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  1. A great universal way for a Marvel fan to complain: “I am Groot.” Just vary inflection to achieve the desired tone!
  2. I am currently reading This Land is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto in preparation for DS16's continuing current events education. It is illuminating, to say the least. And I will look at these as well. Thanks for posting them.
  3. What you are describing makes me think of primitive folk art.
  4. I have been looking at Jack Kernion’s class at PAH. He does live sessions every other week, which is better than anything else I’ve found. If this doesn’t work for DS, I will be looking at dual enrollment. I’m all ears for reviews.
  5. Mine is for the 1988 Benchmark Ed, which I don’t see listed at all anymore. It is hardcover and in like new condition, which is insane! Even more insane is that I paid $39.98! If you are willing to circle like a hawk, lol, I guess anything is possible!
  6. And also once you are lucky enough to score a TM for such a niche book, you never want to let it go. We are about to move (for the very last time, I hope!), and I am culling all our belongings like crazy. But you will have to pry my Human Endeavor TM out of my cold, dead hands...along with the Jacobs Geometry test book and my TM for Warriner’s Conplete Course and.... What can I say? These things bring me joy! LOL Good luck, OKBud! It is worth every penny if you find one.
  7. It does describe the DO permission, but (arguably) doesn’t complete the meaning of the verb, which is another criteria for being an object complement. I agree that one is tricky! Here is a site I have come to love!
  8. It’s a Tuesday/Thursday class with the Thursday lab. This kid is a math and science lover and does great in school but struggles significantly with time management and needs scaffolding. If the class format/schedule doesn’t scaffold, then it’s up to me, and I am “patience challenged” with it all right now. LOL Of course, it is also the end of the year...
  9. Thanks! I'm so glad your son liked the class so well. I'm very happy to hear it is well organized. Especially for assignments/deadlines, this kid needs very clear expectations and consistency.
  10. Oh, I am very exited to hear this! Looking forward to details! I did like her sample video.
  11. Either here or by PM? I would love to know how this class has gone for others. I was hoping Amy Upperman would be back because she had fabulous reviews and I can't find anything on the current teacher. I'd love to know about participation, organization, homework load (here more frequent is actually better, because this learner needs practice with ideas before tests), etc. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  12. Yes, you can download the guide books and save and/or print them to view offline. I don’t use the app, but I know you can do it from the full site and the mobile site.
  13. We are building a new house right now. We got to pick everything! The thing about niches cracked me up. We can choose niches, but I hate them, so no niches. We have options of fire/sprinkler systems, whole house soft water systems, extra insulation/solar protection, tech/WiFi wiring where we need it, upgraded cabinetry/countertops/staircases/paint/finish of any color we want, lights/outlets exactly where we want them, etc., all on top of picking the floor plan that suits our needs exactly in a neighborhood that is perfect for our family now and in our golden years. With a warranty. We have been watching it go up with extreme excitement. LOL Older homes can be great, but you are almost always going to have a compromise one way or another. And sometimes very expensive maintenance right away. We have been looking at new home communities for a long time, waiting for what was perfect, and we jumped in wholeheartedly when we finally found it. We went with a reputable builder and we visit the site, and we are very happy to walk in after close and have no renovations to worry about. We also looked at older homes in our neighborhood and nearby, and we have been living in a rental that slowly but surely has been revealing its building flaws as it ages, and I think it’s hard to escape any flaws, obviously, but given the $$$ we would have to put into an older home to make it on par with our new one, it was no contest.
  14. Oh, thanks so much for this! It's perfect for DS12. He loves all things science and nature and does a DocuWalk every day (watches a documentary while walking on the treadmill, LOL). They did make a curriculum guide for it. And you can get slides, too, apparently.
  15. It is disturbing. I have high hopes for spectroscopy technology, which scientists have been working on.
  16. I bought it thinking I might use it, but oh my gosh is the language flowery. I don't know if I can get past it.
  17. I have a new VW Atlas with the bench in the middle, and I love it. I had a VW Passat wagon until my third baby’s car seat forced me into something else 13 years ago, and I was happy to find another VW that meets our needs. My kids are very tall and the leg room in all rows of the Atlas is absolutely amazing. ETA: and the 2019 is the second model year, LOL
  18. I have not. Odd. Neither of the intro bio classes (general and for majors) at our cc has a prerequisite, I think. And they have many more follow up bio classes after the intro. I’m pretty impressed!
  19. I’d love a synchronous AP Biology for DS. In the absence of that, he will either do Bio with WTMA or DE. He will also do a homemade Forensic Science course I’ve been putting off.
  20. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onions, and radishes topped with s&p, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.
  21. My oldest absolutely loved the edX Astrophysics Series after wanting to learn more after taking Physics. The men who teach it are brilliant, hilarious, and humble. And one of them won the Nobel Prize in Physics! ETA: oops...confused astronomy with astrophysics...again... Will leave this up for interested folks anyway... Signed, Humanities Mom
  22. If they're into it, they could prepare calendars for next year (write down goals/schedules, note holidays/special event/family birthdays, etc. using stickers, washi tape, markers, etc.).
  23. Thanks so much for posting. I googled the PING Project and it looks awesome.
  24. Crocs slides, year round (I live in the desert).
  25. Bridget, but I am a big nicknamer and would probably call her GiGi all the time. Lol
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