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  1. I looked at bento box but I want it to keep cold things cold and hot things hot.
  2. Since being put on a special diet, I've been having a hard time with meals out or changes in schedule that make dashing home for lunch impossible. I always pack a snack in case I run late somewhere or an appt or meeting is scheduled close to snack or meal time. Oldest dd will graduate college this spring. The graduation starts at 10 in the morning. There is no reception, but I know we will need lunch. Her college is 2 hours away. I'll need to pack something. There are a few other things coming up too that means I'll need more than snacks. I need something that will keep cold foods cold. I'm not as concerned about hot foods hot, but that might be a nice thing. I need to pack multiple things: protein, carb, veggie. It can't be too bulky. I have a cooler and can use that, but I'd still need containers. Is there a good quality stackable lunch "box" or some such that fits this description?
  3. I have narrow feet that tend to be more on the flat side than a "normal" arch. The Vionics seem to be too wide or too high for me. My foot swims in most of them and the arch hits in the wrong place. And yes, metarsalgia is a factor too. Birks are way to hard for me. I can get away with Chacos in the summer. But, I want a nicer, dressier looking closed toe option
  4. I need a pair of flats to wear with slacks for office type environment. But, I have back, hip, and foot issues. Heels are right out. I won't need to walk much: parking lot to building and office to bathroom type walking. Vionics hurt. I'm off sizes with dansko (I'm a half size). Any other ideas?
  5. an IRL friend's son is in the army stationed across the country from his home. His family has asked relatives and friends to send cards and care packages. I sent him a box of poptarts, popcorn, jerky, and girl scout cookies this week. What are some other ideas? He is living in barracks here in the states so not worried about overseas shipping.
  6. My vision with multifocal is actually better than with my glasses. My doctor told me I am one of the lucky ones who has exceptional vision with mulitfocal. There are lots of options out multifocal, one not, mini mono, regular mono, etc. I have multifocal mini mono and it works. I can't have reading glasses on top of multifocal because one eye is corrected for distance and the other is corrected for near. Reading glasses would be really wonky with that. The only time I could wear reading glasses was years ago when I still had single vision contacts
  7. I'm talking about mattress topper. It is several inches thick memory foam and quite bulkiy
  8. I posted on the chat board, but I'd thought I'd ask here. Dd will have the same size bedding next year as she does this year. So we will be transporting her topper home, storing it over the summer, and transporting it back in the fall. How do I do that??? The original box is no longer an option.
  9. Dd will have the same size bed in next year's dorm as she had this year. So we will be bringing her topper home, storing it over the summer, and transporting it back to college in the fall. How do I do that? The box it came in is no longer with us so that is not an option. Suggestions??
  10. I'm looking for a good quality hair spray that texturizes and doesn't have a strong smell. I finally found a dry shampoo I like that doesn't break out my scalp or smell too strong (DryBar) and now I need a hair spray or a texturizing hair spray. Suggestions???
  11. I can use either. I'm recently diagnosed with some scary kidney problems. They want me to eat yogurt, but I must be careful about potassium and sodium. If I make my own, I can control the ingredients.
  12. Due to a change in health and diet requirements, I want to make my own yogurt. And I don't know how to do that. I've been researching yogurt makers on Amazon and the reviews are really mixed. Also, I have an Instant Pot with a yogurt cycle, but my IRL friends also have very mixed reviews. One IRL friend said their yogurt tasted like the tumeric chicken they made the day before. Not the flavor I'm going for. Also, I want greek yogurt as my end product. So I'm assuming I'll need to get a strainer of some type. What does the great cooking hive recommend????
  13. This has been my dd's experience as well. She transferred in some credits so at the end of this semester, she will be a sophomore even though it is her first year at university. She is enjoying school more this semester and likes dorm life
  14. Spring semester is well underway now. It is either the 2nd semester for dc away at college or the 2nd semester of "another year". How is it going? Better than first? Tips for making it better?
  15. MUS Calculus. Does she have enough trig to go straight into Calc rather than Pre Calc?
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