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  1. My current high schooler did: Ancient World in 9th, US Government in 10th, AP Psych in 11th, and she’s going to DE Intro to Sociology and possibly economics in 12th. She also took AP Art History in 10th, but, like others, we gave her credit for it in Fine Arts rather than social studies. My older two attended PS for high school and their progression was: US History in 9th, AP Gov & AP Econ in 10th, AP World in 11th, and AP Psych in 12th.
  2. Okay, school where DD is registered to take her AP exams just sent out Google survey asking students where/how they plan to take their exams; apparently they’re leaving it entirely up to the students. DD chose all digital at home. That will mean Eng Lang and Psych during second administration timeframe and Stats during third administration. Glad to have that settled! DD is very happy.
  3. I haven’t found a school yet that says they don’t look at the ACT Writing score; it’s true that most don't require it, but I’m not sure that’s saying the same thing. Now that it’s supplied prominently on any Superscore report (if a student has chosen to take the Writing test), even schools who don’t require it will see it. And, being humans, it may influence their opinion of the student even if they don’t actually, technically ‘use’ that score. The obvious workaround is to self-report scores and only submit the official score report AFTER an admission decision has been made.
  4. Is this a good place/time to confess that I have a huge mental block/anxiety-based procrastination situation with regard to delving into the Common App? Idkw, but I just can’t get myself to create an account and start fumbling around. I’m generally the opposite of a procrastinator, but not on this one issue. Ugh. Need to get over it and just get in there. I’m sure it isn’t as bad as the monster-under-the-bed I’ve made it out to be in my head.
  5. Oh, I had forgotten that most schools now allow students to self-report scores. That could be a good work-around.
  6. Please don’t quote— I’ll delete specifics later. On another thread, @Farrar mentioned a recent change to the way ACT displays/reports Superscore. I logged into DD’s account and saw hers. Overall, she’s pleased with her scores, but for one thing: on a whim, I had her take the ACT with Writing. She went into it blind and her resulting score was way out of line with the rest of the test, and naturally it was her best test to-date in other areas. *face palm* (1) None of the schools she’s planning to apply to require the writing test, (2) all of them will look at Superscore, (3) and unles
  7. The timing for the ACT is intense! I would, like others have done, recommend your student take one full practice test at home under testing conditions to get the hang of it. My DD is taking it in April for the fourth (!) and final time. She has since completed nearly all of pre-calculus and AP Stats, so she’s hoping her math score will get a bump. Even though she’s already well-prepared, she has a practice test on her planner in the next week just to get the timing/rhythm down and refresh her brain because it’s been a few months since she even thought about the ACT!
  8. No experience with Lawrence, but 1,500 seems very small *to me*. My girls are at/have graduated from a school with just under 3,000 students. While the size does make it feel personal and very manageable, both girls would have chosen a bigger school if they had it to do over. My husband and I went to a school with about 5,000 students and we loved it. YMMV.
  9. Thanks for this! Honestly, it feels like a moral issue to me. It bothers me that some colleges/universities appear to be using adjunct instructors because they’re cheap labor. It seems exploitive and wrong that we’re paying what we do to the school and they are turning around and eliminating FT faculty jobs and backfilling those classes with cheaper labor. It may not be as simple as this, but it’s something that I think consumers should be aware of and care about. Incidentally, DDs have had a few EXCELLENT adjuncts that impacted their education in a big, positive way.
  10. Is there an easy way to compare universities on this metric? It’s not something we considered at all (you don’t know what you don’t know!) for our first two daughters’ college search processes. However, as we gear up for DD3 to pick a school, it is a factor I want to be able to consider. Is there info in the common data set on use of adjuncts vs. professors at each school? Or do we need to ask someone in admissions?
  11. My DD has 3 APs this year. She loves all three of them and finds them to be both rich/interesting and generally lighter/easier than her non-AP’s. So, I’m another voice saying APs aren’t uniformly time-sucking wastelands. But, to be fair, I was never a homeschool mom who relished the idea of teaching home-brewed courses in every subject throughout high school; if I were, obviously the idea of DD taking 7 APs throughout high school would be less appealing on its face. Her APs this year include: Psych (PAH, Gonzalez), Stats (WHA, Reini), and Lit (PAH, Serbicki). Her non-AP’s include: Latin 3
  12. My DD can just barely finish each section on the ACT. And she’s a fast processor who spent most of last summer working through test prep books on her own for English, Reading, and Science. She worked weekly with a tutor on the math section. A part of the prep/tutoring was learning to manage her time.
  13. Canvas is just a LMS (learning management system), not the name of a specific math test, so I believe it’s just the way the test will be delivered. Can you verify with the college what test is administered via Canvas? (Unless I’m totally wrong and that is the name of a math placement test.)
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