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  1. so far dd's college is summer on line and hopefully fall in person. She has registered for classes (both online and in person) and has a dorm room assignment for Fall. She has labs next semester so I would think that has to be done in person......I guess we will see.
  2. I've had a few MRIs for various reasons. Ask the tech to roll you in feet first. Make sure you are going to a facility that uses a large bore machine. Ask the tech for a headset and chose music you like. I chose classical. My most recent MRI was really quite easy...and yes, I was very concerned because my first experience was okay, but the 2nd was not as good. A lot depends on the facility. The facility for my most recent MRI had beautiful nature posters on the walls and ceiling. The room was properly lit, not too bright, not too dark. I was very comfortable on the rolling table with soft pillows and cozy blanket. The headset and music were excellent. The tech quietly talked to me often. I had a gentle breeze of cool, but not too cool air blowing softly over me which gave the feeling of being out in the open. Since my feet went in first, the top of my head was out and I could easily see over the top. Honestly, I almost fell asleep. I have an IRL friend with 9 children. She did fall asleep! Said it was the most peaceful part of her day that day 🙂
  3. HollyDay

    US economy

    I too am very concerned about what all this is doing to US economy and world economy. Many small business are certainly being hurt. I keep hearing on the news and other media to "buy local." I know many who would love to support local businesses via online shopping or take out. However most I've spoken with IRL are concerned with losing their incomes through furlough. Many have already been furloughed. Many are told to expect furlough. Colleges are online now and many "kids" have moved back home which means increased spending on necessities and in many cases, no refund (yet). That means not much margin for non necessities. I don't know a good solution here. But if businesses remain closed and jobs are lost or furloughed, the economy cannot grow
  4. My gym is closed so no reformer Pilates for me. And it has rained for almost 2 weeks straight. I'm focusing on nutrition and keeping the back/hip pain away. Today I need to start what mat pilates I can do: dead bugs, leg lifts, 100s, ect.
  5. I don't know. Yesterday morning, when we arrived at the dorm for check out....they said the students would have access to meal plan (it is done through ID card) for the duration of the semester (second week in May). Since we live abut an hour away, we thought we could use at least some of it at the stand alones (chick fil a, pho, deli, etc) and the fast mart type store. Once all this is over, we could drive up there periodically (it is a gorgeous campus to walk). By the time we finished the work up there and checked out (4 hours later), they said no, we would not have access after 24 hours. They said the reason being, they *might* be offering refunds. One thing they said was definite is that no money would "roll over" or be applied as credit for returning students. We went to the fast mart (very near dd's dorm) and bought about $100 of things she wanted/needed. Then we stopped in the coffee shop (no ready made food/drink, just prepackaged) and got a few things. About $50. But, that still leaves close to $600 on her meal plan and then there is the dorm money we will be out. I know lots of folks are in this situation. I know lots of things are up in the air. But, it is concerning financially.
  6. We got an email today saying dd's move out day is tomorrow! We went up today (we live about an hour away) and moved about 90% out of the dorm. Tomorrow we will go up and get the rest and do the cleaning before turning in the key. I am just so sad for her. She loves college. She loved her dorm room. She had some nice friends. The campus is really beautiful right now with things starting to bloom. The new student center just opened. She joined some clubs this semester. It is all over. Everything, including advising is online now. We will lose about $2000 in dorm/meal plan. I'm just tired and overwhelmed
  7. All of youngest dd's activities are cancelled. Oldest will know more on Monday. I'm concerned about mine. I take a Pilates reformer class twice a week due to chronic pain. It helps tremendously with my pain and missing classes (even if I do mat exercises at home) always results in increased pain and mobility issues. But, I'm concerned about going into a gym environment. And the kids camp will run next week since schools are out.
  8. Also tongue tie, palate issues. Sorry it took me multiple posts to get what I wanted to say out.
  9. Oral exams can sometimes tell if the teeth are growing in properly or if there is any other issue such as tongue thrust, lisp, etc.
  10. Sorry, I did not read all the posts. Have you had a hearing test yet? Dental or Orthodontic evaluation? Vision test?
  11. Do you know what colleges/universities she might consider? Some have very specific science requirements and others do not. My oldest (majoring in Public Relations Event Management) did Conceptual Physics her senior year. If I recall, it only required Algebra 2 (and not a lot of that). It was a very good text and we enjoyed it. My youngest (majoring in Math and Mechanical/Energy Engineering) did a much different physics program in high school Physics is such a foundational science that I did not consider skipping it. Both also had biology and chemisty and a science of their choosing (oldest did equine science, youngest genetics)
  12. Maybe Noeo Science? Beautiful Feet History of Science?
  13. I worried about this too. Did I prepare them enough? Was my content rigorous enough? Did I cover everything I needed to cover to set them up well for college? Now that both are in college, I can honestly say "YES!" Both dc are Phi Theta Kappa. Both are members of various honors societies. Both have received some level of scholarship. Both were accepted to their first choice universities. Oldest will graduate this May. She was well prepared for her core classes. One day last year (her junior year at university) she called me laughing. One of her classes was covering editing. I required Editor in Chief as part of my english program. She was the only one in the class that had ever done that type of editing. She was laughing because she hated editing in high school but she said that section of the class was very easy for her thanks to high school preparation. Do your due diligence. Plan out a solid high school college prep program: 4 english/literature, 4 math, 4 science, 4 social studies, 1 gov, 1 econ, 1 fine arts, 2 foreign language, 1 or 2 PE (depending on state requirements), 1 health, about 10 electives. Teach them how to learn: how to research, how to take notes, how to plan and prioritize work. Instill a love of learning and curiosity in general.
  14. Take a look at this book over at Rainbow Resource:
  15. Analytical Grammar has a program, Beyond the Book Report.
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