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  1. Praying for her and the kids!! I hope and pray this gets resolved soon. It's been too long!!!
  2. Good luck to your dh!! Glad your ds found what he enjoys.
  3. Oh my! This could be dangerous! I've always teased with the idea of a magic robot that cleans my house while I am not home, or during the night. Hmmm...
  4. Wait, wait, wait!!! So...this things actually do work??? What??? How can this work? My toddler is ALWAYS leaving stuff around (cars, toys, cups, puzzles...you name it!). I'm assuming all of it has to be picked up? And, we have tile and carpet on the first floor, and furniture all over...how can this things go around it? I've heard about them, but honestly thought they were a failure 😮😮😮
  5. Not at all. I don't use bad words, find them unnecessary. I barely know the meaning of a few, and I'm not interested in knowing more. Have no interest in teaching them to our kids. So far we've only discussed a couple. We really try to keep bad words out of our home.
  6. No, I don't think you should insist. There are many other activities/clubs he might be interested in.
  7. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!! I am not familiar with your story, just read only your last update. I am sure your son is one more beautiful angel, one more beautiful soul in Heaven. Prayers and many blessings for you this Mother's day!!!
  8. Are you serious??? What??? This makes no sense. And yes, at those ages, kids didn't have a say in the matter??? This is not right. Will pray for your sister and kids. I just don't get this, at all. I'm so sorry!!! ETA: so, is she supposed to not work, not provide for her kids so she can be with them???? She needs a good attorney! This is so lame. I'm sorry, not trying to upset you more...this just doesn't sound right. I'm sad for your sister, for the kids...what a mess :(
  9. I feel there has to be a balance. Yes, play is important and we value it's contribution to our children's learning. However, we don't feel it must be the only learning source for kids under 8.
  10. She knows about Thanksgiving, and she knows about Jesus...it's OK if she hasn't got the timing quite yet...many kids don't know about either, so you're good!!
  11. Lol! Totally makes sense. Now that I think about it your son is right and colleges got it wrong. August-December is like 4 months, also Jan-May, and they also have the "extra" Summer term...none of those last 6 months :)
  12. Not sure how I came across such an old thread but has fun reading them all. I usually try not to brag, but have to admit I chuckled when someone asked the other day to my 7.5yr old ds what was he learning in school (I expected math, reading...the gal who asked expected that too or something along those lines...). Ds said he was learning Greek words and gave her an example. Her reaction was quite funny :)
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