It has been on my ever-growing TBR. Let me know what you think of Iron Lake when you finish it.
  7. Robin, please keep me in mind!!! I really want to join this one!!
  8. I wanted to do Adventures in America when my oldest was in K. It was toooooo much reading for that age. My 5 yr old couldn't remember anything. So I just picked some books from the curriculum and he colored a few state pages. I really really liked the idea of doing American History before World History, but it just didn't stick. But I did like the curriculum - she gives a short "summary", but mostly you are just reading recommended books. Like I said, my then 5 yr old didn't understand it and didn't retain any of it.
  9. I have all 7 levels AAS. I just gave up using it. My oldest, who is now 12, would do great during lessons and then couldn't spell "cat". He just really really is not good at spelling. My middle kid had 5 minutes of lessons but spells fairly well. Jury is still out on my youngest, who is 9. I stopped using tiles somewhere in the middle of level 2.....I just couldn't handle all those little tiny tiles....so I wrote things on a board. But I am not teaching spelling this year. I just can't handle it. We are doing Fix it Grammar and I am hoping that my oldest will improve by simply doin
  10. I am very fluent in a language I want to teach - including grammar and everything. But I am finding out that I need a book to teach it from and I really like this method.
  11. I am guessing Amazon doesn't have any preview either? Yeah, I am not a fan of buying anything unseen....
  12. Yes, I saw youtube video and it made a lot of sense to me, but they don't have the language that I want. May be I'll try emailing them...
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