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  1. I'd like to give my aunt yarn for Christmas. She is 90, says she has everything, won't make a Christmas list. But, I know she loves to knit and recently remarked that the store she buys her knitting supplies from has closed. She makes hats and some blankets for the local hospital. I'm assuming they are for the nursery. I know she likes Red Heart yarns. So, how many skeins? What weight? What type? I will be mailing her gift so I either need to buy from a company who will ship it to her, or I need to box it up and mail it. (or UPS). What do y'all suggest??
  2. I've done so much PT over the past 4 years. I think that is why I'm getting discouraged. I'm now doing Pilates (with the doctor approving) and it has only been 2 months...too soon to tell if it is helping
  3. Yes, I agree with the imaging. I don't want to do it....hate closed spaces. I'm trying to see if I'm missing anything that would help
  4. So I've had back "issues", foot issues, and chronic pain for about 4 years. Imaging has shown spondylolisthesis and degerative discs. Basically, I've been told to do PT, do Pilates, keep weight down, take NSAIDS as needed and "see you next time." I'm tired of it. I went to sports medicine doc who wants new MRI (last one was 3 years ago). Xrays were last done in January with no change at all from 3 years ago. Pain is worse at times and better at times. Abilites are being reduced. I am hoping to walk a mile opposed to being happy with a 3 miles walk. I'm constantly thinking about whether or not I can do something (like go to an airshow, go on vacation, go on a car trip, take a tour of a museum). me come up with treatment ideas. I don't want cortisone shots. I don't want surgery. What else do we have??
  5. My massage therapist uses these stones for massage and it feels wonderful on my sore back and feet!! I want to get some to use at home. The stones are not a problem, I can find those. What to use as a warmer? Do you put them in the oven?
  6. Dd said MUS is quite clear. She just reminded me that we did MUS Calculus with Saxon Physics. The math in Saxon Physics was a good supplement. She said she wanted more math. MUS calculus was not "enough" for her since she wanted vector physics. This dd LOVES math. She borrowed oldest dd's boyfriend's college calculus books to work problems for fun.
  7. Youngest dd used MUS for Precalculus and Calculus in high school. She is now in college at her 4 year university majoring in math and computer science. She is a member of Mu Alpha Theta and while at CC was the only first year student selected for Amatyc. Her professors have always said she has an excellent grasp of conceptual and theoretical side of math. FYI, we used TT for Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry.
  8. Dd, away at college, is not getting mail other than what I send her. I'd hoped friends and relations would have sent her a card or 2 by now. What are some free magazines or catalogs I could request for her so her mailbox isn't empty? I don't want to do a magazine subscription because the box rental is only for the school year.
  9. I guess it depends. I know a "kid" or 2 who jumped into boot camp right out of high in, get GED, turn 17 and get going. I also know some who wanted to go in as officers, so they completed college first. Job readiness outside of military will depend upon job inside military.
  10. mine started like that. irritated throat too. after about a week, it went down hill quickly into bronchitis
  11. Both dds are finding time to be an issue. Longer games that they used to really enjoy, like Catan, take too much time now that they are in college. They do play those games over Christmas break. So far I'm hearing: Uno (and mulitple varieties) Dominoes Dutch Blitz Apples to Apples Oldest dd said they played Phase 10 last weekend, but players had to keep switching out due to work and study committments.
  12. Do you know the root cause of the family history of hip problems? Prevention might depend upon the cause
  13. That happened to dd last year. She had a bad virus last Sept. then suddenly developed asthma
  14. I can't remember the last time I had bronchitis this early in the season. It is usually a February/March thing. How on earth did I get it so early this year!?
  15. sidelined with bronchitis. How on earth did I get bronchitis so early in the season??
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