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  1. Honestly? My suggestion is to move. :) I spent almost 40 years in Florida, miserable. The heat! The bugs! The humidity!! I didn't even realize how much I hated it until I left. Now I'm sad I didn't do it decades earlier. Ugh. Just my 2 cents. That's not really worth that much. But also sympathy, I get it. I really do.
  2. Hmm well my background is in business. I've worked in HR, doing hiring, background checks and employee performance training. I spent years as a Trust Officer managing trust accounts and soliciting new business. I was the office manger for our family construction company before I had kids and then most recently I was a wedding & event coordinator. So my skill set is varied. I have excellent communication and customer service. I excel at dealing with people. My BS is in business so I'm fairly versed in the running of day to day operations. I'm not sure if any of this equates to anything marketable from home?
  3. Do these REALLY exist? After searching for a couple of months, I feel like they are as elusive as the purple unicorn. I *thought* I had average skills and a decent resume but I'm getting no where. I joined all the pay sites and I lost my resume all.the.time. I have only worked part time for the past few years, but I have a degree and I'm not on drugs. So I considered myself an above average candidate. Wrong! The only 2 offers I've had were for a social media position that paid $40 a MONTH!! And a market analyst that required 30 days volunteering before the job started. Hmm. Any advice? Suggestions? Commiseration?
  4. In reference to #3, here's my head scratcher. My local school district demolished one of the only football/track/general multipurpose stadiums in the ENTIRE city. 80% of sporting events are held here and all graduations. They did this demo before they had received pricing for the rebuild. So now, they have the prices and it's FOUR times what they had estimated. Insanity.
  5. Hugs. Deep sighs. And prayers my friend.
  6. Strep kicks my butt. I'm so sorry you are sick. Hoping the meds kick in fast and your body finds healing and comfort.
  7. Up. Thinking. Crying. It's been a rough few months.
  8. Sure! We can send a Colorado bag :)
  9. I can send my 5 year old to talk.non.stop. for hours on end about all the plots! characters! to see if any that can help. He's cute.
  10. Feel better soon!! Welcome about the texting bandwagon. It's um, THE BEST!
  11. Publix is the bomb. For real. I have a friend, from college who worked her way through law school at Publix and has stayed on, just for the stock options, even now as a state attorney. She just works part time to keep her employment status active. Great, great company.
  12. Hard times have grown me in both good and bad ways. Somethings have strengthen me and given me more courage and strength than I knew I had. Getting through hard times feels like an incredible power trip. But other things have left me scared, bitter, and disappointed. I'm trying to work through these, but the wounds are deep and the pain is real.
  13. Sleeping queens card game. My 11 year old plays this every day. For hours.
  14. I love how you began this very personal family story with a HP reference. That's so you!
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