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  1. This semester has been just short of a disaster. Tech issues have abounded. She has a Cal 3 test on Tuesday and still does not know how it will be administered. They told her on Thurs that she had to take it in person (it is a fully online class). Then told her she can't come on campus as she is not an on campus resident and the campus has restricted access. Dd , who is a Chancellor's List student, is genuinely worried about continuing the semester. The chancellor announced this past week that the spring semester will be just like the fall semester with possibly more restrictions (depe
  2. 3 of dd's 5 are online. But, her computer science class is still hybrid. 2 other local universities are offering the same class online, but dd's is not. She looked at taking the class at one of the other places, but it is not enough time now to get all the paperwork done for Fall semester (it starts the 24th). She is getting it set up for Spring semester just in case. Unfortunately, if her university keeps the hybrid (and they say they will not offer it online unless the Gov shuts down the universities), then she will have to drop it.
  3. Dd might want to switch from traditional university setting to online university. I've found DeVry and SNHU. Are there other universities that offer a decent online degree for math and/or computer science??
  4. our local CC is offering it online, but they need her transcripts from uni and CC says they can't get it all processed in time for Fall. She has petitioned the uni for the ability to do synchronous online. They are "looking into it" but might not have an answer before the 10th of August...which is deadline to decline the dorm (move in day is the 16th). If she is not 100% online when she declines the dorm, they will charge her $500. She will drop the hybrid class if it is not synchronous. But, she really needs the class (pre req for everything else in 2nd degree) and doesn't want to drop i
  5. Dds classes updated to 2 online, 1 synchronous online, 1 hybrid (either once a week or twice a month). But that is not cut in stone. They keep "kicking the can" further down the road. Now the "hard deadline is Aug 14. Since she is under 21, if she keeps the hybrid class, she will have to live in the dorm. It is a pre req class for most of the rest of her 2nd major. But, who knows what the fall will bring? She would rather be 100% online. Maybe it is time to look into universities who offer online degrees in Math and Computer Science?
  6. The financial crisis for institutions of higher learning is sure to cause major ripples throughtout. The financial impact on students and their families is already creating major impacts. Who knows how long this situation is going to last? Will online schools such as DeVry and SNHU be better options? I don't like any of what is happening right now. I long for the "good ole days" of dd sipping a latte on the (college) library patio while working on a group project with several of her classmates. Hearing dd's joy at attending a concert, or movie night, engaging in fascinating debate and co
  7. then go 100% online. I totally agree that changes are happening daily. Flu season will be upon us before we know it. Strep will kick up soon too. So, if the situation is that uncertain...and it appears to be....then call the question.....go online 100%. Or at least give us the option now to make those changes. We can't change her schedule now but we don't know what will happen with it. It is just too uncertain. And don't charge us penalties if we don't go the dorm route since we don't know what will happen next..... I do understand and have sympathy with the folks making these dif
  8. At some point, they are going to have to make some sort of a decision. Dd's move in date is 10 days before the start of classes and 14 days after the powers that be supposedly going to tell us "final" plans. I'm not moving her in and all that goes with that (100 degree heat and wearing a mask) only to have them change their minds the first day of classes. Dd looked into changing her schedule to all online, but the schedules are locked now and can't be changed....unless of course "they" (whoever that is) change it without notice or consideration to other obligations. Am I going to have a $4
  9. I just wish dd's college would say something at least somewhat definative. They keep moving the "let you know date" further and further out. It was July 1, then July 15, now we are hearing by the end of July. Her move in day is Aug 15. 2 of her classes are already online. The others are supposedly in classroom but they haven't finalized that yet. They still could change. In fact, they said her entire schedule could change without notice at any time. They have said: (1). all classes might be online. (2). might have half the class come on M and have on W. (3). might have 1/3 of cla
  10. so far dd's college is summer on line and hopefully fall in person. She has registered for classes (both online and in person) and has a dorm room assignment for Fall. She has labs next semester so I would think that has to be done in person......I guess we will see.
  11. I too am very concerned about what all this is doing to US economy and world economy. Many small business are certainly being hurt. I keep hearing on the news and other media to "buy local." I know many who would love to support local businesses via online shopping or take out. However most I've spoken with IRL are concerned with losing their incomes through furlough. Many have already been furloughed. Many are told to expect furlough. Colleges are online now and many "kids" have moved back home which means increased spending on necessities and in many cases, no refund (yet). That mean
  12. My gym is closed so no reformer Pilates for me. And it has rained for almost 2 weeks straight. I'm focusing on nutrition and keeping the back/hip pain away. Today I need to start what mat pilates I can do: dead bugs, leg lifts, 100s, ect.
  13. I don't know. Yesterday morning, when we arrived at the dorm for check out....they said the students would have access to meal plan (it is done through ID card) for the duration of the semester (second week in May). Since we live abut an hour away, we thought we could use at least some of it at the stand alones (chick fil a, pho, deli, etc) and the fast mart type store. Once all this is over, we could drive up there periodically (it is a gorgeous campus to walk). By the time we finished the work up there and checked out (4 hours later), they said no, we would not have access after 24 hours
  14. We got an email today saying dd's move out day is tomorrow! We went up today (we live about an hour away) and moved about 90% out of the dorm. Tomorrow we will go up and get the rest and do the cleaning before turning in the key. I am just so sad for her. She loves college. She loved her dorm room. She had some nice friends. The campus is really beautiful right now with things starting to bloom. The new student center just opened. She joined some clubs this semester. It is all over. Everything, including advising is online now. We will lose about $2000 in dorm/meal plan. I'm just
  15. All of youngest dd's activities are cancelled. Oldest will know more on Monday. I'm concerned about mine. I take a Pilates reformer class twice a week due to chronic pain. It helps tremendously with my pain and missing classes (even if I do mat exercises at home) always results in increased pain and mobility issues. But, I'm concerned about going into a gym environment. And the kids camp will run next week since schools are out.
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