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  1. How about Blue Tent Honors Bio? I haven’t heard much about the course, but the feedback on BT generally is very positive. I like the way the course is set-up and am strongly considering it for DD after Clover Valley Chem.
  2. We will wrap up 4th grade/9th grade by the end of this week. 9th grader is finished with two classes already, but has two final exams to take Thursday. College kids have been home for two weeks and one is already working her summer job; the other begins after we return from vacation on 5/27. I’m looking forward to purging and organizing our school cabinet so I can mentally switch gears into summer mode. Unfortunately, it still feels like winter here: we wore down coats/hats/gloves to DD’s softball game last night. It could be in the 80’s by next week, though. Sigh 😔 Midwest weather!
  3. How many hours per week would you estimate your older son spent on English 2 weekly? That 15-20 hours per week estimate sounds SO high it’s hard to believe, but I’ve heard it from more than one source!
  4. Based in part on your (and others’) great feedback, my DD will take Connie’s regular chemistry next year. So excited for her. My older girls had less than stellar teachers for chemistry at our local public HS, so I’m especially grateful to have an excellent teacher as I know it can make a huge difference.
  5. I agree. Focus on getting her in a good place physically, mentally, and socially. High school is four full years to learn how to write well.
  6. It’s hard for me to say exactly for a couple of reasons: my DD lived out-of-state with grandparents this year to train at a ballet school, so I wasn’t physically present with her most weeks of the school year, AND my DD is a crazy fast worker. I would say it was double the amount of work in any of her other classes, but that stands to reason since I’m awarding her two full credits for the course (English & History). If you look at the reading list for the class, keep in mind that they read most titles in-full, with the exception of Plutarch and maybe one other book in which selections were read. I would guess most weeks were 2-hours of in class time and approximately 5-7ish hours of reading and writing.
  7. Just a follow up here at the tail end of this school year. All four outsourced classes mentioned above were unqualified successes. The Hive did not fail me; your teacher recommendations were spot on. My DD14 is not now and never will be a Physics lover, but Mrs. Jetta might go down as best teacher of all time. My DD cc’d me on a note she sent Jetta thanking her for the class and she shared Jetta’s response. What a bond she develops with her students over the course of the year! DD loved all the problem-solving practice; seems like it was a great application of Algebra to keep it fresh/build skills in a fun, applied way. The class was a ‘laboratory’ in which DD developed strong study skills at the rhetoric level. 12/10 as the kids would say! CLRC GB1 was a killer workload, but Mrs. T turned my kid into a critical reader and a fast and skilled writer. I’m shocked by what they’ve accomplished this year. DD’s final summa reflected on her biggest take-away from the class: a newly-developed ability to evaluate the quality of her own thinking. As the MasterCard ad goes: priceless. WHA Geometry was rigorous, well-organized, and reasonably fun. Mrs. Smith did an excellent job, although DD is giddy to have Mr. Reini again next year for Algebra 2. He is a fan favorite in our house! WHA Latin 1 was just fine. It isn’t my DD’s favorite (and she’s already asking if she can be finished with foreign language after Latin 2), but that is probably no fault of Mr. Handermann’s. He wasn’t amazing, but we have no specific complaints either. The class was organized, logical, and thorough. She knows the material and is well-prepared to move onto the next level. Anyone else have any reflections on this year to share?
  8. My DD got a neat gift last year from a family for whom she had babysat for years: gift cards to a few non-chain/independent places in the city where she was going to be attending college (1,000 miles from home). It took some leg work on the giver’s part and showed she really put some thought into it. One was a local breakfast spot, a juice place, an independent bookstore, and one was a famous/local pizza place. That might be a fun, appropriate gift for your situation #1 above. I agree with Calming Tea on situation #2 above. And I do consider myself to be Miss Manners in the gift-giving department, anyway!
  9. We’ve used it for two years; we’re just finishing 4th grade. I have already bought 5th grade for next year. So far, so good. I think my child needs more writing instruction and practice, but that is a weak spot for her. Otherwise, I think it is thorough and comprehensive. None of my older girls stuck with the same program for all of elementary/middle school, but I can envision continuing with CLE at least until 7th grade when I will likely switch this DD to an online class for English.
  10. Check out Unlock Math. We used it briefly for quick pass through Geometry. It was impressive and I think may be perfect for my youngest when she reaches that level. If oldest reaches the point where she needs asynchronous delivery for all her classes, it will be a toss-up between Unlock and DO.
  11. Dd’s 9th grade year has been such a good fit that we’re basically ‘doing the next thing’. She’s an aspiring classical ballerina who lives away from home with a host family while training; she’ll move next year to one of two ballet schools, so I’m having to guess a bit on her likely schedule/availability. Obviously all courses are outsourced since she isn’t at home to work with me. Math: Algebra 2 at WHA Foreign Language: Latin 2 at WHA English/History: Great Books 2 at CLRC Science: Chemistry at Clover Valley Fine Arts/PE: Ballet 22-32 hours/week Elective: AP Art History at WHA* *Still deciding on this one. I think she can handle one extra credit next year and we’ll have an easy AP test location local to one of the potential ballet schools. Would love to hear more feedback on Mr. Colvin’s class, though.
  12. My 18 year-old will work as a nanny FT for 14 weeks this summer. Luckily we’re in a market where summer nanny jobs are plentiful and pay well. 20-year old has a nursing externship in ED at a large local hospital.
  13. No, I never did. I’m terrible about that stuff. I’d be happy to answer any questions though. We didn’t continue on with Lange’s classes because I really wanted to do an integrated Great Books approach for high school. My DD is in GB 1 through CLRC with Mrs. Turscak this year. It is an intense course, but DD’s writing skills were top-notch going into it. I’m shocked by both the quality and quantity of the writing she has produced, and much of the credit is due to Mrs. Lange’s preparation from last year. Her courses are really that good. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have specific questions.
  14. Has anyone had a student take AP Art History with WHA this year? I believe it is the first year it was offered. Mr. Colvin is the teacher and I heard from another parent on this board her student has him for rhetoric and really likes his teaching. I’d love to hear about work load, how well-organized the class is, and how well-prepared the students feel for the upcoming AP exam (obviously the test scores won’t be out until July...) Thanks in advance for any info you can share.
  15. My understanding is that MOST graduate nursing programs are fairly easy to get into; anesthesia is unusual in that regard. I’ll have to look at U Rochester’s program. It sounds interesting. My DDs 3 & 4 don’t seem as ‘nursing inclined’, though, so I may not need to scout any new programs. Good luck with your search!
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