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  1. Forgive me quoting myself here, but thought I’d update the thread with this plot twist! The Student Life & Housing Manager from DD’s ballet school went to the high school in-person yesterday and managed to get her registered for her three APs AND the psat! I’m so relieved and excited. She even paid the fee in cash and allowed me to Venmo the money to her. I could kiss her, if that wouldn’t be wildly inappropriate and horrifying for my teen daughter. She will also walk DD into the school and make sure she gets where she needs to be for the PSAT next month. Miracles never cease.
  2. They started mid-August. Unfortunately I live 1,000 miles away or I would just show up in-person (DD is away from home training at a residential ballet program). I’m basically limited to two high schools because they are within walking distance from her residence. One is a huge public and one is a tiny private, but both offer all three exams I need. I’ll continue to call and email for a couple of weeks before I throw in the towel. Next year we may just do all DE. It’s so unbelievably frustrating. However, as I said previously, the AP classes are very good so I know she’s getting a lot out of them even if she can’t take the exams. If it weren’t for the missed opportunity for coveted ‘outside validation’ of mommy grades I wouldn’t even care.
  3. We’re not looking for AP MT, but I have had zero luck getting anyone to respond to my emails (2), return my voicemail (1), or even pick up the phone (it just rings & rings at one school). I’m just looking for someone to offer Eng Lang, Art History, and US Government. Why is this so freaking hard?! Honestly, my DD is taking great classes, so I’ll be satisfied if she just learns a lot and does well in the class even without taking the exams, but she SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THE EXAMS!!! Rant over, for now. I’m going to workout to burn off some frustration!
  4. This did not work for us. I called the CB and waited for over 30 minutes before talking to a customer service rep who had NO idea how to help me. He put me on hold again for a long time then came back and told me to enter the code: 970000 in the field that asks what high school you attend. That worked. Hope this might save other people the frustration we experienced. This should be SOOOO much easier than it is!
  5. My DD and I are about to lose our minds with frustration. She has created her CB account and when she attempts to join her AP class section it takes her back to the “Update your college board account” page. We can’t seem to input the right thing as it always shows an error and won’t continue. What are we as homeschoolers supposed to put in the “Where do you go to school” field? Seems like we should check the ‘my school isn’t listed’ box, but it won’t accept that. Please help before I scream (more) curse words at my computer!
  6. But WHERE in their CB account do they enter these codes?
  7. Another vote for Connie’s CVC! My DD was doing it last night while sitting next to me on the couch. I just keep thinking how organized and well-thought out the whole course is (and how glad I am that she’s teaching it rather than me)!
  8. That makes sense; I guess I can’t have it both ways! Thanks for chiming in. I’m sure I’ll be an old pro in a few months and will come back to update this thread with what I learn.
  9. We had a last-minute change of plans re: ballet school. DD will now have a much more humane schedule! It will look like this: 7-8 Wake, dress, breakfast 8-12 Schoolwork 12-12:30 Lunch 1-5 Dance 5-6 Dinner/free time 6-9 Schoolwork 9-10 Shower, self-care, wind-down 10-7 Sleep She’ll now have only 3 hours of dance on Saturdays and Sundays will remain totally open. If needed, some schoolwork can easily be completed on the weekend. I feel so much better about this schedule. Also, her dinners will be provided for her, so she’ll only be responsible for her own breakfast & lunch.
  10. My DD is moving to Florida this fall to begin training at a ballet school. We’re all set with this year’s academic classes (see signature; mostly online via WHA, AIM Academy, Clover Valley, & Thinkwell), but I have a few questions: How hard is it to arrange AP testing for homeschoolers? Are all Florida districts required to test HS students who live within their boundaries? How about PSAT? How does DE work in FL? She will definitely be ready for DE next school year and I think I remember hearing people here say there are good/cheap options in FL. I’m just looking down the road... Can I just take the position that because our permanent address remains in [our state], we will follow [our state’s] homeschool regulations or do we need to register in FL and follow Florida’s regulations? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I know I can dig around and research all of the above, but I’m up to my eyeballs trying to get this kid ready to move in two weeks (all while I sit at an airport waiting for my delayed flight to depart after dropping off/moving in my two college students). Oy vey!
  11. My DD is 4 weeks into Thinkwell Government. She’s loving it so far! It’s so nice to have one class she can do at her own pace to give her a little flexibility; all her other classes are online with rigid pacing AND she has a very heavy-duty dance schedule.
  12. My two older girls spent 25+ hours weekly training as competitive swimmers. Neither chose to swim in college though they could have. While it was expensive and time-consuming and prevented many other potentially worthwhile pursuits, it was absolutely foundational and transformative for both girls. Their teammates were their ‘people’ and remain their closest friends. They learned how to do very difficult things (waking at 4:30a to swim on pitch black winter mornings before a long day of school) and to push through long after they wanted to give up. I credit their swimming with helping to develop time management skills, loyalty, mental toughness, and resilience. No regrets for the time and money invested in their sport. DD3 is a pre-professional dancer. Though she appears to have beautiful facility, musicality, and artistry, I’m aware that very, very few (nearly 15 year old) dance students actually make it as professional dancers. Even fewer if you narrow it down to classical ballet specifically. Despite this, we are moving her 1,000 miles away from home this fall to live and train at a ballet school attached to one of the best companies in the U.S. Why? Because it’s a fascinating journey that forces a student to hone their craft, tackle physical limitations, tune out distractions, and juggle the often competing demands of an artistic and academic education. For us, it is about the journey rather than the destination. Her high school years will be so much more rich and adventurous than they would have been if she stayed home and attended public or private school. We’ll continue to support her as long as we are able to afford it. ‘Failure’ as a dancer just means that she will go on to college, likely a selective one, and she’ll have an interesting story to tell!
  13. What a rough ride! As someone close to me (who doesn’t believe in fate or a higher power) always says in situations like this: humans are incredibly adaptable and our ability to find the good and make the best of unforeseen ‘plot twists’ in life is really the greatest measure of our success. I wonder if down the road, she might look back on this mess and the resulting transfer as the best thing that could have happened to her? Anyway, enjoy the rest of summer and best wishes for a calm and productive school year!
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