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  1. This is brilliant. Keep up the hard work. I’m so impressed by your fortitude.
  2. No question—swim team! Summer swim has been the highlight of my kids’ summers from ages 5-18. Great fitness, great friendships, great fun. It can be a little exhausting, but that comes with having four kids and just life. Summer school sounds like torture. I agree with previous poster that they’ll learn a lot, but it may not be what you were hoping they would learn.
  3. This. It’s a little cringy when I hear my DD mention that many students barely seem to do school at all, spending under two hours per day on academics. I worry that these kids will later regret short-changing their education in the hopes of having a professional dance career.
  4. My DD is away at a residential ballet school. This year she trains approximately 1p-6p. Next year it could be the same or, if she moves into a different group (unlikely), she’ll train 9-3. The possible variability in her schedule makes planning difficult. This will be her 3rd year away training, so all of high school has been outsourced. It isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but it’s cheaper than private-school tuition which would be our alternative. Next year, she’ll be doing: Pre-Calc at Blue Tent; Honors Bio at Blue Tent; AP Lit with Serbicki at PAH; AP Psych at PAH; AP Stats at WHA; Honors Econ with Thinkwell. (All but Stats is asynchronous. I’m crossing my fingers that the live stats class fits into her ballet schedule.) We had a credit with WHA and will purchase Thinkwell Econ on sale via HS Buyer’s Coop, making those two very reasonable. The other four classes plus AP exam fees, comes in around $3k. Most of the other students in her program use their home state/district’s virtual charter school, but a couple use Laurel Springs. Good luck finding something that will fit your son’s needs, schedule, and budget.
  5. She might, but I don’t know about the Pearson trick??? Do tell...
  6. My (college) senior nursing student has asked for a 3-month subscription to UWorld for NCLEX prep. While investigating the site before we buy it for her, I discovered they offer PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP exam prep. Has anyone used any of their products? I really liked the very brief sample I saw, but, admittedly, didn’t spend too much time with it yet. Not sure if it’s measurably better than the free stuff out there (Khan Academy, etc). Just thought I’d touch base with the ever-knowledgeable Hive mind.
  7. Thanks! How are you and your kids? Still auditioning? Waiting for results? Make any decisions yet? I do really think it helps to know others are in the same boat!
  8. DD has chosen to attend Chautauqua for this summer. They made it easy by offering a generous scholarship. Since it was already the most affordable program we were looking at AND they offer many performance opportunities, it seems like a perfect fit for her needs for this summer. Bring on the UN-air-conditioned dorms and 11-hour days!
  9. Yes, but that wasn’t a frank review, it was an assumption. She had no personal experience with that class or that teacher. I’m finding the teachers at PAH operate much more independently and as entrepreneurs rather than employees, thus their classes all have different ‘tones’. It is important to hear factual information from people who have first-hand knowledge of that particular teacher/class. I am an atheist and I have been burned by a teacher/class that was supposed to be secular but wasn’t, so I sympathize with her plight. But, painting every teacher/class with broad strokes that may not be accurate isn’t helpful to any of us.
  10. Ms. Jetta with Clover Creek Physics is amazing, as is Mr. Reini for math at Wilson Hill Academy.
  11. Well, DD had her Chautauqua audition this afternoon. She LOVED it! Knowing she needed a quick answer, the teacher/director of the program pulled her aside at the end and offered her a spot. She was thrilled and will now need to make a quick decision.
  12. How did the feis go for your dancers? Did everyone have fun?
  13. My sophomore is having a much better second year than first. Her grades have always been solid, but she had trouble finding her tribe last year. She has really connected with a good group of girls in her nursing program. They’re a great support system for one another, and they have a ton of fun together. It is such a huge relief; she was pretty miserable last year and I wasn’t optimistic she would stick it out at her school. I’m so happy she did.
  14. I open the mail (or not!) standing directly over the recycling bin! College mail drives me bonkers. Forgot to suggest DD opt out during PSAT last fall, to my daily frustration.
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