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    I have 5 children and homeschool the youngest 4.
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    You guessed it - Ontario, Canada
  1. I use a mop like the oCeder one but instead of using a spray bottle I have a bottle that pours a fine stream. I just have it in one hand to use when the mop gets too dry or the floor gets too dirty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Have you seen this. It costs a bit, but it's cheaper than the groomers. https://smile.amazon.com/BISSELL-BARKBATH-Portable-Grooming-1844A/dp/B06X9Y8BXT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512132671&sr=8-1&keywords=dog+shampoo+vacuum
  3. My grown guy pays what I would call board. It's about cost for his food, his share of utilities, and laundry. Cleaning, cooking etc is basically free but he is expected to help out when he is home. He pays for his own vehicle, clothing, entertainment, phone etc. This is still much cheaper than living on his own, but ensures that my dh doesn't have to work to pay for his expenses. Because this son seems comfortable staying home, we are slowly raising it so that other options may become more attractive in a few years. My other ds did the same thing until he got married. ETA: When my guys were in school full time/part time board was adjusted accordingly so everything was affordable. Full time school equals no payments.
  4. It's been a long time since we've done chemistry, but for BJU 7-10, I still mark some of the chapter reviews and labs. The quizzes and tests are graded, but I check for spelling and written answers. You have the option of including the grades for some written work or ignoring it. You do need to have the materials to do the experiments. If not, the lab instructor will do a demonstration from which they may use the data.
  5. For my fourth boy, we couldn't find out. The ultrasound was so awful I could hardly id the baby. Unless I have to, I only have one. And I've seen a lot of ultrasounds. We figured that the odds were that this one would be a boy. If we were surprised I knew pink stuff would show up quickly. ETA: We were actually glad to have a boy. Being the youngest and a girl would have its challenges.
  6. I never would have been able to use this without the CD. I put the files onto my phone so we could have discussions anywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We do charge board for anyone not in school full time. It essentially pays for utilities, food, laundry service and other expenses such as hydro to the shed they use. It is well below rent levels anywhere near here. So far one guy is doing this and very content to stay at home. The second guy will be starting to pay board this September. Neither seem too eager to move on which if fine with us. They are both very mature, responsible young men.
  8. Way too closely. I'm starting to check my news feed to see when the verdict comes in and the jury is just out.
  9. Several years ago, we read a book about a safari guide's adventures. It was quite funny, but no one can remember the name of it. Can you wonderful peeps help?
  10. When I moved into our current house 21 years ago, there was a used red and black one in our entrance. It's still going quite strong although it's starting to look a bit ragged. It has endured 5 kids and their friends, dogs, renovations and lots and lots of mud and snow. It's still ugly, and I'd like to put it at the basement door instead of the main door, but I can't bear to replace it with anything of lesser quality. And yes, this is a commercial quality mat.
  11. I'd vote for both. I've never used MP that young, but for grade 5 and up, we would do the 5LU of CLE and 2 or so MP guides. It worked quite well.
  12. We strung clothes lines up in an unused corner of our basement. Enough for 2 large loads of laundry. Ontario has the highest rates for electricity in North America so hanging our clothes to dry in the winter is a real saver. Those little drying racks would never do for our quantity of clothes.
  13. Has anyone used their Great Ideas Courses or their What's the Big Idea courses? I'm trying to figure out how much work one of these would be for my guys. Any input would be appreciated.
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