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  1. I’m so happy to hear this. My DD3 used Unlock’s Geometry as a ‘pre-geometry’ before taking an online class. I was impressed with it; she’s a strong math student, so she found it easy, but I thought the topic coverage was solid. Fast-forward to my DD4: she’s a totally different math student. She’s inching along with CLE math, currently in 6th grade. I’m planning to transition her over to Unlock math at some point soon. Possibly for pre-Algebra, but definitely by Algebra 1. My sister has just begun using Unlock math to remediate/strengthen her DS14’s private school math education.
  2. I’d do Analytical Grammar, Junior. I feel like the junior level including both the grammar and punctuation portions are basically all that is needed for a solid understanding of grammar as a tool to improve writing. It can be quite independent. If you feel it would be helpful, there are instructional videos available, but we just use the book. My AG student (DD3, currently 15) is consistently scoring a 35 on her ACT English section during practice tests; took the real thing last week, so her actual score remains TBA. I’ll definitely use AG again with my youngest in late-middle sc
  3. Quoting myself with DD’s reaction to this morning’s test: “It went well! Finished English with 15 mins to spare, math was pretty good, reading was fine and science was okay! I am pretty happy with it, and I’m excited to get my score!” She said proctor didn’t wear his mask the whole time and tried to tell kids they couldn’t wear their watches (including analog watches, like DD was wearing). Luckily, the kids knew the rules and set him straight. His phone also rang during the test. Ugh. There were just 15 students in her room and they were adequately spaced. She felt safe.
  4. Anyone have a student testing today? My DD was super happy her test location wasn’t cancelled. Since she was testing at a random school 45 minutes away from her residential ballet school (not in our home state), we did a drive by last night. There was a football game going on in what looked like a packed stadium. 🤨 Couldn’t really see whether everyone was wearing masks, but they definitely weren’t distancing. She was smiling and excited going into the building. Let’s hope she comes out feeling pleased with her first attempt at the exam!
  5. My academically inclined 11th grader spent about 4-5 hours per day (with another 2-3 daily on the weekends) completing the following classes last year as a 10th grader: AP English Language AP Art History Latin 2 Algebra 2 Chemistry U. S. Government As a caveat, she is an extremely fast and efficient student who dances 4+ hours daily in a pre-professional ballet program. She literally CAN’T spend more time on school than that, but she manages it well. This year, she has one additional outsourced class and is now dancing 9a-2p. I suspect she’ll come ho
  6. I definitely wouldn’t allow the PSAT test decide what grade he is in. My DD has a late-October 2004 birthdate and could also be either a Junior or Sophomore this year; most children born within a month of her in our state are Sophomores, but we’re considering her a Junior. She took the PSAT last year (we called her a Sophomore then) and will take it again this year if offered at the local school. She is a 95-99th percentile test-taker depending on the day, so it would be a stretch, but she could potentially hit the NM cut-off for our state. Regardless of her score, we’ll decide her grade/gradu
  7. Christian Light works beautifully for my DD who sounds similar. FWIW, we are normally strictly secular curriculum users, but CLE is so good that I’m willing to make an exception. The small chunks of new info with plenty (but not too much) review in manageable, slim worktexts is the key to its success for us. If she isn’t completely fluent with multiplication facts, give her a chart and move on. Be sure to give her a placement test so you start in the right level.
  8. I didn’t answer initially because DD is prepping for ACT, specifically, not the PSAT. But, I heartily endorse the Erica Meltzer English, reading, and vocabulary prep books. My DD worked through each of them then took her first practice ACT recently. She scored a 35 on English and a 33 on Reading. Of course she’s a strong student with 10 years of WTM-inspired homeschooling under her belt, so her score can’t be credited to the Meltzer books alone, but I think they were helpful at consolidating what she knows into a comprehensive testing strategy.
  9. Sure! She took art history and English language. I think having no MC hurt her on art history as she is a great memorizer and knew those 220 works (or whatever the total is— I forget) inside and out. Her short-essay question was an esoteric one about which she didn’t have much to say, so she scored a 3. On the English Language exam, she benefited from the abbreviated format online. The one essay type that was tested was one she knew well and could write in her sleep. She scored a 5. I suspect if the format had not changed due to the pandemic, she likely would have scor
  10. DD is registered for the ACT this fall and we’ll register for AP’s as soon as her host high school goes back in a couple weeks. They might be online again and that’s fine with us. It worked out quite well for DD!
  11. DD is scheduled to move in on 8/30 for a class start date of 9/1; however just yesterday, her college announced major changes to their return to campus plan. The plan had been to welcome everyone back to campus, but because they are in a state and county that is a major hot-spot, they have reduced capacity on campus to about 50% with all single rooms. Certain groups are allowed on campus: nursing students (hooray for DD!), all new first year and transfer students, education majors with internships, performing arts majors, etc. In general, I think it’s good and necessary. I only wonder why they
  12. Oh man. That sounds rough. Nobody needs extra, unexpected stress right now. I wish your daughter the best. Maybe she’ll luck out and get a single for the price of a double!
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