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  1. Have you considered imaging? Knowing what you are dealing with is often the first step.
  2. Amazon has ready made care packages. I've sent one of the gluten free boxes before and it was a hit. Oldest dd loves tea. I sent her a tea advent calendar last Christmas and she is already dropping hints about getting another one this Christmas. I've also sent her a pretty tea cup/honey sticks/and her favorite tea (all from amazon). I've also sent her stress balls, heat packs, bath salts. Youngest I've sent a Build a Bear college care package. She has asked for a little lego set. Other ideas: socks, Starbucks gift cards, laundry pods, mechanical pencils, aloe infused gloves, thinking putty
  3. Oldest dd has a terrible time with eczema. She is now in her 20s, but in her teens, I have taken her to Urgent Care more than once with a severe flare. Do you have a good dermatologist who specializes in skin disorders. Many derms specialize in cosmetic dermatology or skin cancer. You need one who really understands eczema. At one point, dd had 9 different prescriptions: topicals ( steroids of different strengths [face, hands, body, feet need different types], moisturizers) and 2 orals to control her eczema. They also did a skin biopsy to get a better understanding of her particular type of eczemas (yes, the biopsy found she had multiple types). There is an eczema that greatly affects hands and feet and there is a particular antihistamine that can help with that specific type of eczema. Photo therapy helped dd the most. We started with 3 treatments a week and eventually got down to once a week. It put her in remission and kept her there for quite a while. Allergy testing was unremarkable by the way. Dd has found that stress, hormone fluctuations, heat (think summer....surprisingly she does better in winter), and gluten make her eczema more active. Keeping her skin hydrated helps too. But, she has to be VERY careful with what moisturizers she uses. A dermatologist would be able to give recommendations about moisturizers. 2 of dd's original 9 topical prescriptions were for moisturizers. Now, dd does fairly well with OTC medications and topicals. As far as diet goes, it is really individual. Whatever is causing the flare needs to be avoided. Some friends have had good results with omegas, evening primrose, etc, but they didn't do much for dd. Neither did skin specific supplements. Dd has done bleach baths before. They can be very drying and you need to use only the recommended amount of bleach and the recommended treatment protocol. The best thing we did was get a good dermatologist.
  4. I'm a beginner embroider person. VERY beginner. So hopefully, someone will jump in with better ideas.... Having said that, I MUST have the design traced onto the fabric. I cannot free hand without the design on the fabric. Once it is on the fabric, I just use stitches appropriate for the section and stitch away. My dd does beautiful even stitches that are straight and smooth and just gorgeous. She prefers little stitches, even on long stretches. But, she also must have the design traced
  5. I know I have MTHFR and so many "bread" products are enriched. So, that could be a huge factor as well
  6. So, I went gluten free about 2 years ago due to joint pain and inflammation. My PT suggested I give it a go and see what happened. The pain and inflammation did decrease. Oldest dd was strongly advised to go off gluten due to her allergies/eczema. She lost 10 lbs right away, her eczema was much improved, and she felt better overall. Youngest went gf because the majority of the food in the house was gf. Fast forward..... oldest, still away at college, went back on gluten because such foods are cheaper and easier for her to get. Her eczema has flared a few times, her allergies are worse, she has regained some weight, and she generally does not feel as good overall. Youngest, now away at college went back on gluten for same reasons oldest and has had no issues at all. So.....I want to retry gluten. Being the last holdout in the family (dh never did go gluten free) is not going to be easy. With the holidays coming it will be even harder. Dc are already asking for things we didn't do last holiday (panettone, thumb print cookies, etc). I'd love to be able to bake bread again, etc. But, how do I do it? I do not want GI problems. Any success stories? Also, I've never tested positive for wheat or gluten allergy. Oldest dd tested sensitive for it.
  7. I use a hand cream from L'Occitane (probably didn't spell that correctly). It is in their shea line.
  8. Youngest dd (my shopping companion, movie going friend, craft loving buddy, board game playing) left for the dorm a week ago last Thurs. After 2 classes, they had the Labor Day break....Thursday afternoon-Tuesday morning. So....dd came home for the weekend. She is going back a day early so she can get homework done and settled back a day early. But, I'm finding this time much harder than last time. I guess I knew last time that she would be coming home for the long weekend. But, this time, it will be a while before we get together again. We will talk, text, facetime often. But, not the same. I could use a pep talk. And anyone else experience the same thing??
  9. No. No other changes. In fact, after 2 years gluten free, I was thinking about trying gluten again. The rest of my family has decided to go back to gluten so I'm the last hold out. With the tummy already unhappy, I decided not to give it a try.
  10. I've used the same vitamins for almost a year. No issues. In fact, I have felt better for taking them. the past month, every time I take them, they cause tummy troubles. I'm not sure why or what to think of it. Switch vitamins? Stay off a multi for a while? Anyone else had a similar experience?
  11. Bertie's War On the Beach War of the Worlds Time Machine Andromeda Strain maybe one of the books from Dragon Riders of Pern
  12. World Cultural Geography? There is so much you could explore: (obviously) geography, but also, music, literature, food, art, architecture, government, political geography, natural resources (that affect economy).
  13. Don't scare me like that!!! I'm not sure how I would get through a chocolate shortage!!!
  14. Has it sent any signals to Io or Europa?
  15. I order from Missouri Star Quilt, Fat Quarter Shop, and Keepsake Quilting
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