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  1. I have a quick question for the CLRC Great Books parents on this board. I am wondering whether you are planning to assign 2 credits (English and History) or 3 (Literature, History, Composition/Rhetoric) to this class? This isn’t a question about how to transcript integrated great books classes generally, but specifically the GB classes taught by Mrs. Turscak via CLRC. I’m on the fence. Mrs. T argues it could justifiably earn 3 credits, but I definitely want to avoid looking like I’m padding the transcript. It is a lot of work and it is high-level work, but for some reason I’m uncharacteristically indecisive on this point. Counting hours doesn’t really work IMHO because people read/write at such different speeds. Curious to hear how others are handling this.
  2. What is the primary mode of instruction? For instance, the bulk of Mrs. Jetta’s teaching at Clover Creek Physics is delivered via daily ‘morning messages’ which are basically written lecture notes. I believe Connie from Clover Valley Chem uses video lessons of her lectures on the new information. How does Irene teach her science classes?
  3. How much Latin must a student cover to be ready for the SAT subject test? My DD will take Latin 2 next year through WHA. Will she be ready at that point or need to wait until after Latin 3? They use the Latin Alive series, if that matters.
  4. I had the very same thought! I understand the idea behind it, but I think her examples proved that it isn’t really an effective way to learn vocabulary.
  5. How well did Thinkwell prepare your student for the AP Govt exam?
  6. I think B&M school might be a good fit for this child; some kids really need the accountability and daily deadlines of a classroom setting. If you have a good public or private school, I would definitely consider it. Sending her to school might make it easier to just be her mom and focus your homeschool energy on your other kids. Spoken as one who has had kids do public school very successfully for high school and is currently homeschooling one in 9th. Different kids, different circumstances, different choices.
  7. Have you looked at Mystery Science? It’s such a good website/program. If you subscribe, you’ll find age-appropriate science for both of your kids. 4 & 9 year olds are at much different developmental levels; I can’t imagine combining them successfully. I’m sure your 9-year old has picked up a lot more science content than you realize just being alive for 9 years, such as weather, life cycles, some basic classification, etc. I agree with a previous poster that you should definitely NOT buy a first-grade Level program for a 9-year old.
  8. Cindy Lange teaches through her own organization, Integritas Academy. She formerly taught at Wilson Hill Academy. She’s expensive and worth it.
  9. And they look fun! I’d love to read a review from anyone who has used either/both.
  10. Do you know anything about the AP Art History class at WHA? If I remember correctly, it is a newer course. I’d love to hear feedback or see any reviews you’ve come across.
  11. Since you’ve already decided, this may not be helpful, but I thought I’d share just in case. My DD is taking Geometry with Mrs. Smith this year (had Reini for Alg 1 last year and will have him again next year for Alg 2). I just asked my DD about the discussion board as this is the first I’ve heard of it. Here was her response: “We do have a discussion board for each homework assignment but basically no one posts on there. No we are not but I don’t really have very many questions. We aren’t required to answer other questions but it boosts participation.” FYI, she has gotten full or near full participation points every term. This is just our experience and YMMV, but if you otherwise like the set-up/text/quality of instruction, I wouldn’t let the discussion board carry too much weight. We have been super happy with the math classes and plan to continue through AP Stats and AP Calc.
  12. Hopefully @8FillTheHeart will see this and chime in. I believe her DD is an OTA. I’m following because a neighbor friend’s DD is a high school junior with an interest in a health care field, but doesn’t really want to commit to a 4-year degree yet; I’ve been providing pro bono counseling/career advice for the family.
  13. We have a nearly identical room, but without the fireplace and with only 1 heat register). As it is our main living space in the house, we finally (after 14 years of freezing out there all winter long!) installed a mini-split unit (ours is Fujitsu but several manufacturers make them). It was very expensive, but a whole lot cheaper than tearing off that room of the house and rebuilding! It has been life-changing; our house feels so much more livable. With 6 people in 2,000 s.f. we couldn’t really afford to NOT use one room of our house all winter. I think we spent $4,200 on the unit installed.
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