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  1. And even if no one did, but the box was checked that "someone can claim you", she won't get the stimulus
  2. I was yelled at by a woman in Whole Foods. She was trying to get others (including a cashier) on board, no one responded. She asked cashier if I am allowed in the store. Since I was, she stopped ranting. I can not get people to stay the heck away. Every time I went to the store since March 12th, I have to wait people out, step away, move out of the way just not to have them too close to me. But they wear masks. They do move them up and down to talk on the phone, to take a bite of something, or drink of water, but they do wear masks. And don't stay anywhere close to 6ft apart.
  3. Bad bad bad idea. Just bad bad bad idea!!!! I was going to answer your original question, but now I can't bc it wouldn't make sense in your situation. But in general, whenever my husband doesn't want to talk about plan A B or C, I make a plan myself and tell him he has no right to complain bc he didn't want to be part of the discussion. But again, that probably won't work in your situation
  4. Oh that's interesting. I only read 1 star reviews.
  5. I agree. But then again, I think we run into the "size" of the country and logistics of it all. Also, there was an outrage when Trump started shutting down borders bc many thought it was just one of his tactics. So, that brings me back to - people weren't happy, aren't happy and won't be happy with anything related to this whole mess. I do hope you and your family are doing well. My husband's uncle died in NY last month....we have family friends who are in NY and on week 6-7 of still not feeling well after testing positive twice. My heart truly goes out to you
  6. I am in New England. I think it's a mess as far as opening things and people's reactions to it. Also, I live within a very short distance from at least 4 other states and their rules are different than ours and number of cases they have is also very different. this summer will be a challenge, for sure
  7. I am not saying US can't handle pandemics. I am saying that people are very very divided and EVERYONE has found something to complain about re: how it was handled, how it is still being handled, what should happen, what shouldn't happen. Also, NOW people are saying we should have closed things earlier. Well, even when things started getting close, there were massive complaints about how this is not a big deal and it's all about govt trying to control us. My coworker went ballistic when her son's basketball championship got cancelled bc you know, the horror of missing a game. Like I said - people complained, complain, and will continue to complain.
  8. I think it doesn't matter at all what we should have done or did or didn't do. US has a very different and unique culture of people. Despite all the "we are this together" commercials and messages from celebrities , I have seen a very divided mindset when it came to this virus. It was either "govt is trying to trick us and equating this to concentration camps" or "anyone who doesn't want shut everything is evil and don't care about human life". Very few people were somewhere in between. So when you have 300M people pulling in all kinds of different directions - it's hard. Also, it's easy to say let's treat different places differently, but reality is unless you close borders between states or even within states - it's way too easy to bring virus from hot spots anywhere. Anyway, it is what it is. I think people will get very relaxed now, with sun out and places opening back up and it won't be until late Sept - Oct when panic will set in again and we will be going back on the same thing we went through in March. I could be wrong, I've been wrong before. I HOPE I am wrong.
  9. I am not going to comment on anything other than you and your job - (although I do remember your post from last December) I've seen people who can hate their job and it doesn't effect them at all. I've seen people who hated their job and it destroyed their health and their relationships bc of stress. Only you know which one you are. But I am a firm believer that there is nothing, NOTHING more important in this life than your health bc if you don't have that - everything else just gets to be that much harder. If you are able to continue working there without it effecting your health - go for it, otherwise, I would start looking at alternatives and making pro and con lists. Good luck!!
  10. I've long given up on any changes being made to get a better service. I think no one cares there anymore. We've had so so many issued, I even tried calling all the way to DC postal something or other. Nothing happened. Oh the stories I can tell...
  11. I am also watching tons of videos by Clean My Space - she has some interesting ideas on how and when to clean things
  12. I can not explain how impressed I am by you and your kids!!!!
  13. So I just spent over an hour on amazon looking for toilet brush....
  14. Yes, I watch her every week!! She seems so so nice and not fake.
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