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  1. I love these threads (planning > doing 😜), so I’ll start! Here’s what I’m thinking for my DD3, age 16: AP Calculus AB at Blue Tent AP Biology* at Blue Tent Org & Biochem at Clover Valley Intro to Philosophy** at WTMA Senior English at Blue Tent Latin 4 at CLRC *This is a new offering for them. I haven’t even seen a syllabus! But I don’t have any better options that I know of. Open to ideas! **This is a one semester class. Need to add something else for 2nd semester. Econ? I have Thinkwell & Great Courses that we could use to do a home-taug
  2. They just don’t. At all. My two older girls attended our ‘very good’ public school for high school (after homeschooling up to that point), and their school espoused the ubiquitous idea that grammar is best caught, not taught. It would occasionally be addressed in a worksheet, but no systematic study was undertaken. I agree that AG is what you want. I did it in one year with my DD3, now 16, when she was in 7th or 8th grade (??). She just scored a 36 on the ACT English section, in part because of her strong background with formal grammar.
  3. Hi! Just getting around to responding to this. Our DD3, now 16, attended her first away SI at PNB at age 12 (stayed with my sister/cousins) and then went to SAB the following year. She fell in love with Balanchine technique and, unfortunately, our only studio options locally were heavily Russian (they cringed when my DD took class there). We found a private-coaching/small studio situation 1,200 miles from home (but only 15 minutes away from extended family), so at age 13 she moved there to train for the year. She returned to SAB the following summer at 14, then began the year-round pre-pro pro
  4. This comes up on the boards from time to time. I’m sure someone can find a link to a past thread. There are lots of different thoughts, but basically I think it doesn’t matter. Nobody is going to compare the name you list on an 8th grade standardized test to what you call yourself 4 years from now when you’re putting the final touches on your transcripts, diploma, etc.
  5. No auditions for my DD yet. She’s doing one via Zoom 1/24 and planning the film a vid to send to one other program near the end of the month. Just coming back from an injury, I think she’s inclined to stay put at MCBS, but it wouldn’t feel like January without doing a few auditions! Hope everyone gets good news!
  6. Best of luck to her. Keep us posted. I grew up in Indiana and met my husband at Butler (two of my sisters and my father also graduated from BU). It’s a great school well beyond ballet! I never really appreciate that lovely residential neighborhood and Indianapolis, as a whole, until after I moved away. And you can’t go wrong with IU either! I’m not as familiar with the other schools on her list, but I hope she’s happy wherever she lands.
  7. I am in same boat; my DD who does all online classes has migrated almost exclusively to asynchronous courses. The one WHA class I was considering doesn’t fit her schedule at all. My 6th grader picked up two online classes this winter just for fun/enrichment and I’m sort of regretting it. She’s not nearly as independent as her older sister was at same age, so it’s a lot of work for me. I think I should have just continued with mom-taught stuff! Oh well, it’s a nice reminder for next year.
  8. My DD is very happy with Blue Tent’s Honors Pre-Calc class this year. She has taken Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2, and AP Stats with WHA, but couldn’t do another 2x 90-minute live class this year. The flexibility is great. My DD does it asynchronously (listens to the recorded classes at 1.5-2x speed because she’s a v fast processor). It works well for her. This is the hardest she’s ever had to work in a math class she says. We’ll continue with BT for AP Calc next year.
  9. Which college dance programs is she considering? If you’d rather pm or wait until after auditions/decisions are made, I completely understand.
  10. Can someone give me a link to the schedule? For some reason I’m not seeing it. Thanks! @RootAnn
  11. Very good point. I stumbled upon a pdf from Rhodes College that outlines their pre-med advising process. It was incredibly thoughtful & detailed. I was impressed. Anyone know anything about Rhodes? Looks like a gorgeous campus, too!
  12. Yep, that’s my interpretation, too. I’m glad you mentioned USC’s program. It doesn’t come up on any of the ‘comprehensive’ lists of bs/med programs that I’ve seen. I wonder if it’s because interviews and admission offers are not extended until the first semester at USC (so one doesn’t know their status until they’ve already matriculated)? Either way, it sounds like a great program. I’ve found that a few schools have terminated or suspended their programs (Northwestern has permanently ended theirs and University of Cincinnati is not accepting apps this year, but hopes to in the future).
  13. Okay, thanks for weighing in, @8filltheheart @crazyforlatin @Farrar Lots to think about. Although I doubt DD will go this route, I’m trying to brainstorm some ideas with her to gain some sort of relevant experience to (1) help her decide whether she wants to pursue a career in medicine and (2) build her resume. She recently read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and was deeply moved by and interested in the issues that it brought up. Also, throughout the pandemic we’ve closely followed news stories about the stark racial disparities in rates of Covid-19 illness and death. She seem
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