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  1. HollyDay

    withdrawing daughter from high school tomorrow

    She will need some time to decompress. How do you want that to look? Spend time together? Cooking together, planning the rest of the school year together, walking in a park, doing a craft? Perhaps if she gets involved planning it will help. Can she chose what books she wants to add to her program?
  2. Keep in mind it can be over 100 in TX for days on end. That might make a motorcycle trip uncomfortable (it would for me, so I thought I'd pass that on). Traffic in DFW area can be challenging due to congestion and never ending road work.
  3. HollyDay

    Spices without politics?

    The Spice House Spice and Tea Exchange
  4. HollyDay

    Ten day flu?? Anyone else?

    Not the flu, but I got a coughing virus the week before CHristmas. I'm still dragging. The cough is 99% better, but I'm still tired and have upper respiratory. The doc told me it could last 6 weeks.....
  5. HollyDay

    Gymboree is closing

    I agree. When my dc were little (nursing baby and toddler/preschooler), a grocery store that delivered would have been HUGE. I would have paid extra for such a service, especially if one was sick or fussy or teething. I went into a box store a few months ago and the store was dirty/messy and the employees were just rude. I asked one where a department was and he mumbled he didn't know, wasn't his department. I get that customer service type jobs are not easy, that is why I always try to be courteous. In this current climate of stores closing, customer service and clean stores go a long way.
  6. HollyDay

    Gymboree is closing

    I guess I'm old school. I want to try on shoes and jeans and dresses before I buy. I know many online stores offer free shipping and returns, but I don't want to order 3 sizes and send back 2. I want to make sure my foundation is the correct shade and feels good on my face before I buy it. But, I also need to consider my budget. If I can buy a product 60% cheaper online, then for the sake of my budget, I need to do that. Customer service is important too. I have 3 grocery stores within 5 miles of my house. I can shop at any one of the 3 (and they all do home delivery). Prices are comparable. Customer service sometimes determines where I go.
  7. HollyDay

    Gymboree is closing

    Not all of Whole Earth Provisions closed. I think it is just the one near us.
  8. HollyDay

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    I'm decluttering this week. I'm stuck in the bathroom closet (not literally for which I'm grateful). Just so much stuff. Extra this, extra that. Ugh.....
  9. HollyDay

    Gymboree is closing

    That makes me sad. I still have dds' blankets from Gymboree. Their clothes were one of the few my eczema/sensitive baby could wear. Toys R Us Borders Books Teavana so many of my favorites are gone. Locally, some stores are closing near us (not the entire chain, but the ones we shop). Our nearby Whole Earth Provisions closed the week after Christmas. Lord and Taylor store near us is closing. Beauty Brands that we shop at locally is closing that store (found that out when trying to use my rewards bucks). I must be getting old
  10. HollyDay

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond's stupid return policy

    There is more than 1 store now that I do not like to shop due to return policy.
  11. HollyDay

    Programmable robots

    Dd has a Boe-Bot from Parallax Inc
  12. We did something very similar...Parker book but barn work. Dd's riding instructors looked through the Parker book and tried to coordinate some of their barn work/riding with the book. One of dd's instructors specialized in therapy horses so she really brought that side of equine science to life for dd
  13. HollyDay

    Well-Trained Bodies January 2019!

    I am unfortunately in a pain flare. 2 workouts ago, the trainer decided to "up our game plan" and see if we could move on faster. After all the goal is to get me independent. I agreed as things have been going so well. Well......not so much. I've had pain ever since. Yes, I have chronic pain and one of the goals of working with a trainer is to reduce the chronic pain...and we have had success..until 2 sessions ago. We talked a lot and evaluated a lot last session and I think we just agitated things that didn't want to be agitated. We both agreed I've taken a step (or 2) backwards. January is always a more painful month for me anyway. I made huge changes in holiday eating hoping to avoid increased pain. And honestly, I think it would have worked had we not agitated things. But, in any event, the pain this January is much less than 2 years ago, and on par with last Jan. Resting and icing, increasing tumeric, hoping to get back on track this coming week. I did go to the gym yesterday but did mostly upper body (my pain flare is always lower back, right hip, right leg), stretching, mat work.
  14. HollyDay

    favorite gluten free magazine?

    goodness!!! I didn't even realize how poorly that title was written. Maybe the paper it is printed on contains gluten??? Sorry....🤔
  15. title says it all. I want to subscribe to a gluten freen magazine but which one?
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