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  1. I do zero end budget annually. I consider no expenses fixed expenses, only semi-fixed and variable. I budget savings first, semi-fixed second and variable last. I charge everything on cc and record it from there. I did finance and budgeting for a living for many years, both, corporate and personal and I can tell you that corporate does it from the "ground up". I've helped some friends do it that way, they liked it.
  2. I grew up in a different country, there were no mortgages, no credit cards, and the idea of being poor was very different than what it is in US. I know they saved and never borrowed from anyone. That's about it. When we came to US, my mom didn't want to buy a house bc she couldn't wrap her head around "borrowing" money. I don't know if I am the way I am about money bc of nature or nurture. I talk to my kids about it, but in more abstract terms, I think. They don't get allowances bc "there is no welfare in our house". They do get their own budgets for certain things. They don't k
  3. Well, if she can afford her own food, then yes, I would be furious.
  4. Do you pay for it or it's free to the recipient?
  5. Don't know..... Kids were picking from different rows, some of them weren't marked.... I do have a dehydrator, so might try that and also freezing pieces. I buy organic apple sauce in TJ for very cheap, so I don't think I want to invest time and energy in doing that.
  6. No, but I didn't have a lot of friends to begin with. I actually got more close with some people. I am not surprised that this is happening, though. People have been getting more and more intolerant of difference in opinions. Couple that with increased levels of rudeness and almost non-existent civility and critical thinking- and you get a bad combo. This has been happening for many years. I think the reason this particular topic made it more volatile is bc 1) everyone is affected one way or another 2) it relates to health. So, unlike many other topics- everyone picked a side. And then bo
  7. Do I have to use fresh lemons or can I use lemon juice from a bottle?
  8. We never got them totally back in stock - it was such hit or miss. Although I only buy it in BJs, may be regular grocery stores had it, I don't know
  9. It's apple picking season, so we went apple picking....I got a LOT of apples. We like apples, but even with 5 people I don't think we'll be able to eat it fast enough. I have a few recipes that I can make with apples, but I need some that I can make and freeze. I don't think I want to just freeze apples. No apple pies! I don't make pies!! So, anyone got some good recipes with apples that freeze well??
  10. Someone posted on FB (I didn't research it any further) that new owners of Homeschooler buyer co-op are being investigated for fraud, so if you are thinking of purchasing anything through them, keep that in mind
  11. Can't remember if if I posted that I finished The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck. Wow, so much to think about.
  12. What confuses me about a lot of those recipes is that meat has to be cooked before putting into crock pot Did you see her lemon chicken orzo soup? I make one on the stove, she has one in the crock pot, but cooks chicken first.
  13. Oh may be I'll just try it for bone broth. And again, I am not "telling" my husband anything, we don't have that kind of relationship.
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