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  1. fourisenough

    Wilson Hill Academy

    No experience with WHA’s GB, but from the descriptions above, CLRC’s GB classes involve much more writing. My DD is in GB 1 this year; they write a weekly 1-page summary/analysis of some aspect of the week’s reading, answer about 5 discussion questions on the week’s reading which are at least a well-developed paragraph each, and they write about 3 thesis-driven, cited essays (3-5 pages) per semester. The weekly reading load is quite intense. For example, they read the Iliad and the Odyssey in full by October. The teacher argues it can be given 3 credits: 1 composition, 1 literature, 1 history. Based on hours, I feel this is appropriate. The classes themselves are secular, though many of the students bring their Christian worldview into the discussions freely. I would never enroll my child in this class PLUS another writing or literature class. It would be overkill. I hope that helps.
  2. Is the CV regular chem course thought to be good prep for taking the SAT 2? Or only the honors level course? Sorry if this info is clear on your site...just thought I’d take advantage of ‘seeing you here’ and ask!
  3. Is your son taking the honors course or regular? What would you estimate is his daily/weekly time investment in this course?
  4. fourisenough

    World Language requirement and other question.

    In my experience (two kids currently in college) ‘foreign language’ and ‘world language’ are used interchangeably to mean the study of a language other than the student’s mother tongue. I don’t believe the semantic difference has any bearing on what languages are acceptable. As for credits, I would think, like for any other subject, you need to count hours to determine whether a full-credit can be granted for a certain period of study.
  5. Do you mind saying why you eliminated Blue Tent? I am sooooo not sciency, so I feel insecure choosing science classes/providers. And I can find no reviews of it. My DD is taking and doing well in Clover Creek Physics this year, but it’s tough for her. She is not a science whiz/lover, even though she is capable.
  6. Thinkwell’s course is definitely billed as a full year course with a 35-week lesson plan. There are very few ‘always’ statements about homeschooling that prove accurate 100% of the time!
  7. fourisenough

    Anatomy at WTMA or anywhere else

    Blue Tent offers it. I have no experience with it; would love to hear any reviews.
  8. Has anyone here had a student complete one of the science classes (Honors Bio, Honors Chem, or A&P) offered by Blue Tent? I’m drawn to them because they are asynchronous and because my student could potentially take all three with the same provider, finishing her high school science sequence. I would really love to hear some first-hand reviews from the Hive.
  9. If you’re talking about Thinkwell, they are asynchronous so can be started at any time. My question was: can Thinkwell Government be completed in one semester? Only someone whose student has completed it could answer as it is scheduled for 35 weeks. Would the workload be too much to do it double-time and finish in a semester?
  10. Can Thinkwell course be completed in one semester? It looks like the lesson plans show a 35-week plan.
  11. Do you mind me asking what math level your daughter is in? My DD would be taking Chemistry concurrently with Algebra 2. She takes math at WHA and has gotten A or A- in both Algebra 1 & Geometry so far. Do you think that is sufficient to do well in honors chem?
  12. Can you speak to the workload for this course? How many hours would you say your DD spends on it per week? Is there much religious content or do you think the class would work for a family who prefers to keep academic classes mostly secular?
  13. fourisenough

    US Government and Economics--Help Please

    Quoting myself here to share the answer I received from Thinkwell to my questions above: “Thank you for contacting Thinkwell. Both our Economics and American Government courses are college level but are often used for high school. For her Government option, her best bet is American Government. For Economics she could take the one-semester Microeconomics course, but she would miss some of the Macroeconomics concepts typically covered. If missing those topics is not an option, Economics would be the best choice.” I indicated that I wasn’t interested in having my student take the AP exams, but just wanted rigorous, high-school level courses to satisfy graduation requirements and ensure a thorough, well-rounded secondary education.
  14. Sorry, OP, for derailing your thread, but I’m curious if rdj2027’s student is in Clover Valley’s honors chem or regular? And how would you consider the level of difficulty of that chem course compared to Clover Creek Physics? Crazyforlatin, I could ask you the same. Has honors chem been a huge increase in workload and or level of difficulty from CC Physics? What is the daily/weekly workload for CV Chem for your student?
  15. fourisenough

    US Government and Economics--Help Please

    I’m quoting myself here because I still have basically the same question. I like the idea of using something like Thinkwell to knock-out standard high school courses in Government and Economics. My DD will not take AP test, but may take CLEP if the course is good prep for it. Which Thinkwell courses do I want? And are these courses 1 credit/full-year or .5 credit/1 semester classes?
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