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  1. Just heard of this curriculum today and would love feedback. Thank you~
  2. Just heard of it today, would love to get feedback Thank you~
  3. I didn't read the thread yet nor could vote bc "my" option wasn't there. I don't care whether it's a 4 yr degree or skilled type of profession - they need to have a profession! Period. Something. I would prefer that if they chose something in the field of physical labor they also had plan B as well. I have Masters, husband has 3 Bachelor's degrees. The ONLY reason I went to school was bc I knew that I couldn't make money any other way. I don't consider college a necessity. I consider acquiring a self-supporting skills a necessity. I don't know why my husband went to college (I should ask him tomorrow). The man is talented in sooooo many ways. He could have done anything! (and we wouldn't still be paying his student loans) But I just can do accounting and taxes 🙂
  4. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine. She has two kids, both her and her husband work FT and she was saying how she is pretty much responsible for 99% of the "home" stuff. And she told me when she was in college all her girlfriends had the same images of their future lives - how they will get married, have kids, have great careers, great home lives and how of course they can do it all bc you know, women, hear us roar. But when reality set it - it was quite different. But by that point her husband was very much used to not having to do anything and now she is having a very hard time managing her life.
  5. Your 1st paragraph - I think it is a very smart idea to know what you able to live with and what you are not, otherwise you might very well end up in the situation in your 3rd paragraph and while collecting all the sympathy of the world might be nice, won't fix the actual problem Your 2nd paragraph - I was the one who said that I chose to accept my husband for the person he is. But that's not the only thing I did. I also chose to see the other side - where he chose to accept things about me. And we chose to structure out lives in a way where it makes it better for us as a family. It took time and work and lots of yelling for a long time. But we chose to fix it. Or we could have chosen to divorce. Acceptance is not a dirty word
  6. I would NOT let anyone sleep in the basement where water comes in. Mold / moisture in the air is horrible for your lungs and health in general.
  7. Can't speak for all grown men, but again, it all depends. My husband did live on his own before we got married. My husband is an excellent cook and certainly knows how to buy food. If I asked him to feed the kids in that type of scenario, not in a million years would he think that he should be buying food bc he hasn't gone grocery shopping in over a decade. He would absolutely believe that I already bought all the food. Bc that's what *I* do! It has nothing to do with mental load but precedent and how things are run in our family
  8. i must have missed the post about seat belts and car buying, sorry. I can't even think of an example that would be relevant. Wait!! I just did. It wasn't about seat belts for our future car, but I had no clue how car seats went into our cars and was VERY surprised when my husband told me that my pre-marriage car wasn't compatible with the booster seat bc it didn't have some kind of hook thingy.
  9. See, to me it's not about "running over", but about accepting it. My husband has NO CLUE about our schedule. So, when he comes in and says - I want to take the kids to my parents house for a week and I say - nope, not that week bc we have things planned - he has to accept it. My husband has also no clue anything $$$ related in our family. So, again, when I say - you can't buy this or that (even though he makes 90% of our income), he has to accept it. He/she who has the responsibility, has the right to make the decisions.
  10. I can tell you what I did. 1 - I realized that he did that not out of spite, not out of disrespect for me, not for any other negative reason, but simply bc.....leaving his stuff all over is just 100% OK for him. 2- I accepted it. Really really accepted it. I will bring empty dishes and cups from his office to the kitchen or pick up shirts off the living room floor and will remind him 100 times to do X, Y and Z bc I don't want to waste my time, my emotions, and my brain power on being angry about it. Just as he accepted various things about me that might drive him crazy. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. We prefer to accept each other's weaknesses so we can build on our strengths (as lame as it sounds)
  11. Articles like this one annoy the crap out of me bc they remind me of poorly done sitcoms, with one dimensional stereotypical characters. A few things I believe it when it comes to relationships and people 1. The person best suited for the job should be the one doing it 2. No one can make you feel anything without your consent 3. You can choose to see your partner's actions from a place of not caring or from a place of kindness. I prefer to see it from a place of kindness with a bit of clueless mixed in There are a lot of things that I do on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. I do ALL the money related things, all the scheduling of everything, all the laundry, all the shopping and 99% of the cleaning and about 90% of cooking. If I wrote this in an article, I would probably hear from many women that I should be looking for a divorce lawyer. But! ever since the kids were born, I never made breakfast for them on the weekends. Ever! I am not a morning person and my husband knows that so he takes care of their breakfast on the weekends / holidays. I have never repaired anything in the house - inside or outside. They only time I brushed kids' teeth when he is traveling. I don't have to know anything about electronics in our house except how to charge my phone. I never had to do any research on any appliances or major purchases or repairs. the list goes on and on. Like @Garga said - we all have things in our "mental loads" (good grief, I dislike this term). Just different ones. And what makes a partnership good, in my opinion, if there is divide and conquer element build in. Better for everyone. I think some people have too much free time on their hands if they have time to ponder "mental loads" and such.
  12. Wait!! Did I post in my sleep?? Bc this is EXACTLY the post I would write.
  13. Ha ha ha, I feel the opposite. when I look around in a restaurant many times, I see people having terrible manners, so I actually hope my kids don't see it. I try to train them at home as much as I can and when we go out i just hope that it stuck 🙂
  14. SereneHome


    This is just my gut reaction, bc I've never dealt with schools in US neither as a student or a parent. I would not call the principal just yet. I would ask for a meeting with that teacher, have your DD and possibly E present and ask the teacher to tell YOU what she has said to your DD in regards to this situation. If teacher's recount matches what your DD said, then I would go to the principal. If teacher's recount doesn't match with what your DD told you, then I would put it on the teacher to find a solution. Bc if the teacher gets herself involved into the "girl drama", then she should be the leader in finding the solution. Oh and i don't know if I am just generally paranoid person or corporate culture of my jobs trained me to CYS - I would record the conversation.
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