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  3. Congratulations~ :iagree: Read and try to find a Bradley instructor for preparation mentally and physically. Recovery was so much better and much less painful after a natural delivery than the c-sec; I'll admit I was pretty shocked by how much easier it was vs. the c-sec.
  4. Is it possible to eat in a space that is less close? Depression is a tough one; I would want everyone to feel welcome at meals even the family member with the feedback, esp if the person is elderly.
  5. Growing up can be so difficult, but it sounds like she handled the situation very well.
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  7. I'm so sorry, that's heartbreaking. :grouphug:
  8. If you haven't already done something...but were going to, don't do it. When I was in AZ we had a big diamonhead rattle snake right beside the garage, under a bush by the door. I freaked out!!! But called local police and they drove right over and rescued it to be released out in the desert. Killing them is illegal. I was surprised the local police man was pretty cool with his cage and long arm grabber. :grouphug:
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