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  1. Loving/Liking: ELTL...working great for both Beast Academy liking, but I think I need to supplement a bit for a few topics. (4th grader) Right Start loved B, am liking C but I need to speed it up (2nd grader) GSWL boys are enjoying it! Very quick and painless so far but they are retaining. CAP W&R Narrative 2 is going great with my 4th grader. AAR and AAS work really well for us and I'm seeing so much growth! Geography through art book (part of Wayfarers) the boys are loving the art projects so far! Ok: Wayfarers for history and science. I haven't decided yet. I definitely
  2. My son is 8. He's had it for a number of months now but not a full year (I think he got it July 2015). He also has a face mask he wears at night (was wearing it more initially) to bring his top jaw forward, his teeth were hitting directly on top of each other before. I was very nervous when we started but I have seen such significant change I'm thrilled. I'm hoping we can avoid braces completely but we'll see since he's still a mix of baby and adult teeth. He's not one to deal with discomfort well at all. I really witnessed a maturing in him during the initial process!
  3. My son requires a palate expander. Getting it in was not a fun experience! He didn't enjoy the impression and then they said his back molars were uniquely shaped which made it a real struggle to get the expander in. But his mouth looks sooooo much better now. His teeth are lining up properly and some have shifted straighter than ever. If she needs it then it might be worth pushing through the initial insertion process. I had to talk to my son a lot about roughing things out to get passed them to comfort. It was a good growing experience for him.
  4. I have not lost yet but I've always been negative points so no real surprise. Sugar is my downfall and I feel like when I finally find a balance with the new system that I'll be able to lose/maintain. I'm still in the process of finding foods that satisfy my hunger, wean me off sugar, and keep me in the right number of points. I've finally got a handle on using the app though!
  5. We are using Fix It! We'll probably stick with it for awhile for the practice since it is quick and easy but I don't think it'll last past this year (3rd grade) as our stand alone grammar. We'll be adding in Latin next year so I'm hoping the 2 together will help. If not I'll adjust from there.
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