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  1. We used Jump In for 7th grade. It was my oldest dd's favorite program that year and her favorite writing program overall
  2. Transcripts are scary but not impossible. HSLDA has a template that is very helpful. I found the local CC required a different style transcript than the 4 year colleges. Look at the requirements of the various colleges your dc might wish to attend. Odds are their webpage has some information about transcriptions and/or homeshool. If not, call and ask. It is really not that hard once you get started. I too remember feeling overwhelmed and scared. But once I got started it was ok
  3. I established a chart of what I wanted to accomplish in 4 years. I knew both dc would go on to additional learning of some type post high school so I wanted to give them an academic/college bound track. I looked at the state requirements to make sure those boxes were checked. Basically we did: 4 English: grammar review, writing 4 social studies: geography, world history, us history, gov/econ 4 math: algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, adv math (to include trig/analytical geometry/pre-calculus) 4 science: physical (which was actually done in 8th grade), biology, chemis
  4. Middle school literature was difficult for us. Dc were transitioning from "kids" to "young adult" and both had very different reading tastes. I looked at many, many different programs and finally chose Drawn into the Heart of Reading. It allowed us to pick the genre and the book but also gave us structure for analysis and discussion. I could pick 1 genre for both dc but different books for dc who where at different grades/ages/stages/interests. Reading lists were provided, but I used advice I found here (thank you Lori D!!!) and looked through reading lists from other programs to select a v
  5. have you tried audio book with him following along with written book? that way he hears and sees the words at the same time?
  6. Yongest dd actually picked Abeka's Physical Science. It was a bit too botany heavy for my taste, but she liked it. Another hit was Earth Science. Dd liked a Pearson book for that. Holt has an Environmental Science book. Both dc expressed interest in meteorology and astronomy so we explored text options for that.
  7. IMHO, You could easily do both levels of Winston. We did both levels in a semester. Someone recently asked me what were some of my favorites that I used in homeschool and would absolutely use again and/or recommend. Winston was one of those. For my more visual learner dc, it was a huge help. She could see what she was doing with sentences. For my more logical dc, she would see the rules, grasp the placements. It is more parsing than diagramming. Maybe take a look at Growing with Grammar?
  8. Hillsdale College has a free online constitution course. I've not taken it or used it, but I recently spoke with a family who has used it. They spoke well of the course. Again, no first hand info, just a random conversation with someone who said they were glad they used it
  9. Dd has made Chancellor's list the past 3 semesters. But, given how difficult the Fall semester was, I am especially pleased for her.
  10. Both my daughters went through this gap phase as well It was tough finding books they enjoyed. Oldest was especially hard as she did not like science fiction or fantasy. She did like Sherlock Holmes mysteries though. She also found some adventure/biography books at the library about westward expansion. Sorry, can't remember titles. She also developed a love of poetry and read quite a few DIY books. Youngest discovered old science fiction: H. G. Wells Time Machine, Bradbury Martian Chronicles, McAffrey 's Dragonriders of Pern. She remains a scifi fan to this day actually.
  11. I had a major back pain flare last month. One of the worst I've ever had. Went back to the basics: stretching, ice, heat, balance ball. Slowly worked up to bridges, clams, squats, etc. Still not able to do full planks. I'm doing forearm and knee planks but so far just can't get back to full planks. Started walking again....1 mile is about it for now. But, weather is nice, dog is enjoying the walk and 1 mile is way more than I could do in all of January. It doesn't look like I'll be able to do Pilates again for quite some time (Covid restrictions and changes). Only 1 class since first
  12. yes. We did both. I had planned out what needed to be covered to complete the program. I also had planned out what I'd like to get covered. The "needed" was mandatory. The "like" would be nice, but would not affect the program if not complete. So, we knew from the start that we needed to get from point A to point B. We outlined what that should look like, but realized there would be changes. Some sections went fast, some needed more time
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