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  1. I too am a chronic migraine sufferer. At my worst I was having 15-20 migraines per month. It was at that point my Neurologist recommended medical cannabis. Its not legal in my state but we have a medical program that I was able to get approved through. I've tried all of the meds you listed above. What worked for me was medical cannabis. I'm down to maybe 3 migraines a month. I've gone from mostly non-functional to thriving and enjoying life. Being part of my states medical program I have been so encouraged to see people using cannabis so that they can live normal productive lives. You can consume cannabis without smoking and without getting high.
  2. Medical Marijuana has honestly given me my life back. I don't want to derail the thread but feel free to pm me if you have questions.
  3. We we're given a rectal med (Valium) to give if DS seizure lasted more then three minutes. We never had to use it as his seizures typically stopped around 2 mins. So I can't say if it would have helped.
  4. I wouldn't wait until fall to begin an Adhd med trial. I would start now and try to get med/dosage/side effects figured out before adding school to the mix. In our case, I lost count of the meds we tried after trying five. All of my kids (3)are medicated for adhd, and each required at least three meds before we found a fit. All if the meds we tried had a fairly quick onset. 30 mins-1 hour.
  5. I just took ds13 to the dermatologist for this issue! The Dr advised him to use diluted white vinegar soaks daily to speed healing. She also said to keep the scabs moist. Lastly, she said it's impulsivity that causes it. She suggested he wear thin gloves when he's at home to retrain his brain and become more aware of how often he attempts to pick. Hope that helps!
  6. DS therapist just introduced him to fidget toys. Her rule is that of you can fidget while focusing on the task at hand then the tool is helpful. If your distracted by the fidget tool then you need to stop using it in that setting. I'm distracted by the use of his fidget toys but am working through it as it is truly helping his anxiety.
  7. My Neurologist recently recommended medical marijuana to me. I almost fell out of my seat and was totally against the idea. She shared stories of her Parkinson's patients finally being able to walk again -tremor free and the benefits it has for fibro pain, migraines and muscle spasms. I've been with this Neuro for years and this is the first time she mentioned mm. She believes I will be able to significantly reduce my lengthy med list thus also getting rid of the meds side effects. Lyrica caused me major memory/ word loss so that meds off the table for me. I've already met once with the dr that will help me get my medical card. I will say that a LOT of my concerns have been addressed and I feel comfortable at least trying mm. If at any point I decide its not for me I can walk away. First, the varieties are many and mm is created differently then regular marijuana. There are strains that contain no thc and high cbd. The prescribing dr will recommend strains that will benefit your child's symptoms and not get them high. The other thing I've learned is that mm can be vaped, used in edibles and topical creams. My husband asked me if mm came in a pill form and my dr recommended it- would I try it? My answer was yes. He's really stressing to me that its no different then trying any other drug prescribed by my dr. I'm working on reframing my thoughts surrounding mm. Most would look at my medication list and probably assume wrong things about me. The short back story is my current list is so much shorter then even a year ago! Its a tricky thing to walk the line between medicating me just enough to keep me able to even get out of bed but not so much that I feel or behave incapacitated in any way. Managing chronic pain is hard. My point is you have to look at the whole journey your dd has been on. I'm working on not caring what others may think about me trying this option. Not that I'm planning to shout it from the rooftops or anything but- there is a stigma. This is my life, my journey. If this can be a more natural key to helping my health issues thus allowing me a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life, its at least worth trying. This has been a hard avenue for me to explore and I hesitated replying to this....but perhaps the info will be helpful. I see the mm doctor again in the next 2 weeks. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to pm me. Melissa
  8. I grew up with stuffed peppers consisting of green peppers, rice, tomato sauce and topped with cheese. Dh family enjoys green peppers, 1 pound of breakfast sausage, rice, and slivered almonds. Typically, if I have extra meat mixture, I just place it around the peppers in an 8.5 X 11 pan.
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  10. We had the same problem with Teaching Textbooks. CLE or Rod & Staff would be good options.
  11. So much will depend on your skin's sensitivity. Your goal is to produce just enough exfoliation without tipping the scales so far as to cause irritation. If your skin gets dry/irritated back off & simplify. I use Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and Retin-A every night. Your insurance may cover Retin-A. I have a .25â„… Retin-A/antibiotic prescription that my insurance covers. I spent about six months at the .25% and then went up to 1%. I use it nightly unless I experience drying, then I drop down to the .25 until the flakiness subsides. I use Timeless for my serums including my Vitamin C serum. Make sure your using a good broad spectrum sunscreen every day.
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